Ok, I felt so bad about the crap level of the end of this that I decided to rewrite it.

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Kanda heard a knock at his door. He growled softly, got up and opened it. Lavi stood there, grinning happily.

'Hey, didn't wake ya, did I?'

'No. What is it, Rabbit?'

'Well, me and Allen just got back and... Can I come in?'

Kanda hesitated, then nodded and moved away from the door. The samurai went back in and sat on his bed, and looked at Lavi expectantly. The redhead pulled up the chair from under his desk, sat in front of the taller man and looked around.

'You know, Yu, a bit of decoration in here wouldn't kill ya. I feel like I just walked into a cave with a bed in it.'

'Shut up, and don't call me that. Wasn't there something you wanted to talk about?'

'Right...' The bookman nodded and smiled, 'Um... Just wanted to thank you... For bringing me back to life and stuff. And also... Ah, how to put it... Thanks for letting Allen go. I know you loved him too and it must have been hard on you.'

Kanda blinked, then regained his composure and made an annoyed sound.

'Stupid rabbit, I didn't let him go, he was the one who ended it.'

'Yeah, but he told me throughout your relationship you kept giving him openings to leave, cos you knew he still loved me. You didn't actually say "Leave", but you still cared about his feelings, and you didn't try to guilt trip him into staying. You're a really god person, Yu.'

Kanda glared. Lavi chuckled and stood up, and went to the door. As he turned the knob and pulled it open, he paused, and turned to the samurai, grinning brightly.

'You know what, Yu? I bet you'll find someone real soon who you'll love with all your heart, and who will love you right back. You really deserve to be happy.'

'You're being oddly emotional tonight Rabbit, I think you should see the nurse... Or maybe your stupid-disease has gotten worse.'

'Hm...' Lavi smiled before leaving. Kanda stared at the door for a second, and then sighed. He'd be lying if he'd said he didn't feel a little warm inside.


Lavi went into his bedroom and smiled as he saw the familiar lump beneath his covers. As he walked in and kicked his boots off, Allen stirred.

'Hmmm... Where'd you go?'

'Just had to thank Kanda for bringing me back and stuff. Sleepy?'

'Yeah... Riding on a train all day is exhausting for some reason...'

Lavi grinned, and went over to the wardrobe to change. He started stripping off, and heard the sheets on the bed ruffle as Allen moved.

'Why Allen,' Lavi looked around in mock hurt to see the boy sitting up and watching him, 'I had no idea you were such a pervert!'

'So?' Allen blushed and raised his eyebrow, 'You used to watch me undress all the time!'

'Yeah, I did...' Lavi buttoned up his pyjama shirt and reached for his pants, 'But you expect that from me. You, on the other hand, are innocent and cute.'

He switched out the light on the wall, came over and patted the exorcist on the head. He pouted, lay back down and rolled onto his side, settling back under the covers. Lavi snuggled up against his back and wrapped his arm around the shorter's waist. He felt Allen grasp his hand and hold it up near his heart. Lavi smiled and buried his face in the boy's hair.

'You smell good... Can I eat you?'

'No, I'll give you indigestion. Besides, I'm pretty sure cannibalism is illegal.'


Allen laughed softly and rolled his silvery eyes before letting them shut.

He felt calm, and happy.

Everything was starting to feel normal again, and the silent fear that this was all a dream had disappeared when the two of them had made love in the motel room. It was wonderful, to have Lavi back, to be his again.

'Lavi... Um...'

'Yeah?' Lavi's voice sounded sleepy already.

'Nothing. Just wanted to hear your voice.'

He could practically hear the redhead smile. He felt Lavi place a kiss on his cheek.

'Goodnight Allen. Love you forever.'

'I love you forever too Lavi.'


Not as long as I would have liked it, but better then the old version, right?