A oneshot till I get over the damn writers block.

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They say that when a person dies, it merely looks as though they are sleeping.

But that day at Lavi's funeral, Allen found it wasn't true in the least.

When Lavi slept, he slept on his stomach, arm curled under the pillow, a slight smile teasing the corners of his mouth, his face calm and serene. But now, in the elaborate coffin, he lay on his back, his face dead and pale, hands folded on his chest, his flaming red hair brushed neatly to either side of his face. It didn't look anything like Lavi.

Arm shaking, Allen reached forward and brushed the red locks back into their normal position, but it didn't help. It still didn't look like him. This wasn't Lavi, this was just... A corpse.

Hot tears stung Allen's face as he remembered. One moment, he and Lavi had been fighting off Akuma in the mountains, the next, Allen had woken up in hospital three days later, Komui telling him Lavi had died of a stomach wound, and handing him the redhead's favourite headband and his hammer.

'This is impossible...' Allen murmured, 'He can't just... It's...'

'Beansprout...' Allen heard Kanda's voice behind him. It lacked the usual mocking harshness.

'This isn't him.' Allen spoke aloud, his voice slightly strangled, 'It can't be. No way Lavi could be finished off like that, he wouldn't have allowed it.'

'Beansprout...' Kanda repeated. 'He's gone.'

'Nope,' Allen shook his head, 'He's not dead. It's not right for him to die, it's not... Not...'

Allen couldn't go on; the tears were coming to fast, blinding him, and it was all the boy could do to stop the sobs escaping his mouth. He leaned against Kanda, pressing his face against his shirt, feeling the cloth dampen as it soaked up the liquid in Allen's eyes. He expected Kanda to pull away, disgusted by this act of deep despair, but instead, he put his arms around Allen, embracing him gently.

No, it couldn't end like this, not after everything that had happened, when Lavi had taken him in his arms and kissed him so lovingly, their bare skin pale under the full moon. No, none of this was really happening, it all had to be a bad dream.

But deep down Allen knew it wasn't.


Far away, in a different dimension, a young Bookman sat, chained to the wall, red hair flopped pathetically in his face. He didn't know what the Noah wanted with him, only that they had made sure the exorcists wouldn't look for him.

That meant Allen wasn't waiting for him. But, even if Allen wasn't waiting for him, Lavi was going to return, even if it took a thousand years.

'I'm coming back, Allen.'


Oneshot over.

Meh, pretty crappy I know. REVEIW!