Note: KibaHina version. Bittersweet, that's all their love had been, sad and happy, and certainly not meant to be.

Kiba starred blankly at a picture of him and Hinata. They were both 12 back then, and Hinata didn't know how much Kiba loved her and was dying for her to notice. Hinata had been madly in love with Naruto; she never noticed or realized Kiba's feelings for her. Now they were both 18 and Hinata didn't love Naruto anymore, but she didn't pick up on Kiba's feelings either. Whether she knew or not was a mystery. She treated both of them the same, both with high respect and kindness. Kiba sighed as he placed the photo down, and walked towards his bed, maybe today would be the day that he'd finally get some rest. He had spent so many countless nights thinking about Hinata, he really wondered if she knew of his feelings. One part of him wished she knew, another told him solemnly that it would better if she didn't.

"What's there to lose, anyways?" Kiba silently muttered and he turned his face into his warm fluffy blankets.


"Today's the day I'm going to tell her!"

Hinata walked out of the Hyuuga residence and into the heart of Kohnoha. She smiled as the sunny shone brightly, and children were running and playing everywhere. Flowers had bloomed and the cherry blossomed were in fully bloom, and they looked beautiful.

"Hey, uh….um……Hinata, I was wondering……..if, maybe……you'd like to……..ah, have a bowl of ramen with me…….? At Ichiraku's??"

"Sure! That would…..w-would be w…..wonderful! t-thank y-you." Hinata stuttered back as she blushed a light shade of pink. He smiled back at her, eyes bright and shining.


"Wow, you really like……uh, eating ramen…, Hinata?"

"Hahaha. I …….I guess I do," Hinata replied happily as she ate her ramen, surprised by his shyness.

"Damn!" Kiba swore at he scrunched up the little bouquet of wild flowers, that he had personally chosen and picked; especially for her. Kiba grudgingly walked away as he let the flowers fall, wilted, to the rough ground. Hinata stopped eating her ramen, and turned to the sound.

"Ah! Hi, Kiba-kun," Hinata greeted as she flashed a shy smile, and waved. Kiba forced a sensible smile.

"Hey," Kiba replied bluntly, bitterly, and emptily; as he trudged on.

"Where, are y-you going to go, Kiba-kun?" Hinata asked curiously.


"Oh, okay. Good luck, Kiba-kun!" Hinata encouraged as she turned back to face her old friend, and crush- Uzumaki Naruto.

"Yeah." Kiba mumbled silently to himself more than anyone else. 'She still loves him. Always will. And I will always be the one, standing there watching. I love her; she loves him; and he loves her back.' I'm always the one who's alone. When will the day come when I can finally tell her? That I've always loved her?'


Author's End Notes: Well, I hope you enjoyed this short-bittersweet story! I've always seen this as KibaHina- bittersweet, only word I can really think of to describe it...sadly.