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Alexandra Cabot walked into the doors of the 16th precinct, shoulders back and head held high. She was the picture of pure confidence. Today was her first day as the Assistant District Attorney for the Special Victims Unit. She had met with Captain Donald Cragen the day before and from what he had told her she knew that she would have to be on her game to deal with the passionate detectives of the squad.

She saw four detectives diligently working on paperwork. She strode into the Captain's office to let him know that she was there. "Good morning, Captain," she greeted him. "I just thought I would come by and introduce myself to the detectives of the squad." She stood in the middle of his office, brief case in hand, waiting for him to speak.

Don sighed as he stood up. He could always spot the ambitious ones and Alexandra Cabot was definitely in that category. He knew that she knew very little about the exact crimes the Special Victims Unit investigated. Of course she knew they were sex crimes. There were very few people who knew the exactly how heinous those crimes actually were. He only hoped this assignment didn't break her.

"Morning, Counselor. If you follow me I can introduce you to the four main detectives." He walked out of his office, Alex as a tale. "Listen up people," he called to the room. All four figures at the desks snapped their attention towards the captain's voice. "This is Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. She is now the permanent ADA for this unit. Anything you need for a case, you see her." He saw them all nod. They stood, at the same time, like it had been rehearsed. Alex inwardly smiled and could only guess how close this squad actually was.

When the four detectives came to a stop, Captain Cragen made the introductions. "Ms. Cabot, this is Elliot Stable, Olivia Benson, John Munch, and Odafin Tutuola. I'll leave you all to get acquainted." With that he retreated back into his office.

Alex was the first to break the silence. She was good at reading people and wanted to try and understand something about their character and what dynamic they brought to the group. She addressed Detective Tutuola first. "Odafin?"

"It's Yoruba," he explained. "People just call me Fin though."

Alex nodded. From the way he looked at her, as though he were sizing her up, told her brought street smarts to the group. She moved her attention to the man standing next to him. "Munch, correct?"

"You can call me whatever you want Ms. Cabot," he smiled. Alex decided he thought he was some kind of ladies man. Before she could come to any other decisions he continued. "Tell me, who do you think was behind the Kennedy assassination?"

Before Alex could respond, there was the sound of a cell phone going off. She watched as the man who had been introduced as Elliot stepped away and answered his. After a few minutes he hung up and rejoined the group. "Liv that was Kathy. Lizzie got sick at school and she can't get away from the hospital."

Before he could continue Olivia had already started to talk. "Go take care of your daughter. I'll let Cragen know," she smiled at him.

Alex came to the conclusion he was the family man. Now all she had to do was figure out the only female member of the squad. She looked at her trying to get a read. She noticed Olivia was looking back at her. "Before you even think to answer Munch's question, you should know he is a bit of a conspiracy theorist."

Alex smiled her thanks at the warning. She watched as Detective Munch huffed and stalked back to his seat. Fin smirked and returned to his as well. She shook Olivia's hand and made a general announcement to those still in the squad room. "Well, it was meeting all of you, but I'm afraid I have some work to do and I'm sure you would like to get on with yours also."

Olivia smiled in understanding and returned to her desk. Alex noticed it was a guarded smile, like she was trying to keep everyone out. As she walked back to her office, she decided she would have to try and find out some more information about the mysterious Detective Benson. She was having lunch with a couple of friends who had been with the DA's office longer than she had. Maybe they would know more.

At lunch time, Alex found herself in a small diner a few blocks from the courthouse. She was sitting with her long time friends Abbie Carmichael and Serena Southerlyn.

"How did the meeting with the Special Victims Unit go this morning, Alex?" Abbie asked. She had worked with the unit on occasion so she would be able to help Alex get a read on the detectives during her early days.

"I didn't get a chance to really talk to them aside from the introductions, but I was able to work out a few things," Alex explained.

"Like what?" Serena asked. She had never worked with the Special Victims Unit personally, but she had heard enough to know they were dedicated to their work and were at times very intense.

"Well, Fin is definitely the one who brings a certain level of street smarts to the group," she explained. She noticed Abbie nodding her head in agreement.

"Fin used to work in narcotics," she told the other ADA's. Tutuola worked undercover regularly. He would often spend weeks or even months at a time in various alternate identities. He left Narcotics and transferred to SVU when his partner took a bullet that was meant for him."

Alex made sure to keep that in mind. It would probably help her understand him at a later date. "The first thing Detective Munch tried to do was hit on me. Then he turns right around and asks me my views on the Kennedy assassination. It was almost insane."

"I have heard about Munch," Serena said. "Apparently he believes that President Johnson hired a mafia hit man. John is convinced the only way Johnson would have become president was to take over the position from the vice presidential position."

"Not only that, but he also seems to think a second hit man was hired to take out Lee Harvey Oswald," Abbie added.

"I have a feeling I am going to stay on my toes around that one," Alex said.

All Abbie could do was nod. "What about Stabler?"

"No doubt about it. He is the family man. His daughter got sick today and he didn't even think about it. He went to pick her up."

"He and his wife have been together forever. They have four kids. I've seen him in action. He is an amazing dad," Abbie told her. "But that doesn't mean he can't get a little carried away on the job. He is one of the more passionate Detectives of the group."

"What about the delectable Detective Benson?" Serena asked. There was a little twinkle in her eye that did not go unnoticed by either of the women sitting at the table.

Alex laughed softly. "Really, Serena, if you want to stay in the closet around the office, you could try and be a little less obvious about who you are attracted to."

"What?" Serena asked. "You cannot tell me that you don't think she's hot?"

"Yeah, Cabot. We both know you prefer the softer side of Sears."

"Besides, the woman is married to her job. Either that or she just doesn't date," Serena said.

"Why do I get the feeling someone has been scorned by the beautiful brunette?" Alex asked.

"I wouldn't say scorned," Serena said. "I only asked her out for coffee." To anyone else, they would think that it really was no big deal. To the two women she was dining with, it was obvious Serena had been hurt by the rejection. If only just a little.

"So you do think she's attractive," Abbie asked.

"Please," Alex scoffed. "You'd have to be blind and deaf to not be attracted to the woman. Her voice alone is enough of a melody to sooth anyone's ears. Besides, I couldn't really get a read on her. I actually wanted to ask you two about her. See what you knew."

They both turned to Abbie. "I don't really know that much about Olivia," Abbie shrugged. "There were a few occasions we would work late going over case files, but all we would ever talk about was work. She doesn't really open up to a lot of people."

"Oh," Alex sighed. The disappointment was clear on her face.

"Me thinks Alex has a crush, Abbie," Serena smiled.

"What are you talking about, Serena? Of course I don't," Alex said. Although she wasn't so sure. There was something very intriguing about the detective.

"What's wrong Cabot? Scared she'll turn you down?" Serena challenged.

"You and I both know, Southerlyn, if I really tried I could get Olivia to go out with me."

"Oh I think we could make it a little more interesting than just a date," Serena said.

"What are you talking about?" Alex asked suspiciously.

"I believe, ADA Southerlyn would like to make a wager," Abbie added warily. She didn't like where this was going. Serena was competitive, especially with Alex. She also didn't like to be turned down. This did not make for a great outcome.

"That's right," Serena smiled. "The objective is to see who will be the first one to get Olivia. Not just to go on a date, but in bed."

"I'm not so sure about this Serena," Alex stated. It was wrong to use people for your own enjoyment. She had just met Olivia and she seemed like to nice of a person to do something like this too. That and they worked together. This could make the office potentially awkward.

"What's the matter, Lex, scared you'll lose?" Serena grinned.

Alex narrowed her eyes. "You know that I win our bets more often than not," Alex said. "I just don't think it would be such a great idea to do this to someone I'll have to work with everyday. Besides, she might not even be gay."

"She is," Abbie chimed in. She watched as two shocked sets of blue eyes met hers.

"How would you know?" Alex asked.

"What can I say," Abbie shrugged. "There was one case that hit both of us hard. It was late. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed. We never talked about it again, but Olivia did seem apologetic afterwards. Not that we slept together, more so the fact she thought she had used me or taken some kind of advantage of me. I could never work out the exact reasoning behind it, though.

"Well?" Serena asked.

"Well what?" Abbie smirked, knowing full well what Serena wanted to know.

"How was it?"

"She is definitely gay," was the only response Abbie would give, but the look in her eyes told her tow friends all she needed to know.

Turning back to Alex, the grin was back on her face. "Now that we have that clear up, what do you say, Alex?"

Alex sighed, knowing it would be impossible to get out of this with any sort of dignity, whether she agreed to the wager or not. "Fine, you've got a deal."

"Excellent," Serena exclaimed. "We will decide on the terms later. Now I do believe it is high time we got back to the office."

Abbie and Alex agreed. As Alex was walking out, she started to wonder if agreeing to the bet was the best thing. Either way it was too late now. Now all she could do was pray and hope for the best.