Episode 4

Episode 4

I Love You

The sun keeps the room bright and that makes hannon wake up, the morning is a bit unusual because the breakfast was prepared for a three person "uhmn, dad, how's work? I'm happy that you two have a little time for me" the dinning room is so quiet and huge "well, my works is fine but I'm bit tired so we decided to have a three hours leave" the maid refilled the glass with a lemon juice "hannon, I heard the news that kaoru has a girlfriend, I'm quite not sure about that" hannon drop his fork and say "huh?! I didn't know that, kaoru never tell that thing to me, how are you sure mom?" the maid pick up the fork and replace it with a new fork "well it just what I heard" then hannon leave after finish eating.

In front of the school gate a usual scene meets hannon "HANNON, OHAYOU GOZAIMASU, you're really mean, you know if you have plan on your own, invite me ok?!" then hannon and kaoru make their way to there classroom, while in the middle of the hallway "kaoru, I heard that you have a girlfriend? Is that true?" kaoru stop and happily answer "yes, I have, she is my first and present girlfriend, I'm really happy that I knew her, she's so cute" hannon was amaze "EeHh, really?!, well when I heard that I actually didn't believe and right now, I'm still can't believe" kaoru childishly answer "you don't believe because I'm childish right?!, she also say that to me everytime that we met" then they continue walking but hannon still can't believe.

The class was started already and as usual the bell rang for lunch break but a group of girls rush towards their classroom, they all have gloomy face and some are very sad "kaoru-sama, is the rumors true? Do you really have…have…have….have a girlfriend?" then kaoru happily answer "yes, and I can proudly say that she's so cute" the room filled with sorrow and pain and suddenly one of them shout "yes, kaoru-sama has one, but hannon-sama is still single" now the room was filled with happiness.

While the noise and trouble continues, kaoru and hannon already left the room and makes their way to the cafeteria "hannon, do you want to know her? I guess you need to meet her" but hannon still can't believe "since you suggest that, I think my doubt will fill that out" then kaoru smile silly and act unnatural "she has no class today, she decided to visit me here in the school, and she will be meeting you too, ehehehe".

After finishing eating their lunch the cellphone of kaoru rings "hello, Naomi, uhmn ok, in front of the gate? Ok I'll be there" kaoru then left hannon to go to the gate "hannon, let's meet in the classroom, she's already here, I'll introduce you to her once we meet ok, just wait me in the classroom" hannon then remember something and said to himself "Naomi ha?!" hannon blushed again after remembering the girl in the mall, after that hannon make his way to the classroom, but the noise and trouble are still there while most of the girls shouting "HANNON…HANNON…HANNON".

Kaoru then arrived together with the girl named Naomi "hannon, we're here, uhmn, Naomi this is hannon my bestfriend since birth and hannon this Naomi my first, present and believing to be the last, ehehehe" hannon is shock as Naomi also shock then, hannon say a word "Naomi, wow I didn't realize this" noami smile sweetly "ehehe, me too, I didn't realize that you're the bestfriend of kaoru that he always telling me" the girls in the room where staring angrily to Naomi while kaoru didn't know what's happening "hannon, Naomi, did you know each other?!, you two quite know each other very well!" hannon smile softly and look at kaoru "yes, we meet at the mall yesterday" then kaoru childishly act "EeeeHhh, so there's no need to introduce ha?! IT'S VERY MEAN, I WAITED FOR THIS DAY, BUT YOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER, VERY MEAN" noami kiss kaoru on his forehead and say "your very childish as usual" while hannon laugh very silly while the girls in the room keeps looking at noami angrily.

While the three continue there conversation kaoru then suggest something "hannon, Naomi, I'll just get some drinks, I'm a bit thirsty, just wait for me here ok" hannon look at kaoru and say "ok, but we only have half an hour before our class starts, better be here before the bell ring" Naomi smile and look around and notice that all the students especially the girls are looking at them "hmmn, kaoru, ten minutes before the time I'll go home ok" then kaoru turn his head towards to Naomi and smile "ok, if ever I will not be here when you decide to go home, hannon will guide you, ok" then kaoru went to the cafeteria to buy his drinks and the two continue their conversation.

Ten minutes before the bell ring, Naomi decided to go home while hannon guide him to the gate, after they arrived to the front of the gate "goodbye Naomi, I hope you enjoy visiting us" Naomi then smile, and in a second left, Naomi went close to hannon and hug her intimately and whisper very intimate "I really like kaoru, but after knowing you, then my heart decided, the one that I love is you, hannon, I LOVE YOU".