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C-H-A-P-T-E-R -6-

-x-Hell School Pt. 2-x-

Recap: (Since I know you poor people are going to need one…) Kairi's made a new friend! Except Selphie's not acting very friendly. It's the first day of school, and already things are looking pretty gloomy. The only good thing is art, but every silver lining has a cloud. They have to paint a mural. They have to do a good job, and they have to go to Old Man Berkley's to do it.

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

"No." Sora whispered breathlessly, he scanned the address twice, three, four times, before coming to one simple conclusion. "We're fucked."

"Um… Ms. Chisa. How many 3621 Fare Street's are there around here?" Naminé was near shaking, you might laugh, maybe wonder why this is such a big deal. Rumors that speed around town like cars in the Indianapolis 500 are nothing to laugh at. Not at all. You wouldn't believe some of the rumors, if you'd grown up with them, you'd be feeling the same way.

Ms. Chisa smiled, Kairi was trying to find the smallest hint of evil in her apparently pure smile, a twitch of a smirk, anything to make it easy to hate her, but failed miserably at it.

"Oh, I'd say, about… one." Ms. Chisa responded with a light hearted smile.

"But it's Old Man Berkley's shop!" Roxas blurted out in one last, feeble attempt at protest.

"Oh, you mean my dad? Yea, you see, he's old, and he gets lonely. I can't go over there all the time, so you four have the lucky job of doing it for me." Ms. Chisa added with a laugh. "Oh, and he's not that old. Calling him old is the same as calling me old, can't have that can we?"

A pin could drop at this exact moment, and everyone within fifteen feet of it would be able to hear it. No one had a clue what to say, they were shocked, speechless, stunned, and any other word that could possibly describe someone watching Miley Cyrus pole dance all at the same time.

"Your dad? What— Why? How?" Roxas fought for the right words to say. Ms. Chisa rolled her eyes, but a smile was still on her face. Everyone was wondering this same thing. How did Old Man Berkley raise such a nice person?

"Okay, well, when a man loves a woman very mu—"

"No! Okay, I think I get it now. I would like to be able to sleep tonight!" Roxas put his hands over his ears. He was clearly the only one stable enough to talk at this point.

No one wanted to insult her father, so everyone left it at that. On occasion, a deep, sympathetic look was passed to the poor, lost souls that were stuck with 3621 Fare Street.

No words were spoken between the four of them.

Kairi, now waking up out of a trance, tried to think of a good mural idea. She figured she would need to know Old Man Berkley as a person to get an idea, and who around here knew him more?

"Ms. Chisa? What do you think Ol— uh, Mr. Berkley would want us to paint?" Kairi twiddled her thumbs and tilted her head. If there was one thing she prided herself on, it was her ability to play the sweet and innocent girl at a moment's notice. "A mural of the Bubonic Plague?" She thought.

"Hmm, while I appreciate the effort, quit the innocent act." Upon seeing Kairi's confused and shocked look, Ms. Chisa smirked. "Oh please, I was just like you as a kid. I know the in's and out's of acting. I see potential though… oh yes. You asked me a question." Ms. Chisa seemed to snap back to reality. "Well, he always liked animals and outdoorsy stuff. Maybe some sort of ode to nature, but painted?"

"I guess I could try that." Kairi said, the edges of her mouth fighting to keep a smile on her face, even though she was horribly depressed (and perhaps a little out of it) at the time. "Huh… Never really expected the old man to be a tree hugger. What's next, we all find out that Hitler was a vegetarian?"

Kairi strolled over to her new found group and asked Naminé to draw out an idea she had later. Naminé's eye's lit up with happiness, as she loved drawing for people.

Soon the bell rang, and everyone went on inside, all the Freshmen were rushing off to find the cafeteria. Some with smiles on their faces, some without.

But only one face burned with hatred.

-x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x-

Since the school was pretty small compared to other schools, there was only two lunch periods, and it was divided by grade. Freshmen and Sophomores go to the first lunch, and Juniors and Seniors go to the later lunch.

"Um… Sora, I think the cafeteria's this way." Kairi said warily. Sora would turn around, but if he so much as stopped, he would be a pancake in this crowded hallway.

"Why would you say that?" Sora's big ego asked, trying to turn his head around, and not run into anyone at the same time.

"Maybe because everyone's going the other way? No. That couldn't possibly be it." Roxas said sarcastically. "Look, I'd like my food now, I skipped breakfast. So can we please not trust the person that got lost four times on his way to one class?" Roxas sighed and turned around.

"But I thought I saw it this way…" Sora looked a little hurt at everyone's lack of trust in him, but reluctantly followed.

After three minutes, they officially classified themselves as lost beyond all reason and doubt.

"Thanks Roxas! We appreciate this tons." Naminé scoffed. Roxas looked at her, his gaze was chilling. "No, really. It takes a special kind of idiot to get us lost when all we're doing is following a crowd." Naminé complained, mildly flailing her arms.

"You know what?" Roxas's voice escalated as his eyes were no longer chilling, but burning.

"Hey, hey… Break it up. We're all stressed, so suck it up, if you can't, go be emo and update your live journals." Kairi immediately got between them after feeling the tension in the air rise.

"Kairi's right. We're all kinda on edge here." Sora stated, scratching the back of his head. "Y'know… There is one direction we haven't gone…" Sora was trying to hide his pride, but it's like trying to cover up an ocean with a piece of paper.

"Oh, no effin way." Kairi exclaimed, her eyes wide and her mouth forming a bit of an 'o' shape. All of a sudden her mouth formed a smile, then she just started laughing heavily.

"Sora was right? Thanks again Roxas." Naminé mumbled, she sighed lightly and crossed her arms. Roxas decided to be nice and ignore her, because he's a saint, and saints generally don't get mad all the time.

During this, Sora was smiling like an idiot (with good reason) and Kairi was still laughing.

"Do I have one friend that isn't crazy?" Roxas asked with bemusement and a hint of a laugh in his voice.

"I'm not crazy… but we're not friends, so that whole argument fails." Naminé said as she started walking towards the lunch room. Roxas rolled his eyes.

"That's okay, you know you want me." Roxas immaturely stuck his tongue out.

"Yup. You know it." Naminé said sarcastically. Then she put on her serious face, turned around and glared. "I may have blond hair, but I'm not blond." She turned around again and continued walking.

Both Kairi and Sora exchanged weird glances, but followed the two anyway.

x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x

They entered the cafeteria, and immediately saw Selphie flirting with Riku. To someone just glancing, or someone without a brain, he looked like he was having a same-old, same-old idle chat. To the average person, it was painfully obvious that he was looking around for a scapegoat. He was on his tip toes, looking over Selphie, which wasn't exactly a great accomplishment. He had a fake smile plastered on his face. Of coarse, Selphie was part of the "without-a-brain" population, so she didn't notice.

Riku smiled genuinely as he spotted us. "Sora! Roxas! Creepy girl! Person I don't know! What's up!" Riku couldn't get away faster, leaving Selphie open mouthed. She turned around, and with one preppy flip of her hair, she was gone.

"What was that about 'creepy girl'?" Kairi scolded, with her hands on her hips.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Riku said playfully. He ruffled her hair as if she were some lost puppy, thus making Kairi swat his hand away.

"I'm not your little sister, and I'm not your Labrador." Kairi complained. "You know, you're a lot different when you're not being slave driven." Kairi grabbed a tray of some crap that will probably have moved an inch by the time lunch was over.

As they sat down Sora slouched over and rested his head on the table. "I almost forgot. Riku, guess what the Art teacher is having us do." Sora mumbled sadly.


"He said guess." Kairi chimed in. Riku looked around to see that everyone was looking sadder than before Sora decided to be emo.

"Umm… draw an exact replica of the Mona Lisa?" Riku asked, he raised one eyebrow.

"Worse." Naminé said.

"We have to paint a mural." Roxas was too depressed at this point to come up with anything decent.

"Oh well that's not—"

"On Old Man Berkley's store." Roxas finished, playing with his food and sighing.

"srsly?" Riku completely ignored the use of vowels for a moment. He dropped his spoon out of surprise and it landed in his soup with a plop.

"Well, our homework is to sketch an idea, so we're going to need to do that after school today." Naminé explained while taking a bite out of her breadstick.

"Oh! I forgot, I asked Ms. Chisa what Berkley would want. Turns out he's a tree hugger." Kairi said as if she were stating the weather, calm and indifferent. Maybe it's because she already gotten over the irony.

"I— did I just… hear you right?" Sora asked, his head tilted slightly to the side.

"Yea, so, I guess a tribute to nature would do just fine."

More messing with the lunch ensued in silence until Kairi felt someone tap her on the back.

"Hey, we need to talk." Selphie was hovering over her, glaring.

Now, Kairi is a respectable, decent, overall nice girl. And as such, tried her best not to go off. "What about?" The innocent card is a very fun one to play.

"I think you know damn well what about." Her gaze was penetrating, but Kairi had lost her patience, she stood up, to show that she was in no way inferior to her. Roxas was filling Naminé in on the recent events, and Riku was trying to not be noticed.

"No, I don't, care to elaborate?" Kairi smirked at Selphie's confused expression.

"Sure, come to our table, we'll talk." Selphie's tone had a sickeningly sweetness to it that was disturbing, to say the least.

Sora stood up suddenly. "What the hell Selphie. What's your problem? Go away." Sora glared, he was genuinely upset, which no one expected at all.

"Sora, it's okay, I can take care of myself. I am, after all, a feminist." Sora nodded, but warily, as he sat back down. His eyes seemed to be asking 'are you sure?' Kairi smiled briefly then turned back to Selphie.

"What's wrong with you're people coming over here? Oh well, not like it makes a difference. Show me the way." Kairi gestured for her to lead the way. Selphie looked confused and disoriented.

"Really? I mean, of coarse." She walked to her table, and Kairi noticed there were four other people there. One looked a bit emo, his hair was a bright red, and it was spiked slightly. One was a boy carrying a Blitzball, he looked like an islander. They were both talking to a girl with blond hair, Kairi'd heard of this one. Her name was Larxene. She was supposed to have severe ADHD and she was addicted to every hallucinogen out there.

Then there was that one girl. The one Kairi and Naminé were going to sit by at art. She smiled a bit and gave Kairi a sympathetic look, but then went back to eating.

"Okay, look. I don't know what your problem is, but I'm not about to play stupid with you. You have an issue with me, we both know that. So get on with it." Kairi said with little to no patience in her words.

"Sora's mine. And so is Riku. In fact, if you decide to start liking boys, then you need to come ask me if it's okay. Got it?" The trio of idiots behind her started laughing.

"Look, bitch. I'm trying to be nice, and you just aren't making that easy. Last time I checked, it was illegal to own anybody. I sure as hell don't need to talk to you, just to make sure you're okay with it." Kairi snapped fiercely. Everyone was staring at the scene.

"I think you got that wrong. Now, do you like Sora? Spill it." Selphie obviously didn't value her life very much.

"Really? Spill it? Well, if you say so." Kairi shrugged, grabbing Selphie's water bottle. She then began pouring the water all over her already almost see-through, light blue shirt. Thus completely exposing her bra, which was extremely skimpy.

"Ahh! You bitch!" She looked down at her shirt and screamed.

"Never forget it either." Kairi said coldly as she walked back to her table.

x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x

"What was that bit of awesomeness about?" Naminé asked, open mouthed. Everyone was laughing in the lunchroom, but Kairi's table was laughing the loudest. Except Sora.

"She asked me to 'spill it' and I did. I owned didn't I?" Kairi said, starting to laugh.

"she'll make your life hell, you know." Sora looked like an injured puppy. "Sorry I dragged you into this Kairi."

"Well, then I'll do the same to her. I already won the first battle. How bad can the war be? Don't be sorry, she deserved that and you know it." Kairi smiled as she heard a distant "If I knew this would have happened, I'd wear my good bra!"

"Very hard. She's ruthless, and will do anything to mess up your life."

"Sora, stop worrying! You'll give her a heart attack!" Riku exclaimed.

"Yea, she's not that bad." Roxas said, turning to look at Kairi. "She'll get over it."

And that was the end of that conversation. Also the end of anything important that happened at school that day.

x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x

"Hi! Come in." Naminé said happily, ushering in Sora and Kairi. Roxas was there too, but she blocked the way. "No, you stay out here."

"If you haven't noticed, it's raining." Roxas complained. It was, indeed raining heavily. Water pounded on the roof of the house, and Roxas's head. Leaving the lazy suburban street looking magical, almost.

"Well, if you insist." Naminé rolled her eyes as if she were humoring a four year old. She moved to the side to allow Roxas passage.

"That's right." Roxas shook himself like a dog upon entering Naminé's home. Naminé was splashed with water.

"Manners! Learn them!" Naminé said as she went to the dining room to work on the project. They procrastinated for two days, and now, here it was, the day before it was due, and they were only a small portion done.

"Okay, where did we leave off?" Kairi asked in her take-charge voice.

"You all came up with a crap copy, and I'm doing the final sketch." Naminé stated, grabbing her drawing pencils, the craptastic sketch, and a blank piece of drawing paper.

"It wasn't that bad. Sora's good at drawing birds, Kairi's good at animals, you're good with people, and I'm good with trees. It's just the person that looks craptastic because when I draw people, anatomy fails." Roxas said. He liked sounding smart, "Hehe… I used a big word…" He thought to himself.

"I'm still doing the final sketch. I don't draw good on walls though, uh, not that I would know or anything… but anyway, I'll need help with the mural. I'll admit, you people aren't that craptastic. It's actually better than what I normally see." Naminé had already started sketching. It only took a half hour. So, everyone thought of what to do for the next three hours.

"What about the new Saw movie? I just bought the DVD." Naminé suggested, and for lack of better things to do, everyone agreed.

x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x

"What… the… hell." Kairi said, staring blankly at the screen. "This is the most… OM MY GOD THAT'S DISGUSTING!" Kairi hid, and everyone was staring at her like she was insane.

"I'm squeamish…" Kairi said with a look of disgust on her paling face.

"Then why didn't you say something? We would've watched something else." Naminé said, her eyes still glued to the screen.

"It's okay, I'll live." Kairi was still focused on the screen like she was watching, well, people poking their eyes out with their own fingers. "Not the eye! Oh god…"

"KAIRI! I'm taking that pillow. You aren't going to hide the whole movie." Naminé grabbed the pillow and sat on it. Earning glares from everyone. "What? Tough love."

"Calm down…" Sora said reassuringly. "It's only people mauling themselves apart from the outside in. Oh, is he putting his hand in the grinder?"

"Oh my god. Kairi hid in Sora's shirt, it was there nearest hiding spot available, after all. Sora was shocked for a second, but sighed and figured that it wouldn't hurt. Plus, everyone else might be able to watch the movie.

So, Sora and Kairi stayed like that for the remainder of the movie, Sora was hugging her, and Kairi was clinging for dear life.

x-x-x-o X o-x-x-x

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