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-C-H-A-P-T-3-R- -1-

-x-Saturday Sleepovers-x-

"What's this crap?" A young boy with spiky chocolate brown hair said with a disgusted look on his face. The disgusted look seemed to be directed to the slightly battered paperback book in his hand. Its cover had a few folds on it and wouldn't stay straight on the book because it curled up slightly, as if it had been read many, many times before. On the cover was what appeared to be two petite hands holding an apple with a black background, (A/N: Hehe, I hope at least SOME of you know whats coming :D) And in a fancy font that curled beautifully on the upper part of the cover, was one simple word. Twilight. (A/N: SQUEE!! XD lol) And below that, on the bottom, in the same font, was By Stephanie Meyer.

His friend however, didn't look disgusted, he looked nervous. His blue eyes shifted from his brown haired friend to the door rapidly. He had a sort of dusty blond look to his hair, which, while it was more organized than his friends out of control spikes, his was somehow spikier than his friends. "Sora, I really don't think we should be here. What if your sister finds us?!" The boy finally spoke, but he was still staring at the door, as if it were a monster that would eat him if he didn't keep an eye on it at all times.

"Roxas... How many times must I tell you, she's out shopping with Amy! Kara wont be back for hours!" Sora said casually, tossing the book so it would hit the wall. He looked back at it and chuckled. Roxas was still, of coarse, staring at the door, but after hearing a thud on the wall, he turned to Sora slowly, looking back at the door once more, as if pleading for the creepy door monster to have mercy on him.

"Sora, be nice to that book! I hear throwing a romance book is bad for your love life!" Roxas said in all seriousness. This statement caused a corner of Sora's mouth to turn upward slightly, then twitch. It twitched until Sora couldn't hold it in anymore, he gave out a loud, mocking laugh. Roxas just stood there silently, a look of annoyance played upon his face.

"Roxas, just because you don't have a love life, doesn't mean--."

"You don't have one either!" Roxas retorted, finding Sora's laughter especially sickening today.

Sora's laughter abruptly stopped. He looked up slowly, a nostalgic look on his apparently not happy face. "Don't remind me..." Sora said with a heavy sigh. He then picked up the book off the floor. He looked at it then laughed at it again. "Romance stories... who believes in this crap?!" Roxas rolled his eyes.

Just then, they heard the door whoosh open. The boys eyes grew wider with every passing second.

The door monster had attacked.

"Sora! Why are you holding Twilight! I'll kill you!" A girl with brown hair and green eyes appeared beyond the door. Her hair also had spikes, like Sora, but they were downward and curled a bit at the ends. She was wearing a "I heart Edward Cullen" T-Shirt with a vampire smiley below it. She had regular gray sweat pants on with a ribbon tied around it. She also wore a black and white striped choker necklace and a matching arm band. But the most important thing to know about her right then was... she was pissed.

"Oh! Hi Kara, my dearest sister, how was shopping... hehe." Sora said, trying to look innocent by widening his eyes and glossing them up. Kara however, was not an idiot. She stomped over to him and snatched Twilight from his nervous hands.

"Dearest sister my a-"

"No swearing Kara!" Kara and Sora's mother called from the kitchen two rooms down. Kara rolled her eyes.

"Thank you mother!" Kara said sarcastically. Sora snickered at the scene and definitely didn't try to hide it. Roxas even joined in on the joke and laughed along.

"Haha! You got caught!" Sora said mockingly. Kara glared at the boy and his friend. Sora could have sworn her eye twitched in the slightest.

"You. Out. NOW!" Kara yelled, pointing to the door with furious speed. Sora smiled devilishly.

"Make me." Sora said, sticking his tongue out immediately after. Meanwhile Roxas was getting as nervous as Sora was daring. Especially when a smirk fell on Kara's face, even more when she turned to Roxas.

"Hey Roxas, do you want to see Sora's naked baby pictures?" Kara said, trying to suppress her trademark older sister evil laugh.

"Okay Roxas, we're out of here!" Sora said as he grabbed Roxas' arm and dragged him out of his older sisters room. Roxas looked back as if he were actually interested in Kara's offer. Though he soon shrugged it off and followed Sora to his room.

"I can't believe her, she's so... evil!" Sora growled when he and Roxas were in the sanctity of Sora's own room. Sora continued to sit and sulk until he suddenly raised his head up and got the signature devilish smile on his face.

"We don't need stupid romance novels..." Sora started as he reached under his bed for something. He grabbed and pulled at the huge garbage can of a bed until he found what he was looking for. All the while a perplexed look sat on Roxas' face. "This is the only book we'll EVER need." Sora said as he revealed what he was searching for. It was a phone book.

"Oh no Sora. Not again! You don't want another incident, do you?" Roxas said as he backed away from Sora... and the phone book.

"Roxas, live a little! And I thought that incident was kind of fun!" Sora argued.

"But- oh fine." Roxas sighed, he was about to argue his point until he saw the look in Sora's eyes, whenever he got that look, there was no stopping him, a police squad couldn't hold him down come to think of it. Besides, he was already flipping through the phone book.

"Hmm... Let's do this number!" Sora said eagerly. Roxas looked at the number quickly, then yawned.

"Sure, whatever..."

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

"Hey Kairi, don't you like anybody at school?" A girl with straight, blond, shoulder length hair said to her friend. Her hair also twisted in a little curl at the end and was slung over her shoulder. This question brought Kairi back into reality. Her head snapped up and she acted like she was in shock.

"No Naminé, I've told you before, none of the guys that I know are right for me, now could you drop the subject please?" Kairi said in an aggravated tone. Naminé blinked rapidly in utter confusion.

"Wow... what was that?" Naminé asked plainly, staring at Kairi in amazement that she would snap so quickly. Kairi laughed a little at Naminé's exasperated expression.

"Sorry Nami, I guess I just get sick of hearing that question day in and day out." Apparently... Kairi was now in a good mood. She was laughing like she hadn't just been yelling at her best friend. Naminé sighed at this.

"Give me a P! Give me an M! Give me an S! What's that spell?" Naminé said through giggles and little fits of playful laughter.

"Okay, I guess I had that coming." Kairi said, laughing along with Naminé. Kairi was never one to yell at someone for pointing out the facts, whether it's good for bad. Just then, Kairi's phone started to ring.

When you walk away, you don't hear me say.

Please, oh baby don't go.

Simple and clean is the way-

"Hello?" Kairi asked through the phone.

"Have you checked the children?" The person said in a raspy voice. Kairi immediately recognized this from the movie "When a Stranger Calls"So she decided to annoy him too.

"Oh, the children? I killed the children." Kairi said in the same raspy voice. She looked at Naminé, who was giving her a WTF look. So she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from the table and wrote down "Prank Caller" on the paper.

As she was doing this he answered her "You didn't kill the children, I'm watching the children right now..."

Naminé saw the note, nodded her head, and wrote "Speaker Phone?" on the paper. Kairi saw this and quickly did so.

"No you're not." Kairi retorted, still using the raspy voice. She had to make a mental note to herself: Get better at raspy voice.

"How would you know?"

"Because I'm watching you." Naminé almost burst out laughing at this.

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

Sora was enjoying this, more than any other prank call in his life. Normally, the person gets annoyed and hangs up and you have to call back one hundred times. But she wasn't, they were actually trying to out prank each other!

"Sure you are. Then where are you?" Sora asked, still trying to hold back laughter. He had put the phone on speaker long ago, and Roxas was trying not to laugh too. He had to admit, that even though he disapproved of it at first, he was enjoying himself.

"Behind you..." The voice on the other end of the phone said. Sora made a big scene of rolling his eyes, though there was a smile clearly evident on his face.

"Suure..." Sora said jokingly. Just then he heard a loud thump directly behind him, which made him jump as high as physically possible. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't hurt me!" Sora said as he turned around to find Roxas kicking the foot of Sora's bed, a mischievous smile on his innocent looking face.

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

"Roxas! I'll kill you!" The prank caller screamed over the phone in his normal voice. Though it was muffled, like background noise. "Get over here! Don't run from me! Who in the HELL do you think you are?!"

Kairi and Naminé couldn't contain it any more, they giggled loudly as they heard what was going on. They heard the thump too and realized right away that the prank caller's friend, evidently Roxas, was helping them.

"Haha! What's the matter Fatty? Can't catch me?" A new voice, probably Roxas, called. Kairi and Naminé heard panting soon after. Kairi laughed again, apparently the caller put the phone down anyway and they were probably too busy to hear her laughing anyway.

"I'm... not... fat!" The voice said through his panting.

"Ha! You ARE fat if you're tired already! Come on fatty, prove you're not fat! Catch me!" Roxas said mockingly. Naminé and Kairi both imagined Roxas, whatever he looked like, to be sticking his tongue out at the boy and the boy getting mad.

"Are you two done yet, because I'd say I win. I kept the voice up longer than you!"

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

There was dead silence as they took in the girls words. Sora blinked once and turned to glare at Roxas, who had backed himself into a corner.

"Thanks Roxas, you were a HUGE help." Sora said sarcastically as he picked up the phone.

"Yes he was, thank you Roxas!" The girl called through the phone, making Sora roll his eyes and sigh heavily. Even more so when Roxas smiled and stuck his tongue out at Sora.

"That shouldn't count!" Sora whined like a little toddler who couldn't get the cookie that he had wanted all day. In this case, his victory was the cookie. And that would mean that Sora loved cookies.

"Sora! Are you prank calling again? Do you want to relive last year's incident?" Sora's mom called from the kitchen. Just then, Kara opened Sora's bedroom door, a huge smile on her face that just screamed "payback"

"Haha! You got caught!" Kara said in a mocking voice. Sora glared at her. Kara sensed the dark aura in the room and quickly turned around and left, closing the door swiftly behind her and never once looked back.

"Oh, so Sora's your name, huh?"

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

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