So, you could call me a horrible authoress. I haven't updated my full-length story in MONTHS, and now I post a one-shot? That's just asking for it. But, I'm kind of ticked off at my chapter story—which is under the Xiaolin Showdown fandom—even though I actually do have quite a bit of the next chapter down. So, I decided to post one of my MANY random Twilight one-shots. I adore this fandom, and, unlike XS, it is quite alive. So, bon appetite! It's very short.

Definitely Not

I never thought once, that by the time this moment came around, I might, maybe, kind of actually enjoy it. It had taken months to convince me to even consider marrying Edward, and now, as the priest neared the end of his speech, I felt my heart begin to swell in alien anticipation.

I tried to convince myself that it was just the fact that Edward and I would actually make love tonight, and definitely not that he was slipping a ring onto my finger now.

I told myself that it was the fact that Edward was going to change me in less than twenty-four hours and definitely not that his lips were forming themselves around the words, 'I do.'

I firmly had myself believe that it only had to do with the fact that I was going to be spending an eternity with Edward's family, who I loved dearly, and not that I was saying 'I do' now too.

But I had to admit to myself—

Bella Cullen did sound awfully nice.