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By: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician



She turned. The Hitachiin twin brothers were running after her. It was so much easier to distinguish them now. Hikaru had dark ash hair while Kaoru had reddish brown hair. They had identical smiles but they had totally different hearts.

"Yes?" Haruhia Fujioka said with a grin. "You're in an awful hurry."

"Milord is going back to France!" Kaoru blurted out.

Hikaru glared at his brother. But he couldn't do anything. Haruhi had to hear from somebody close to her. He didn't dare think about what could happen if she heard from anyone else. It was very important for them to be the messengers of good news.

Haruhi's heart stopped beating. She clutched her books tighter to her chest. The twins disappeared from her sight. All she could think about was the news. She could see him smiling and happy in her mind. She ought to see him…

"Haruhi? You okay?" asked Hikaru.

"You don't look okay," piped up Kaoru.

She smiled and shook her head. "No, I'm great. When did you find out?"

"Kyouya-senpai reported it. He said that milord was invited to the first mansion last night and had a long talk with his grandmother. I don't know what the deal was but it seemed that milord had struck up a bargain," Kaoru answered calmly.

"He can go to France and visit his mother now. In fact, he might even stay there for a very long time…" added Hikaru.

Haruhi was still smiling. She felt very, very happy that he and his grandmother were getting along now. He must have done something right now. He must have won her over. She didn't know what he sacrificed this time but she hoped it was for a good cause.

"Well, at least he'll be happy," she said.

The twins exchanged glances. Then they smiled together. "I'm sure it will be the topic for today," said Hikaru with a long-suffering sigh "We'll have to plan a grand and proper farewell party for milord. I don't think he'll appreciate it if we don't make an effort to see him off…"

"I already have some fun ideas." Kaoru chimed in. They exchanged high fives.

They looked like innocent angels who suddenly grew horns and a tail. Haruhi had to smile at them. They must be planning something evil. With Kyouya Ohtori at their side, they had assistance from the devil himself.

"Well, we have to go now," said the older Hitachiin twin "We promised the Chairman that we'd help him pick out a safe and fun activity for the summer. It's going to be boring but he seemed excited."

Haruhi waved goodbye as they left. She felt relieved that they were forming great relationships with other people. It seemed like a long time ago when they were still trapped in their own little world. She thought that it was very good that they were slowly discovering how big the world really was.

She approached the grand stained glass windows to look at the doves. They looked so free and white against the bright summer sky. She privately thought that summer was always about new beginnings. School was about to end. Summer vacation would follow in its steps.

Two summers already. Her second year on Ouran High School was about to end.

She smiled wistfully. If it wasn't for the Host Club, she wouldn't be happy.

The unusual club activity involved six gorgeous boys, an unused music room and ladies who willingly paid for them and their time. It was a game that was unique to the super-rich Ouran High School. Haruhi wasn't exactly allowed to be a Host because she was a girl but after an unfortunate event involving an expensive vase, she was let in. She had two more years before she can be absolved from her eight million debts.

Haruhi remembered that fateful day when she met the others Hosts. It was bizarre, to say the least. But they were funny, sweet and very kind to her. If it weren't for them, she wouldn't have grown up at all. She smiled wider. They had grown up with each other.

Tamaki Suoh and Kyouya Ohtori would be on their third year. Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka and Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka would be freshmen in the college sector. The Hitachiin twins would move up with her. It was unbelievable that they've been together for almost two years now.

She didn't know what to feel when she realized that the Host Club's two senior members were graduating. It wouldn't feel right if they weren't on the Third Music Room with the rest of the club. It would feel weird. She didn't even want to imagine it without the King.

Haruhi blew a kiss to the sky. Mother, look after him too…


The Host Club meeting was lively as usual.

Kyouya took notes and gave subtle suggestions for the farewell party. Honey ate more cakes than usual but Mori was always there to put a stop to him. The Hitachiin twins caused a ruckus by teasing the King to no end.

Tamaki retaliated vigorously. Haruhi kept to herself this time. She was content to watch them fight. It wouldn't do to disrupt their happy time. When Kyouya put his foot down, did everything settle down? Yes, they certainly did.

He was the only one who could make Hikaru and Kaoru shut up.

"I think it's enough horsing around," said the "Mother" ominously. "We're planning Tamaki's farewell party."

"Yes!" everyone chorused.

"I'd volunteer my family estate in the mountains!" suggested Honey. He chuckled. "We haven't used my family estate in any outing yet!"

"We had!" interjected Kaoru "In our adventures in Karuizawa, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Honey said, scratching his head. "I forgot about that."

Everyone quieted. They were all thinking deeply. It was starting to freak Haruhi out. She couldn't tell what they were thinking when they were quiet. It made them unpredictable.

"We have an estate by the sea," Mori said suddenly.

"Yes, I remember!" said Honey happily "It's not very big but we'll fit. It's very cozy."

Everyone had a glint in their eyes. Haruhi could see their collective thoughts. She grinned. It was settled.

"Perfect!" said the Hitachiin twins in unison.

"Ne, Tama-chan, can I bring my Usa-chan?" asked Honey with big brown eyes.

"Of course!" said Tamaki with an infectious grin "I'll even bring Kuma-chan to keep him company. Kyouya!"

With a snap of his fingers, Kyouya nodded. The Vice President always took care of the technical aspects of the club. He was the third son of an affluent family; he was used to working in the background.

"Why would Usa-chan want a filthy bear for company?" teased Kaoru.

Tamaki sputtered angrily. Honey laughed as he cuddled his favorite stuffed toy. It was an accepted fact that they still cherished their childhood toys.

"Will you come with us, Haruhi?" Hikaru asked as he placed an arm around her shoulders. She looked up at him and nodded. "Will your father allow six men to be your escorts and guardians?"

"He trusts you all," she said without thinking. She could remember her happy conversations with her father. Ryoji Fujioka was very pleased that they were taking good care of her.

Tamaki stared at her. He always wished that Haruhi's father would like him. Ever since Royji found them on a compromising situation, he instantly disapproved of him. He sighed a little.

Haruhi turned to meet his gaze. They blushed. He looked away. Everyone was still talking and planning. Nobody noticed. Everything was going well.

He wished that the Host Club would remain the same forever. They had plenty of good times. He formed the Host Club in his first year because he knew it would be great to have a group of friends. Kyouya liked the idea because it meant money. But instead it became a big family.

They were all content at first. The guys had great chemistry with each other. Then Haruhi came along. Everything changed.

Of course, nobody could have predicted that they needed a female companion. They were surrounded by sweet and giggly young women everyday but it was not the same. They needed someone who was real and honest and sweet. Haruhi was perfect. It was a great turn of events because the disadvantage became an advantage.

They all took to Haruhi. Honey found a big sister figure while Mori found a little sister. Hikaru and Kaoru found a special person who fit into their world. Kyouya found a girl who was not intimidated by his tactics. Tamaki found the girl of his dreams.

"Tamaki, what do you say?" Kyouya's voice broke into his thoughts.

"Hmm?" he said, looking up. He was sitting on his "throne". "I think it will be great if we spend time over there."

"You're not even listening milord," the twins howled with laughter. He frowned. Judging from the expressions in their faces, they really thought he was an idiot. Life was so unfair.

"What did I miss?" Tamaki was still cool.

"While we still doubt an existence of a mind," said Kyouya "we want you to think about using Mori-senpai's estate for our annual summer party. Do you want to bring customers? Do you want to leave as soon as school was over?"

"No customers please," said Tamaki firmly.

Kyouya made some notes on his clipboard. The twins exchanged high fives again. They didn't want to work. Mori and Honey looked pleased. Haruhi was smiling.

It was nothing for Mori to lend his family estate. They were all scions of rich and affluent families so money and time was not a problem. They all got into Ouran High School because of their wealth and lineage. Haruhi was an exception; she got in because she was exceptionally smart.

"We'll leave after school is over," Kyouya said with finality on his tone.

"I think this would be a great summer." Haruhi said softly. "It would be our best summer."

Hikaru heard her. She looked really happy. It was always their duty to make her happy. His loving gaze was very obvious to Tamaki.

Tamaki did not know what to feel. He couldn't wait to see what the summer would bring to them.