Ways to Annoy our Favourite POTC Characters

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Ok I know People have been making Fanfics like these. But this time it is different. Each chapter will be about different Characters. So Enjoy, and please Review
Ps, I DON'T HATE these characters

James Norrington

1. Tell him he looks like an ice cream

2. Tell him that Elizabeth prefers eunuchs, then ice cream idiots such as himself

Sparrow over for supper at his house

4. Ask if u can put Ice Magic (Chocolate topping for ice cream) on his wig

5. If he asks why, tell him that his wig looks plain

6. Tell him that Elizabeth used him

7. Tell him that Jack would make a good partner for him.

8. Imitate his every move

9. While he is writing letters tell him that he spelt his name wrong

10. Tell him Will Turner is a better man then he is

11. Dye his wig blue

13. If he cries, tell him that he is a mummies boy

14. Call him Norry

15. Tell him the latest wig, and then tear it up in front of him

16. Tell him Beckett has a better Wig then him

17. Tellhim he looks better with the hat on

18. If he asks why tell him that it hides the awful wig

19. Call him Scruffington.

him the navy has no use for drunks

21. Tell him his wig is infected with Nits

22. Throw his new meddle into the sea

23. If he says Jack Sparrow, correct him and yell into his ear saying "Captain"

24. If he finds a wife, tell him that she cheated on him when he was a sea

25. Tell Will to name his pet dog after James (You have to get that)

26. Tell him that Jack Davenport is much hotter then him

27. When he goes to sleep, wake him up 2minutes latter.

28. Sing a pirates life for me, while he is working

29. Tell people embarrassing stories when he was a boy

30. Tell him he still acts like a boy

31. Sit him down and tell him that his father was a pirate & and He has a brother named Jack Sparrow

32. Put itching powder in is underpants,

33. Put Honey in his bed

34. Every three minutes tell him that Elizabeth got married to a Blacksmith

35. If he asks for a toothbrush hand him a hair brush

36. If he asks why you gave him a hairbrush tell him that his teeth are too big

37. Tell him he is related to Jack Sparrow

38. Give him a compass that doesn't work(or point north)

39. Give him a pen and send him to DisneyLand

40. When he goes to bed kiss him on the forehead and say "Goodnight my baby PIRATE"


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