OK School has been so hectic I haven't updated in months. Anyway, This is Elizabeth, Flygon Pirate had requested this ages ago and I haven't done it yet so hear we go.

Also has anyone noticed that my other chapters have the 1sr word missing in each sentence 

Btw this was bloody hard.


Elizabeth Swann= Lizzie Bird

1. Sit her down and read out slash fan fictions on Will and Jack

2. Get Tia Dalma/Calypso to flirt With Will

3. When it's her Birthday send her a card and write in it and say "Your fathers Dead hahaha" (that's mean)

4. Tell her Will drunk Five bottles of rum

5. Sail her to an Island and give her a bottle of rum, see what she does with it

6. For valentines day give her a T-shirt saying "I 3 Jack"

7. Tell her Will is her brother

8. Tell her Will likes tight corsets on her

9. Tie Will to the mast and kiss him

10. Tie her to a chair and keep playing the scene were Will is killed

11. Remind her continuously that she kissed and killed Jack Sparrow, along with cheating on Will

12. Give Norry a Ring to propose to her

13. Tell her woman can't be Pirates

14. Circle around her a Sing, "HO YO HO YO, A PIRATES LIFE IS FOR PIRATES"

15. If she says stop it do, and ask…"Who taught you the song?" if she replies that it was her mother, say "well she's dead, that means its not quite accurate"Then… start singing, "HO YO HO YO A PIRATES LIFE IS FOR PIRATES

16. If she tells you to please stop singing the song say ok and start singing "Jack and Elizabeth Sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, 1st comes love then comes Marriage, then comes Monkey Jack Sitting in a longboat.

17. If she glares at you, shrug your shoulders and say "You said stop singing that song, you never said to stop singing"

18. Whip Will in front of her

19. Tell her that Jack made Will a Eunuch

20. Tell Barbossa that she didn't Kiss Jack Sparrow, but his Monkey Jack!!!

21. Lock her in the brig with Will Turner fan girls, and see what they do to her

22. Ship her to Disneyland giver her a pen leave her and see what happens next

23. Tell her Will made Love with Eva Green(that's true but it was Orlando hehehe)

24. Tell Will she kissed James Norry while they were engaged

Well that was hard. Hope you guys Enjoyed it. It wasn't the best but oh well…
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