Worth Having
An Avatar the Last Airbender one-shot
Zuko and Aang
Author's note: Reference to "The Firebending Masters"; takes place after that. Zuko's line was inspired by an episode of "Scrubs". I embrace Zuko and his douchebaggery.

I watched as Aang jabbed, flipped and then extended his left fist in front of him. A stream of fire should've flamed out but instead, all I saw was a little string, like a firefly flapping out of his knuckle.

I stood still, my arms crossed, staring at the utter failure. "Uh... what was that?"

The kid frowned and then repeated his jab movement. His frown deepened.

"I've seen better from you," I scolded him.

"I know."

"So why does it look like you're getting worse?" I asked.

"I know."

"You were okay after we met the sun warriors? Why--?"

A gush of air burst through our training space. Aang let out a sound of frustration and turned around, pacing towards a flat rock out to the cliff side.

Okay, so maybe I spoke too much... He rubbed his bald head and then looked down the cliff, where the rest of the gang was playing in the water. There was enough space to sit next to him; I took the liberty to do so.

He looked.. frustrated, to say the least. He looked so glum as he rested his chin on his palm, elbow to his knee.

I couldn't help but feel guilty about what I said. I mean, I knew I had to be tough but was I too tough?

No way, there's got to be something else. "You... Hey, you want to talk about it?"

He sighed. "This just feels strange. I didn't want to firebend at first because I didn't want to hurt the people I care about..." he gestured his hand to the right.

I looked to the right and saw the Watertribe girl washing the laundry.

"But not only that," he continued. "With all this training, it's like, the days are counting down when I know I have to face the Fire Lord. And it scares me."

Oh, I see... it's because he isn't confident in himself. Okay, this is the perfect time... What did Uncle say when I needed a confidence boost?


Man, I can't remember.

But I'm sure I could tell him something like Uncle. "Fear is like... an itch." Don't mess this up, Zuko! "And it's always gonna be there, unless you deal with it." Bring it home, man! "So, you got to scratch your fears away until it's all gone!"

Hm... that didn't seem to work like how I wanted to, based on Aang's expression. His eyebrows were raised up towards his arrow. "Um..." he blinked towards me. "That... doesn't make... any sense..."

Darnit, it sounded so good in my head!

"Thanks, Zuko but... ergh, I don't know," Aang growled in frustration. "It's just... I just want peace in the world, okay? But this final battle is coming... there's just got to be an easier way."

I don't know what came over me but something struck me, something he said. "Peace is the best thing for this world, but there's a price, I think. You guys have been fighting for so long because you guys wanted to have peace, too. But fighting isn't easy," I told him, "Nothing in this world worth having comes easy."

Aang sat up straight, his eyes wide as saucers. And then, he nodded, "You're right, Zuko."

I... I think... I think I just said something that made sense. I could feel a smile erupting on my face.

"Thanks, Sifu-Hotman!" And Aang hopped off, gliding away from the cliff side and headed towards the center of the training ground. His feet touched the ground and he began to perform his hotsquats. And then, he jumped, corkscrewed in the air and threw a thick fireball towards the rock wall. "Alright!" he exclaimed in triumph.