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One shot time.


Ken looked down at the woman whose head was resting in his lap. Poor girl looked bored out of her mind. She had a blank stare in her brown eyes, making her seem dead. Her pink lips were pursed together, making them seem smaller than their actual size. Her hair was sprawled out over his thigh, which scared him at first, because he had just shaved. All in all…

It was the bored look.

"Something bothering you, hun?" Ken asked, stroking her disheveled hair.

The brunette answered in a monotone voice, "Yes. You staring at me."

Ken rolled his eyes and ignored her answer. Particularly because he didn't like it. "Anything else?"

"I'm bored!" she sighed, exasperated.

"Go read the dictionary," he suggested.

"I finished it yesterday."

Ken's eyes widened. That had to be at least two thousand pages of words! Wow, he married a nerd. "Baby-"

"My name isn't 'baby'," she threw her hands up from her horizontal form, inadvertently smacking her husband in the face; "It's Misty."

Stop calling her 'baby'. Ken reminded himself while holding the right side of his jaw. "Okay then, Misty. Do you want to talk?"


"I don't know, stuff."

Misty eyed him quizzically. Usually he hated talking to her about certain things, mainly everything. Wow, he must really care. "You sure?"

He smiled at her a bit oddly, but she ignored it. "Yeah, absolutely."

"Well Maria told Candice that Beth said that Cherry told her that she saw Shawn-"

Ken cut her off, abruptly standing up. "Well I think that's all. So glad we could talk."

And with that he ran out of the room.

She waited about five minutes before smirking to herself and pulling something out from under her pillow. Somethings, actually.

Under the pillow were two action figures. One Randy Orton, and one of her husband, Ken Kennedy. She stood up and stood Orton's doll (we're not going to say action figure) up on her dresser and stepped back about ten feet from it, aiming her Ken action figure carefully at it and hurling it full speed at the Orton doll. The mirror behind the dresser broke, and an alarmed Ken ran in.

He saw the shattered glass and Orton on the floor. He sighed. "Did that monkey break the mirror again?"



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