This story consists of 30 episodes but I will post only 10 episodes

Gakuen Ai

Note: the characters especially the story was created by me

School name: raikenn gakuen

Vocabulary: bishounen-good looking boy

Bishoujo-pretty girl

Ohayou-good morning


There is a well known school in Japan(only in this story), in that school There is a boy named HannOn, he is talented, came

from a rich family, campus crush, intelligent, in short near to perfect but very silent. But in the other hand, Hannon don't have

any crush in the school, don't have any first kiss (even in his cheeks), and don't have commitment with others in short a virgin

boy in case of commitments. but in that school (raieknn gakuen), he has a friend named Kaoru, Kaoru is the reciprocal of

Hannon's attitude, Hannon is the silent type while Kaoru is the childish type and cheerful type, but they are the same in

talents, intelligent and standard of living, they are both campus crush in the school, if we will rank them, Hannon will be the

top 1 and Kaoru as the top 2. Kaoru is the bestfriend of Hannon since birth, but the big difference between them is that Kaoru

have girlfriend, her name is Naomi. Naomi is not a student of raikenn gakuen, she came from a different school but it is also a

well known school, in the school were she study, she is popular in terms of beauty and brain. Hannon is secretly fall in love to

Naomi but he cares for his bestfriend feelings so he hide his feelings to Naomi, Naomi also secretly fall in love to Hannon.

Chapter 1

Since Birth

The sunrise comes as the ray of light vanished the dark in the room of a boy named hannon "sir hannon the breakfast is

already prepared, eat all of them before going to the school" the boy stand up looking at the window and said "is my mom

and my dad will join me eating our breakfast?" the woman suddenly become speechless as the warm air go through the room

"I think they will not, again!"

All are ready, ready to guide hannon to his school, after a long time of trip, hannon arrived in front of the school gate and a

cheerful voice shout the name hannon "HANNON, OHAYOU GOZAIMASU, how are you? Long time no see" hannon just give him

a sweet smile that answer the question of kaoru "ohayou too, let's go to the auditorium to welcome the freshmens"

They enter a large door that keeps the sound bold; they saw a huge number of chairs that makes the auditorium more

amazing, then suddenly the head of the school introduce the freshmens representative while they clap their hands for the

representative "did you remember kaoru? The day that we are the freshmen?" kaoru turn his head and say "ofcourse, I can't

forget those moments when we are the representative of the freshmens, but I didn't realize why there are two

representative in our batch? I know there is only one representative" then hannon looks at kaoru with a silly smile and say

"we both perfect the entrance exam, that's why we are the representative, ehehehe, your childish as usual"

After the event, the class already started and kaoru and hannon is in the same class, the students in their section was said to

be lucky because of the two especially for the girls. They all look and even stared them while the class is still going on, then

suddenly the bell rang for the lunch break, "hannon, let's go to the cafeteria, I have a reserved lunch there" hannon stand up

and they went together in the cafeteria, while they are walking, hannon speaks "kaoru, do you remember how we become

bestfriend?" then kaoru suddenly think seriously "hmmnn, I didn't remember that, but I only remember is that my stomach

needs to be full, I'll answer that after I finish eating" hannon then laugh and say "your really is kaoru".

Afternoon came and the hallway was now full of students that keeps the way very noisy and while hannon is walking straight,

he again heard a voice that shout his name "HANNON, WAIT FOR ME, uhmmnn, hannon I already remember how we got this

friedship!" hannon answered with questioning face and voice "how?" and kaoru eagerly answered "since birth!!" then

hannon's face was filled with morning smile even if it is afternoon "ehehehe, kaoru let's go I know that your already hungry, I

treat you for now, just for now"

hope you like my story...but i'm sure that my intro is quite boring...but don't worry...i know that the next chapter especially

chapter 3 and up is very good story...promise...