Summary: Derek tries to deal with Casey and his unknown feelings towards her, each chapter is represented with one of the seven deadly sins.

Notes: Not beta-ed O.o expect some spelling and grammar errors

Rating: T, just to be safe, might go lower or higher.

Disclaimer: I gots nothing at all.

Normal: Present

Italic: Flashback


"You must avoid Sloth, that wicked siren."


Pulling his head out from under the pillow and throwing a quick glance at the clock on the table near his bed, Derek pulled the covers off of himself.

Satisfied with the time –not to early, but late enough – he sat up. Pulling his chest forward and moving his shoulders back, he groaned and relished in the feeling of stretching after a good nights sleep; well as good as it will ever be.

Derek looked back at the clocked that read 11:28 in light green numbers. Feeling sluggish and worn out from the night before he flopped backward onto his bed and closed his eyes once more.

"Well look who's finally up"

Derek's eyes flew open quickly and took a quick look around the room. His brow creased, obviously confused, until he relaxed and closed his eyes once more.

"God, Derek can't you get your own breakfast instead of making poor Edwin do it?"

His eye's opened again, and he sighed. Turning his head, the clock read 11:47, had that really been 20 minutes?

Sitting up, Derek rubbed at his eyes trying to clear his head. He couldn't remember why he kept thinking about yesterday morning, or why it was bothering him so much. He stood up and walked over to his desk and pushed the button to start his computer.

He started pacing around the room while waiting for his computer to load, but he quickly stopped and looked down at his feet. Derek Venturi doesn't pace, that's something Casey does when she's worried. And Derek Venturi was neither worried nor was he Casey. He looked at his feet again in disgust and walked back to his desk.

He took a seat at his chair and looked at the screen. His internet wasn't working, perfect. Easy he thought, he'd just get Cas…and for what seemed like the hundredth time, Derek groaned. Why did she have to be good at everything? And why couldn't he just figure this out?

He looked over at the screen again, "I can fix this?" but it came out more like a question. Sighing he switched off his monitor, Casey was always better at this than him, like a lot of other things…

Derek stood from his chair and went back to his bed. He just couldn't bring himself to leave, to face her. "Why?" he questioned himself.

"Why can't I just go out there?" He hit his head trying to remember something, anything that would logically explain to him why he just couldn't get up and face her. "Ahh" He quietly grunted.

He lied back down on his bed and looked at the clock once more, 12:10. "What is wrong with me?"

"Well, you kinda smell"

Derek's eye's narrowed into slits. "Thanks for that" he replied sarcastically. He rolled onto his stomach lazily.

"A shower wouldn't hurt anyone Derek"

Derek stuffed his head into his pillow and mumbled incoherently, he quickly rolled back over and sat up. "Alright, I'm leaving"

"Wearing that?"

Derek looked down at what he was wearing, flannel pajama pants, and a white t-shirt with long green sleeves. "What's wrong with this?" He questioned, but soon put his hands up to no one in particular. "Actually, you know what? I don't wanna know"

Derek stood up and walked to the door. And there he stood, just standing there, not doing anything. He rolled his eyes but couldn't find the energy to grab the handle.

"And you might want to do something about your hair"

Derek's jaw dropped slightly and he glared furiously at the door. He quickly grabbed the door handle and pulled back violently allowing the door to slam against his wall.

He stomped down the hall and angrily walked down stairs. He looked forward at the kitchen while continuing his angry walk.

Derek walked into the kitchen, but quickly froze as soon as he entered.

"Well look who's finally up" Casey closed the fridge and walked to the opposite side of the island in the middle of the kitchen.

He couldn't reply, couldn't find the energy; the strength, to respond.

"Hello? Earth to Derek" She waved her hand in front of his face, leaning forward because of the distance between them.

"Oh…H-hey" Derek shook his head and looked back at Casey who was looking back at him with a puzzled expression.

"You okay?" She asked with slight concern.

"Yah, why wouldn't I?" The question was aimed for Casey, but it didn't seem that way for Derek.

"Alright" Was all she replied with, she turned away from Derek and walked to the stove. He watched her carefully as she pulled out a pan and set it on the stove, poured a small amount of oil into the pan and turned the dial to 'high'. Derek watched at she took the egg carton –the object she must of taken out of the fridge- and opened it.

Slowly, or so it seemed to Derek, she hit the egg on one side of the pan until a small crack was heard; she grabbed the egg with two fingers from each hand and opened the egg. It fell into the pan with a small sizzle and she repeated the slow torture with another egg.

"You want some?" Casey shook him out of his trance and he looked up, embarrassed that she might have caught him staring, but she continued to face the other way, now slowly stirring the eggs.

"Umm, N-no" Derek looked down furious; he's never stumbled before, especially around his clumsy step-sister.

She didn't reply only started to hum to herself while she stirred the eggs around the pan.

"Hey bro" Derek turned to see Edwin walking into the kitchen, silently thanking him for interrupting his thoughts.

"Edwin Cereal" Derek smirked, glad to be back normal for a moment

"Der-ek can't you get your own breakfast instead of making poor Edwin do it?" Derek froze again and looked over at Casey, what is happening to him?

"Sorry" Now it was Casey's turn to freeze, she slowly turned to him with her eyes wide open.

"Did you just say sorry?" Edwin asked surprised, almost not believing what he'd heard.

Derek locked eyes with Casey and her brow creased and she turned back to her eggs. Edwin just stood there confused, until he sat down next to Derek.

"So Derek, whatcha doing today?" Edwin casually asked to remove some of the awkward tension he sensed.

"Going out" He replied with a shrug.

Casey quickly spun around, "When?" she questioned.

Derek looked at her surprised, but answered "I don't know, soon?"

She raised her eyebrows, "Like that?"

His eye's narrowed, "What do you mean like that? And if you say anything about my hair…" He trailed off.

Casey shot him a look of confusion, but that quickly went away.


'You Kinda Smell', Derek thought and rolled his eyes.

"…I need the car" she finished coolly, setting down a plate of eggs in front of Derek, while standing across from him with her own plate.

Derek looked up at her, down at the eggs, than back up at her. "Uh, Thanks"

Casey smiled and Edwin's eyes nearly fell out of they're sockets.

"Wait, why do you need my car? And who said I'm going to give it to you?" Derek asked a bit smug.

Casey rolled her eyes "Der-ek" she said lightly.

"And don't think you can bribe me with eggs" He raised an eyebrow at her and smirked.

"Look Derek I just need it, Okay?"

"Not until you tell me why…" Derek trailed off using the fork Casey provided him to dig into the eggs.

Casey leaned away from the island and started walking to the fridge; she opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice.

"'Cause Derek…" She walked over and reached for a cup from the cupboard. "I have a date"

Derek's spine froze and he stopped chewing the piece of egg he had put into his mouth. Than in a matter of ten seconds everything hit him. Why Casey was in a chipper mood, why he wasn't, why he couldn't leave his room, why nothing seemed to go right, and why he just couldn't get out of bed.

Casey had a date.

Derek walked into the kitchen, feeling good, ready for his date later that day with some hot girl he'd met at school on Friday

"Well, look who's finally up"

Derek looked up to see Casey, Lizzie and Edwin all eating breakfast

He smirked at her, "Edwin, cereal"

Edwin got up without hesitation and walked over to the cupboard to get Derek's cereal

"God, Derek can't you get your own breakfast instead of making poor Edwin do it?"

Derek shrugged, "No, not really"

Casey rolled her eyes, "Don't you have a date today?"

He looked up, "Yah? Why?" he asked.

"Well, you kinda smell" She tried adding emphasize by fanning the air in front of her. "A shower wouldn't hurt anyone Derek"

Derek now rolled his eyes at her "I'll have you know that I'm perfectly ready for our date" He quickly froze

Casey looked at him with wide eyes, and he didn't even look at Lizzie and Edwin's reaction, but their reactions were quite similar to Casey's.

Derek cleared his throat, "I mean my date"

"Wearing that?"

Derek quirked his eyebrow and looked down at himself. He was wearing loose jeans, and a simple gray polo shirt.

"And what's wrong with this?" he asked threw clenched teeth.

Casey looked at him like he should know and shrugged it off, "Nothing" She turned away from him and went to the fridge. She pulled out a carton of milk and turned back to Derek, "Oh, and can I borrow the car on Sunday?"


"Yah…" Casey replied slowly while getting a cup.


"I've got a date" She shrugged again, setting down her cup on the counter and pouring her milk.

Derek leaned across the counter toward her, "With who?" he asked.

"Noel, you remember him." She looked up from her cup and smiled and turned to put the milk back.

He didn't know what to say, so he just got up, "I uh, got to go, I-I'm gonna be late" and walked away from the kitchen, only to hear Casey call after him.

"And you might want to do something about your hair"

Derek swallowed and glared at Casey, "Noel?"

Casey nodded while swallowing her orange juice, "Yah, I thought I told you like two days ago"

"Nope" he replied with a set jaw, "Never mentioned it"

"Oh," Casey looked puzzled again and looked back at Derek, who was still looking at her with a glare. "Well, can I have it?"

Not able to reply with one of his usual Derek comment and not knowing what else to do, he got up walked out of the kitchen –leaving a very confused Casey behind- and went to the coat hanger near the door. He put his hand in his jacket and pulled out the keys.

Derek walked back to the kitchen and set them in front of Casey without a single word.

Casey looked up at Derek, down at the keys, than back up at Derek.

"Th-thanks" she stammered, not thinking he would actually give her the keys.

She took her plate and cup to the sink, rinsed them both off and placed them in. She walked back to the island and picked up the keys, looking at Derek with an emotion he couldn't determine and walked away.

It was a matter of five minutes before Edwin decided to speak, not liking the silence, "So Derek…"

Derek looked at Edwin and got up, "I'm going back to bed…"

"Really? Come on Derek, even you can't be that lazy"


Edwin looked up at Derek, "Yah?"


Edwin shrugged while Derek walked off, "Suit yourself, but you know what they say; the early bird gets the worm"

Derek froze on the first step on the stairs, leaned away from the stairs and looked back into the kitchen.


Edwin didn't turn around, "Yah?" he replied, obviously bored of this conversation.

"I'm gonna give you ten seconds"

He turned around and saw Derek in the living room, "For what?"

"To run…before I kill you"

Edwin's eyes widened.

"Ten, Nine…Four, "



Edwin jumped out of his seat and ran out the back door.

Derek glared and stomped his way back upstairs, back to his bed, away from Casey.

A/n: Well I'm planning on using all the seven deadly sins, and I'm not sure if someone else already used this idea in a story, so if this is familiar just send me a message and I'd gladly take my story down (:

I thought Sloth would be the hardest to write, and this isn't focused on the deadly sins themselves, but what they represent in how Derek deals with Casey.

Sloth: one of the seven deadly sins; is a spiritual and/or actual apathy or laziness or not doing anything at all.

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