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Sasuke has been back for 2 years now. Since he came back willingly, his punishment wasn't AS severe and over about half a year ago.

Everyone already forgave him for the whole "abandoning the village" thing and welcomed him back as a friend.

Sakura was now much stronger and she was an amazing ninja as well as medic nin. And she was no longer his annoying Fangirl, though she did still think she loved him.

It was another day in Kanoha. Nothing special really, except that Sakura wasn't the same today. She woke up feeling different but she couldn't really figure out why. Maybe a little irritated but she just waved it off as a lack of sleep.

"Or that stupid bastard who called us annoying and weak again! He hasn't done that in 2 years! What the hell did we do to disserve it?" Inner Sakura growled.

"Whatever. I don't wanna talk about it" Outer Sakura shooed the inner away.


Last night Sakura and all her friends were gathered in a bar to celebrate Ino's 18th birthday. She just came back from a mission and everyone was having a blast! They rented out the whole bar for themselves for the night. Half way through though, Ino disappeared somewhere with Shikamaru and didn't come back for an hour. (A bit disheveled at that. Haha) There was lots of dancing and singing and a few drinking contests as well. Sakura couldn't hold her alcohol well so she didn't join those. Although apparently she drank more then she thought. By the end she was way more then a 'little' tipsy. Her speech was slurred and she couldn't really hold on her own too feet that well, let alone manage a balanced walk. Again Ino and Shikamaru disappeared into some corner. Neji and Tenten were starring intently at each other (which made sakura just want to push them together and say "Jeez, just get together already!") Naruto took the tipsy Hinata home. (Good thing Naji was too "occupied" to notice) and everyone else was still in full strength having a great time. Sasuke, looking at Sakura as she giggled and hic-uped, decided it was time for them to go. He volunteered to take her home and she seemed a little too happy about it, she even blushed, which she hasn't done in a while around him. Then again, it could just be the alcohol in her blood running wild. Sasuke and Sakura stood up and made their way to the door, after a round of hugs, good-byes and screams of "Happy Birthday again Ino!" into the empty air. They didn't quite make it there. After the first 3 steps Sakura's feet gave in and she almost fell face first. Sasuke quickly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tightly against her with a low growl.

"What is wrong with this girl. She has never been this drunk before! She KNOWS she can't take alcohol well yet she kept drinking!"

As they were walking through the streets, his thoughts were interrupted when Sakura giggled and latched herself on to his arm.

"Ne Sasuke-kun, it's great to have a handsome, strong man around" she purred into his ear as she drew small circles on his chest "isn't it?" She again giggled. After a few more minutes of walking they were coming close to Sakura's house. Here, AGAIN, her drunken feet decided to fumble and she tripped on her high stiletto heels, almost bringing Sasuke down as well. Sasuke growled.

"This is the 9th time in such a short distance! If she does this anymore, I won't have an arm left tomorrow from so much pulling and holes in my feet from her stupid shoes!" Sasuke mentally complained.

"You're so annoying and weak" he told Sakura.

"Oh crap. That sounded way colder then I wanted it to" he mentally cursed. "I haven't said that to her in more then 2 years now. Well since its true, but that's beside the point" Sasuke stared at her. Her eyes looked really hurt and he expected her to cry. He was about to apologize, or (since Uchiha's don't really apologize) at least tell her that what he really meant was that it was kind of funny how the powerful Sakura was so weak on her feet after only a few drinks and how the reason she was annoying was because her soft whispers and purrs in his ear were stirring up something inside of him he didn't really understand. But he never got around to his explanation. Sakura abruptly let his arm drop and bowed her head, when she came back up she had a huge smile plastered on her face. "I'm sorry Sasuke-kun. I truly am. I didn't mean to be like that. Thanks for walking me home. Good night." And the door closed on him. Well, maybe she won't be too upset since she's drunk and won't remember it in the morning. With that though constantly repeating in his head, Sasuke headed home.

End of Flashback

Sakura took long, relaxing, bubble bath, washed her long, silky hair, and then decided to curl it again since a long time. She looked at herself in the mirror and she suddenly wanted a little more change for herself. She went into her HUGE closet (being a great ninja and the 2nd in charge of the whole hospital – after Tsunade of course, has its perks!) After searching for 40 min. Sakura pulled out a black mini skirt (she put on mini, MINI shorts under), and a fish-net black shirt, under the shirt she wore a black bra with gold dragon designs. On her feet she wore sandals that laced to her knees. In her hair she wore a thin, black headband with a little bow on the side. She painted her long nails a rich, gold color. To top off her look she added some mascara, black eye liner, and a touch of strawberry lip gloss. Again she checked herself in the mirror. To say that she looked HOT would be a big understatement! Although this outfit was DEFINITELY not regulation appropriate, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to care for once.

"We'll show him what he lost!" inner Sakura whispered intensely so that the outer didn't hear.

She went down stairs and grabbed some breakfast, she wasn't in the greatest of moods.

Sasuke and Naruto were standing around waiting for their sensei. He was 2 hours late! And Sakura was nowhere in sight either. She shouldn't still be asleep after her hangover since training was starting 3 hours later then usual. Of course it's because Kakashi was at the party too and participated in every drinking contest and then some.

Then a poof sounded and Kakashi appeared perched on the railing of the bridge.

"Yo. Sorry I'm late I got lost…."

"Liar!!" Naruto interrupted him.

Isn't there usually TWO voices yelling at me?" Kakashi thought. He peered over his Icha-Icha-Paradise and spotted only 2 heads. No pink hair.

"Well this is strange." He thought "Did something happen after the party?"

Everyone stared in silence at each other for 10 min. Well ok, not EVERYONE. Naruto wouldn't stop voicing his thoughts about what happened to the missing "Sakura-chan".

"It's all YOUR fault!" Naruto pointed an accusing finger at Sasuke as he came up with a yet another theory. "You looked pretty cozy walking down the street with her last night. Uh-huh. Your hands wrapped all around her like a Ramen noodle on my spoon! Hina-chan and I saw you! Datebayo! You probably couldn't control yourself and now she's pregnant! I can't believe you Teme! And after all that talk of how you have absolutely NO romantic feelings for her. You sly, deceiving bastard!" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs. "I can't believe you 'de-flowered' Sakura-chan!" Sasuke growled at him threateningly "Doooobe!" Kakashi also couldn't help but laugh. "Sasuke? Yeah right! When pigs fly! Ok. Well a LITTLE earlier" he laughed to himself.

Just then small cherry blossoms started falling all around them. It was a gorgeous sight! Then they started dancing around and forming a whirl and Sakura seemed to materialize right in front of them. Now THAT's cool! They all stared at her for a second, trying not to drool.

"Get yourself together! She's your student for crying out loud!" Kakashi tried to reason to himself "Oh jeez. I'll be thrown in jail if this continues."

"Hina-chan. I love Hina-chan. Hina-chan. Hina-chan. Hina-chan. GAH! Sakura why do you do this?!" Naruto cried in his head.

"Damn. When did Sakura get so hot?! No! Bad thoughts! Uchiha's must be strong! Must. Be. S-s-trong. Must. Ssstttrrong. She. Must. Sexong. She. Is. Sexy. O.O No! Not sexy! Strong! Uchiha's must be strong! Control."

As the men battled their inner demos….errr…hormones, Sakura spoke up.

"Sorry I'm late. I got lost in my closet." Naruto burst out laughing, sasuke stared at her in slight disbelief and Kakashi almost fell of the railing. "Wow. I'm really rubbing off. Hahahaha"

After Naruto's outburst of laughter he cried

"Lia…!" but suddenly stopped.

"Wait, are you serious?!" Both Naruto and Kakashi asked.

"Does it LOOK like I'm joking?" Sakura glared at all 3 of them.

"Ehe ehehe. Guess not." Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "Hey Sakura-chan you ok? You look a bit…different." Naruto tried to carefully choose his words. Sakura looked royally pissed right now.

Sakura "affectionately" draped an arm over Naruto though you could tell he was slowly getting slightly blue from lack of oxygen. "I'm dandy Naruto. Why wouldn't I be? It's not like I'm mad at anyone. No one insulted me or anything. It's not like my sleep was terrible or my head hurt like a bitch. But thanks for caring. You should re-direct that attention to Hina-chan though." She practically growled.

"Wow. OK then. Remind me not to cross you." Kakashi thought.

"Are we gonna stand around all day or are we going to actually train?" Sakura asked irritated.

"Well we were waiting for you to show up before we sta..." Sasuke began

"Shut up! No one asked you. Did it LOOK like I was talking to you." Sakura snapped at him.

"Ooookk. So maybe she DOES remember last night. I better actually apologize now"

"Look Sakura…" he began again.

"I said Shut up! My head hurts and you're annoying me!"

O.O Did Sakura just snap at Sasuke?! Twice?!

Naruto and Kakashi stared in disbelief; even Icha-Icha-Paradise was forgotten.

"Alright alright, let's get to training and THEN rip each other's heads off. Shall we?" Kakashi asked; more like stated.

"Gladly" Sakura waltzed to the middle of the training ground. The tree med stared after her.

"She's not seriously thinking of training in THAT outfit? IS she?

"Hello!" Sakura shouted. Sasuke and Naruto moved out to the field. "Go!" Kakashi yelled. And they all disappeared in a blur only for Sasuke and Naruto to come slamming into the ground a few minutes later with Sakura jumping after them. Then the fight got hand to hand. In the midst of the fighting, Genma appeared to pass on a message that the Hokage wants to see Sakura. No sooner has he looked up as he started lightly bleeding from the nose. Kakashi just padded his shoulder lightly.

"I know my friend. I know."

"It should be illegal to be that gorgeous. And it is SO not regulation dress."

They both smirked at each other; like they'd ever tell. perverts cough

"You came to pass on a message right?" Kakashi asked "Then go before you become anemic and need a blood transfusion." Kakashi laughed at Genma.

Genma playful growled at him. "I'll make sure to visit you in jail" he smirked.

"Hey Sakura," Genma called, not really wanting to get in the middle. For the first time Uchiha Sasuke was being pummeled. Along with Naruto. SIMULTANIOUSLY! Sakura looked like she was just venting her anger. "Note to self: DON'T cross Haruno Sakura" Genma thought. The beatings stopped and Sakura walked over, already healing herself. Seemingly out of nowhere, Sakura pulled out a handkerchief and pressed it to Genma's nose. "Here" She rolled her eyes. Kakashi started laughing at Genma and he just glared back. Sakura started seductively walking away, after a few steps she turned back around hearing Kakashi's laughter. "Don't worry Kakashi. I didn't forget you. I'll visit you in jail." She smirked. Now it was Genma's turn to laugh at Kakashi. After that training was over, mostly because Sasuke and Naruto were way too beat up to continue.

Sakura walked to the Hokage tower. She finally admitted that what Sasuke said last night was really bugging her. "I'm NOT weak damn it! And what the hell? How am I annoying!? HE's the one who offered to take me home! Bastard!" She stomped through the building and everyone made way for the angry konoichi.

Meanwhile in Tsunade's office she was sitting with Gaara (Kazekage) and discussing the upcoming mission. They heard some noises outside and then the door came flying straight off its hinges. Sakura held it for a second then put it back down grumbling "stupid door" under her nose.

O.O ….Tsunade sat there astonished. She couldn't believe that Sakura just took off her TRIPLE re-enforced door…as if it was NOTHING!! It wasn't only the strength but also the anger that Tsunade was surprised at. Sakura was ALWAYS polite no matter what and here she comes in like a Natural Disaster herself. Gaara was also staring at Sakura while Tsunade was lost in her thoughts. He hasn't seen her in more then 2 years. She was a pretty beautiful girl when he saw her but now she was downright sexy! But Gaara being Gaara didn't show any emotion. "What are YOU starring at?" Sakura snapped at him. At that moment Tsunade almost sprayed her paperwork with the sake she was drinking. Sakura didn't recognize that it was Gaara. He was dressed in normal clothes and she only spared him a 1-second glance. He was wearing a fishnet shirt (like her) and baggy black pants. He also had a black chocker around his neck.

"Sakura" Tsunade growled "this is Gaara, the Kazekage." She emphasized. Sakura blinked, then turned to Gaara…

"Oh. Sorry. Welcome to Kanoha."

That statement didn't seem so sincere coming from her.

"Welcome indeed" chuckled Gaara to himself.

Tsunade glared at Sakura. "What is Wrong with this girl today?" She inwardly sighed.

"Sakura, I want to discuss with you your mission. You see, there have been attacks on Gaara lately and so in order to protect him, Kankuro is disguised as him while the real Kazakage stays under our care here in Kanoha. That way Kankuro has to only care about looking like Gaara and staying safe and Gaara only has to worry about paperwork and whatnot. Not both safety and work." Sakura blinked at her.

"I fail to see your point"

"Well that was….rude" Tsunade thought. She growled a little. I'll have a little talk with you later.

"My POINT, is that he will be your charge. You'll have to take care of him as you're our best medic. You'll have to help him with whatever he needs. Physical, mental, err…emotional?? needs and…"

"Prevent it. Stop it. Fix it. Yeah yeah I got." Sakura waved Tsunade off. "Where is he staying?" Tsunade was afain annoyed by the interruption. She tried to keep her cool, obviously there was something bothering her. She'd have to find out later.

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