A Speck to You- A Toki Love Story

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Toki turned on his side, with a scowl on his face. He quietly groaned, as he was hoping he would have longer to enjoy his sleep. The other members of the band had left him up late the following night, with their loud and boisterous drunken attitude. He grabbed his pillow and covered up the back of his head.

"Come ons Toki's, you wants not to be late to awake!" Skwisgaar said rather more energetically than usual. Toki usually would have more sense to know that Skwisgaar in such a good mood as this would relate to some sort of cruel catch, but he was groggy from just awakening.

"Awww, Skwisgaar why nots five more minutes?" Toki said, his voice muffled through the bedding materials.

"Chops Chops, don'ts be a lazy bunny's rabbiot." he coached, sharply poking Toki in the back.

" Ouch! Oks, I'ms awakes now!" he said in reaction to poke, and slowly sat up on the side of the bed facing away from the patient Skwisgaar, and rubbed his eyes.

"But I still don'ts knows why you waked me's so early." Toki mumbled, and he stood up, and shuffled over to Skwisgaar. Out of no where, Skwisgaar pulled out a can, and just as quickly quickly pulled off the lid. Suddenly, a stream of various innards, and other disgusting and grimy body parts came flying right at Toki's innocent and unsuspecting face.

Toki's horror was apparent as he let out a long, terrified scream, while Skwisgaar continued to belt out continuous and persistent laughter.

Toki sat in the main room of Mordhous, pouting, with his arms crossed. He was obviously still upset with the prank Skwisgaar had unexpectedly unleashed upon him. He deeply sighed, trying to decide to be more angry, or upset, or both. The others around him were still joking around about it.

"Oh, Oh, Schwisgaar that wasch classchic! I cant believe Toki actchually fell for that!" Murderface exclaimed, as the others laughed along.

" Heh, heh, Yeah," Nathan began "Hey, Hey guys," he whispered "Listen this is going to be hilarious." everything was quiet for a moment, and Toki kept looking at them, scowling.

"What! What's do you want!" Toki yelled.

"Toki, calm down." Nathan's expression got serious, as Toki was huffing and puffing. "Toki, I just got to say one thing to you."

"Whys should I even talk to you idiots! You alls just goings to make funs of me, like always!" he said hysterically.

"Hey Toki," Nathan began

"What's! What's do you wants!" he outbursted for a second time

"Guts." Nathan said, and the other band members exploded in laughter. Toki's face became a very red color, and he let out a long, extremely peeved scream, in which quieted the other band members.

"You…You," he said fighting back tears "You all never listens to Toki! You don't understand what its like!" he said, and stormed off to his room.

"Geez, you don't think we went too hard on the little guy do ya?" questioned Pickles, as he raised his eyebrows.

"No he'll be fine." Nathan promptly answered.

Back in Toki's room, it was everything but fine. He sat on his bed once again, looking at the stone wall in front of him. He wore a blank stare upon his face. The lines of wear the tears ran down his eyes were still visible, as he had not bothered to wipe them. He sighed again, turning away from the brick wall in pain. A deep, emotional pain. It was more than true that none of the band knew what it was like for him. His entire life he always tried his hardest to make friends and be loved. But nobody would accept him.

His heart was crushed, and he knew it. The others were so wrapped up in everything going around them, the fame, the fortune, the alcohols, the drugs, it was hard to distinguish them from humans. Toki was different. Although he occasionally suffered the drift of pressure to be like his peers, trying to be brutal, his soul was clean. All the corruption going around often left Toki in a state of confusion, the thing he wanted most was to just, be loved.

He heard knocking on the door. He wasn't in the mood to talk to any of those heartless bafoons. They probably wanted to just make more fun of him.

"Hey, you big jerks, leaves me alones!" Toki said, pulling the covers over his face.

"Its me, Charles. Toki, are you okay in there? Do you want to talk about it?"

"Oh I thoughts you were's one of those big losers outs there. But still I am's in a bad moods. I don't wants to talk, I wants to take a sleeps." Toki replied pitifully.

" Okay, I understand. Well, um, if you feel like you need to talk to someone, I'm not a therapist, but I am entitled to keeping you alive, so… stop by my office sometime." and Toki heard his footsteps fade as he walked away.

Toki felt slightly better after at least he knew someone cared. That thought began to melt away some of the ice around his heart. And with that in mind he drifted to sleep.

Rather suddenly, he awoke to a ground shaking earthquake. He began to panic, and grabbed his pillow and held it tightly to his chest. A gigantic hole appeared before him, as the pictures of his parents fell off the wall and shattered, and his possessions began to fall into the hole growing larger as the bricks began to fall. Soon, as he knew, his bed, his sanctuary would also be down there.

He tried to jump off his bed, and grasp one of the remaining floor-stones, but that too began to fall with him. Soon, he found himself not on the lower level of the gigantic metal building, but a pit filled with all sorts of organs and rotting flesh. Toki screamed, his heart pounding a hundred times faster than his guitar playing. A gigantic shadow was looming over him, and he screamed, as a gigantic Skwisgaar looked down at him.

"Toki, you are nothings but a itsy bitsy baby. You cans never do anything's right. That is why I have all the ladies, and the guitar playing, and you have NOTHING." The familiar giants voice echoed through the empty black plain. Toki crippled in fear, speechless. He felt paralyzed.

The gigantic Skwisgaar was changing, into an ominous and evil monster, soon it was reaching its long, clawed hand to scoop him up and eat him whole. Toki could do nothing but watch as he was about to be eaten alive. The hideous monster tilted its head back, revealing its horrific set of gigantic, sharp teeth. He was sent free falling down the vile throat of monster.

He landed, but not inside the monster, but in a void plain of black.

"Hellos?" he yelled, his mind abuzz with questions. He rubbed his forehead, he was tired and feeble. He felt as if he was about to collapse. He wondered if he would ever make it out alive.

"Ohhh! I'ms goings to be trapped downs here forever, and I knows it!" he groaned, as a tear rolled down his cheek.

In the far distance appeared a beautiful white light, at first faint, but grew stronger as it came closer. Toki could do nothing but stare in amazement. When the light was almost too bright to bear, it diminished, revealing a beautiful woman. She was dressing in a flowing white dress, which gave off the feeling of warmth and security, and her wavy hair blew in unison with her dress, although there was no breeze among them.

"Wow-wee!!" Toki sighed, as he stared at the breathtaking woman. "Ares you an angel?" he stuttered. She walked up to him, and wiped the tear of his cheek. Although he knew it was a dream, he could feel the warmth of her hand on his face. He gazed, hoping the moment would never end. He felt complete, and his heart melted; as this was the happiest he has ever been. The feeling of intense love, burning, inside him, was so intense, he had never felt it before. There was also another feeling going on too, if you know what I mean.

"Its okay, everything will be okay." her voice sounded so calm and clear, like the ripples of the water. Flowing and gentle.

"Will I evers see you again?" another tear swelled behind his eyes.

"Do not cry, as I hope so." her face plagued by grief and sorrow. And she slowly faded away and Toki woke up. He sat up quickly, and wiped the tears away with the collar of his shirt. He did not know what to think of the dream, as the so many emotions involved left him confused and upset.

He was reluctant to get up, but he decided sleeping in bed all day would obviously not help. It wasn't exactly the prank Skwisgaar pulled on him, it was the shame and embarrassment the band always put him through. Toki truly wasn't sure what to trust. To trust his heart, which was not very brutal, or to trust his career, which did not make him feel as happy as he did in his dream.

He sighed, and worked up the courage to face the other band members once more.

He walked slowly amidst his fellow band members. His eyelids were hung low, expressing his obvious emotional pain and suffering. More than anything he wanted to cry, cry, cry out all of his worries and anger and sorrow… But he couldn't. He kept his emotions all bottled up, clawing inside him, ripping away at his tender heart.

He band watched him as he flopped down on the couch, exchanging awkward glances. The room was silent.

The Tribunal

"It appears that Toki Wartooth is experiencing a depression similar to the one Nathan Explosion had been suffering not too long ago. We aren't sure how this will influence his fan-base, but its no doubt the effect will surely be negative." the man standing in front of the gigantic screen announced. " To inform us further we have brought in…" a short man with a note card came and quickly whispered in his ear. "As we have just discovered, the specialist couldn't make it on account of the death of his goldfish, so we will have to make due with have previously learned."

The General squinted his eyes at him. "Hmmm…I believe the best thing to do is to send in… a spy."

"But who?" the question rang in all of their ears as they pondered and exchanged quizzical glances

Back At Mordhous

Nothing seemed interesting or fun anymore. His long brown locks sprawled across the couch. He sighed. He was beginning to grow tired. Slowly his eyelids began to droop further down, but he attempted to fight it. Soon he gave in, and the large bowl of candy rolled off and landed on the floor.

Toki found him once again at the old country house he occupied as a child. He held his thin, scratchy blanket close to him. "Oh no! I very don'ts wants to be backs here again!" he said very loudly. He quickly clamped his hand over his mouth, tears swelling up in the corner of his eyes once again. He closed his eyes and began rocking back and forth, knowing a very angry parent would soon be walking down the steps, raw with strict punishment. He began to shiver, a mix of fear, and the cold temperatures. He heard the rotting wooden stair creak as one of his guardians walked down towards him.

He kept his eyes closed tightly and shuddered with fear. He heard a whip pulled off the wall, and his punishment was near.

"Opens your eyes you lazy jacks-off" he heard a familiar voice, it was his band mate, Skwisgaar. Toki was left in obvious confusion. He peaked up above his covers.

" Skwisgaar what are you doings in my dreams agains!" he said, confudled. With that Skwisgaar scowled and cracked the whip against the cold stone floor.

" Since whens are you askings question? Shuts up you pathetic worms. Gets up. NOW." Toki was bewildered and terrified. He slowly got up, and exposed his scared back to Skwisgaars whip. Blow after blow, Toki cringed in pain. Taking in the intense suffering, each horrible snap at a time.

He dropped to his knees, wondering why he would deserve such torture. His bedroom surrounded by cold stone and decomposing beams faded, and he was cascaded into the same black landscape he was in his previous dreams. His hopes were sent higher once again, as he thought he may be able to see the beautiful woman again.

'Oh I wishes I could kiss hers, shes soch a beautiful goil.' he fantasized. She was the only one he knew loved him. He heard a noise behind him. He froze, hoping it wasn't Skwisgaar with the whip again. Slowly he turned around to find it was the beautiful woman. His anxiety filled face melted into comfort, as he was left with just a dazed smile.

"Please comes backs with me!" he said hopefully. She had on a pained smile. "Whats is its wrong?" he questioned.

"I can't," she looked down uncomfortably, "But I will see you soon." she smiled

"Wait, wait, waits!" he pleaded, leaning in to kiss her, but she faded away, as he feel and painfully hit the floor, and his consciousness came back.

"Toki you lazy dildos get up!" Skwisgaar shouted in his Swedish accent while throwing a piece of his candy at him. Toki became hysterical and began to kick, scream and flail around his limbs.

"NO NO NO! I WONTS LET YOU WHIPS ME ANYMORES!! STAYS OUT OF MY HEADS!!" He screamed in protest. The rest of Dethklok stared at him with disturbed facial expressions, and they silently agreed he had went crazy, again.

"Um, ya know geys, I think that Toki gone and went a lit'le loco again..." Pickles added, nodding his head back and forth. "Pooooor Toki."

Toki began to hyperventilate, and panicked. He wasnt sure what to do, his eyes open wide, like a lunatic. He stood up on the couch and tried to back up as much as he could. Skwisgaar tried to motion for him to calm down, trying to get closer.

"Skwisgaar be careful dont get too close he looks danger..." Nathan tried to warn him, but it was too late. All the muscles on Toki's body obviously was not only for show... and he pulled his arm back, as Skwisgaar began to yell, and Toki's first hit Skwisgaars cheek with enough force to send him flying backwards, and he landed on the coffee table, knocked out.

"Oh NO'S! What dids I do! I Murders him! Noooooooooo!" he began to yell, as he ran off once again, shouting things like "No NO I donts want to goes to prison!".

"Thatsch juscht brutal..." Murderface commented, watching Toki run back and forth.
"Do you think we should like... tell Charles?" Nathan asked in his rough voice.
"Lets hope Toki doesn't kill us all because were "Murder Witnesses" Pickles sighed, and took a swig of his vodka.
"Hey Pickles can I have some of that?" Nathan asked, which Pickles wordlessly handed to him, keeping his eyes transfixed on Toki.