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They came into the house and Sakura brought up 2 glasses of water for them

They came into the house and Sakura brought up two glasses of water for them.

"Today was great. Thanks Gaara" she smiled at him. "But I'm not ready to go to sleep yet. How about we watch a movie?" she asked, but didn't give him time to answer.

"It's perfect. But since I picked the activity you pick the movie." And then she disappeared into the kitchen to pop some popcorn then headed upstairs to change into some PJs.

Gaara sat in the living room. Sakura didn't really leave him a choice, although he could have walked out, but his legs just wouldn't take him.

"Ugh." Gaara groaned. "Fiiiine." Sakura came back into the room with short pink shorts and a red tank top. Not exactly modest clothing. She saw the movie Gaara picked and her eyes grew wide.

"Please Gaara, not that. Naruto got me this and it's the scariest movie ever. I don't want to watch it" she pleaded, but Gaara wouldn't have any of it.

"If I have to endure this at least let the movie be scary." He told her.

Sakura sighed and settled herself on the couch next to him.

She wasn't kidding when she said she'd be scared. Sakura was sitting there with wide eyes and trembling a little.

'Maybe she's cold' Gaara reasoned.

'Yeah. And I'm a cat.' Shikaku sarcastically snorted.

'Oh c'mon! She's a ninja and a medic! She's seen things WAY worse.'

Suddenly, an extremely gruesome seen came on screen, with a blood curdling scream, Sakura jumper literally 2 feet off the couch and landed almost on top of Gaara. She DID pin his hand under her body though.

'You were saying?' Shikaku smirked.

A TINY chuckle escaped Gaara's lips. Sakura's reaction sure was funny, but his laughter didn't last long. His arm started feeling as if millions of needles were poking it. He realized Sakura has cut off his blood circulation and his arm was falling asleep.


Gaara tried to take his hand out but he couldn't.

'what the hell, this girl is so light yet I can't get my arm from under her'

Gaara looked up at Sakura so that he could tell her to move, or move her himself if necessary. As he turned his head around to face her properly he was shocked at what he saw. There sat Sakura with tears freely falling down her face and a glazed over look in her eyes. It seemed like she wasn't watching the movie anymore either.

'Uhhhh, what…what happened? Why is she crying?'

'I don't know kid, it looks like something upset her'

'You didn't make me say anything stupid with out me realizing it, did you?!' Gaara growled at Shikaku.

'Not this time' Shikaku answered.

"Ummm….Sakura?" Gaara asked cautiously. He's never really had experience dealing with crying girls. Begging victims – sure. A PMSing Temari – definitely. But not the sad type of crying. But seeing Sakura cry made him feel different. He, for the first time, felt useless. Gaara didn't know what to say, do, where to put his hands, anything! He felt like a fish out of water; awkwardly fidgeting around.

"Uhhh. Ummmm. Are…what…errr" Gaara tried to think what it is you're suppose to do to comfort a person. He wasn't having much luck in that department.

'Ugh!' Shikaku growled frustrated 'at least ask what's wrong with her first you dolt!'

"S-Sakura? What has upset you? Are you THAT scared of the movie, c'mon it's pathetic, not scary."

Shikaku gapped at Gaara.

'You're suppose to sound concerned! Not like you are taunting her for being a cowardly chicken! You. Are. Hopeless!' Shikaku wanted to slap Gaara.

Gaara growled. "I-I mean. What's wrong Sakura?" She was trembling like a leaf in the wind and the tears just seemed to stream down her face faster and harder. But now, she was whispering something under her nose.

"How could…" "Alone" "Pain" "I miss you" Gaara heard. He strained harder to hear her while putting his hand on her shoulder.

'Seems like someone left her. Do you think she's talking about the Uchiha?' Gaara felt a little ping of pain.

"How could they. They just left me. I'm so lonely. I can't stand being without them. This is so painful. I, I miss you so much." She lowered her head. "I can't bear seeing the images of your deaths, it makes my heart crack all over again." Gaara's body moved all on his own. He just took her arm into his and asked "Who Sakura? Who left you?" But he didn't hear the response. At that moment he glanced at their hands, just realizing that he took hold of her, and his throat tightened. There, on her wrists, were tiny little scars running across her pale skin.

'Did she…did she try to…kill…herself?' Gaara was in shock. Wasn't Sakura supposed to be a happy person? What brought on that kind of behavior? But as he looked at her wrists, he did feel a little better knowing that they weren't really fresh scars and that Sakura obviously hasn't done this in a while. He didn't know why that made him so relieved. But as he looked at her, he saw the extremely fragile side that she hid away, not the girl who sent the door flying off its hinges or threatened him. It reminded Gaara of someone, but he couldn't quite remember who.

Sakura slid from the couch and Gaara's grasp, onto her knees on the floor and buried her head in her hands.

"Oka-san. Otou-san. Why? Why were you taken from me? Especially in such a cruel way. And it was MY entire fault!" Sakura sobbed into her hands.

Gaara listened to her sobs and was a little shocked to find out that Sakura's parents were dead. He figured that she just lived separately from them and that they were somewhere else in the village. He was confused though. "What does she mean by 'her entire fault'?" Gaara glanced at Sakura and the TV caught his eye. (When Gaara tried to move his hand out from under her, he accidentally paused the movie.) The frame was frozen on a girl, bloody, bruised, and badly beaten. She was sitting next to a man and woman who seemed dead, and it looked like she, too, would be joining them soon. Gaara looked at Sakura. Had this scene triggered her breakdown?

He didn't know what to do, but he had to make her stop. He couldn't bare watching her fall apart like this. He slowly slid down to her level and tried to sooth her.

"How the HELL am I suppose to do this?" Gaara panicked.

'You're asking the wrong person kid. Sarcasm is my forte, not this. Try holding her or something like that. Do whatever they do on TV."

'Not helpful, considering I don't watch TV much." Gaara bit back

Gaara raised his hand and put it on Sakura's back, rubbing it up and down slowly.

'Uncle used to do this to me to calm me if I was ever upset…before he tried to kill me' Gaara trailed off in his mind. Shikaku didn't say anything; the atmosphere is already filled with enough pain.

Sakura didn't seem to be getting any better. It's as if she didn't even feel his hand on her back. So with his other hand Gaara reached for Sakura's, so that he could hold it and somehow say something that could at least border compassion and help.

"Shhhhhh….it's ok Sakura. You're not alone. I'm right here with you. You hear me? You're not alone. And it wasn't your fault." Gaara had no idea what he was babbling to her but it seemed like finally, after 10 minutes of more intense crying, Sakura started to slowly calm down. But she was still borderline hysterical and fresh tears were constantly flowing down her face. Gaara finally stopped talking; he saw that there was nothing he would say to make her feel better. So he just sat there for a while, staring at their intertwined hands and looking at her scars; trying to figure out the whole, proper story.


Gaara felt a sudden addition of weight to his shoulder. He glanced up to the side and saw Sakura's head leaning on his shoulder and her hair stuck to her wet face. A few tears would still leak out from her eyes once in a while. Gaara just sat there frozen.

What was he suppose to do now?! They sat there for a few more minutes with Gaara just watching Sakura sleep on his shoulder.

'I guess I can't leave her to sleep on the floor' Gaara mentally noted. He turned around and swooped up Sakura into his hands then carried her into her bedroom.

For a summer night it was a bit too cold, and with Sakura's window being opened all this time, the room was quite chilly. Gaara looked down at Sakura, her skimpy PJ's, and the lack of a warm blanket on the bed; all she had was a thin sheet for cover. He didn't blame her, the summer was usually hot and even the thin sheet would be redundant. Gaara glanced around the room, but there was no blanket in sight.

'She's gonna have one hell of a headache tomorrow' Shikaku half-laughed

'Well, since there's no blanket I guess she should be changed into warmer clothing.' With that thought Gaara set to work.

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