What's this

What's this? A hardcore yaoi? From ME?!

So, in this world, it's a little different. Kevin is totally uke, the Blitzkrieg Boys know the White Tigers a little better, Lee is abusive to Kevin, Mariah is completely self-absorbed, and Gary is scary and mean. The one refuge is Rei, who is relatively the same, and happens to be dating Kai. Will Kevin be able to escape the hell that the White Tiger team has become, or will he be kept in it by his sadistic captain?

Kai/Rei, Tala/Kevin. I know it's a strange pairing, okay? But I think it's hot. So leave me be.

Warnings: Yaoi. Sex-filled yaoi. Some language, though it's not that bad. Just the sex stuff, I guess. Don't read if you're not interested in Guy/Guy relationships. OOC. That's it.


Tala stretched his arms high above his head, bumming through the turn style and wandering toward the escalator. Stepping on, he looked downward into the huge tunnel that descended into the subway system, noting how empty it was. A business man, a woman with a baby, and a surprising lack of human life filled the tunnels as Tala stormed down the remaining part of the escalator, growling at its slowness. Stepping of and widening his step, he swept across the cement platform and stopped quite suddenly at the end, hands shoved into his pockets. He knew he looked odd when he walked like that, his pace so face and his gait so long. Not to mention that he came to a halt as quickly as he had started walking. But it kept people away, and in the subway stations in the outer limits of Chicago, that was important. Not to mention it was well passed ten at night. He didn't want to get involved with druggies, whether he looked like one or not.

The distant whir of the train grew louder as it approached, its roar filling the tunnel. Suddenly, white light spilled out of the black tunnel it was coming from and in the next instant, the blur of train cars was flying passed Tala so quickly that the few loose strands of red hair fluttered around his face. Only four inches from his nose, the train slowed to a screeching stop and Tala found to his relief that the car that stopped directly in front of him was practically empty. Only two shapes of people inside its belly. He smiled, waited for the doors to hiss open, and then stepped inside silently.

Moving like the very shadow his figure produced, Tala slumped into the closest seat to the door he could find. It was hard, and uncomfortable; made of orange faded plastic, to match the other ones. How gross. Instinctively, Tala's eyes wandered down the car, taking in the details that only closer inspection could provide. There was gum sticking to various surfaces, the carpet was faded and stained, and the walls were covered in graffiti. A man, clad in a long gray jacket and a black baseball cap pulled over his eyes, sat with his face downturned, hands in his pockets. He was wearing a stained green hoodie beneath the coat, and town blue jeans. Big black boots wrapped around his huge feet. Even at the distance Tala was at, he could still smell the wretched stench of stall cigarettes and bear that wafted off the man.

Tala sighed, rolling his eyes once before letting them drift to the next figure. This one was far smaller, little feet hardly brushing the carpet below. He was gripping the sides of the seat in what was either tension or utter fear. He was wearing a pair of simple soot-gray cargo jeans, and a faded orange jacket with green piping. Compared to the seat color, this was a decent shade of an otherwise obnoxious color. Tala was one to know; his hair was red enough for him to consider himself a fair judge of the color orange. But the fact that this figure was so small wasn't the only thing that struck Tala as odd. It was the hair; green, soft, shinning dully in the light the subway car provided, and it seemed to sweep unceremoniously across the side of his face. He was Chinese, with violet eyes, and Tala knew his name.

Kevin Ki, of the White Tiger team. What, in god's name, (of all people Tala should think of at that time,) was that little creature doing on a Chicago subway at eleven thirty at night? Alone, for that matter. Tala rolled his eyes for the second time and settled into the boring task of watching a small beetle make a migration across the carpet in the center of the car. Slowly, as the subway picked up speed, he began to think about the young neko-jin on the other side of the car. Not that he wanted too; oh no, Tala very much didn't want to care about someone else, especially someone who had no impact whatsoever on his life. But finding that he had nothing better to do, he let his mind wander on a short leash.

What was he doing here? Yes, there was a tournament going on, so that was why his team was here. That was why Tala's team was there, after all. But why was someone so young and obviously defenseless completely alone on a subway at this time of night? He would get mugged or raped or something, wouldn't he?


The subway car made an unnatural jerk, shaking somewhat before continuing on. Tala blinked, recognizing that that was not a normal function for a subway train, and just as he was beginning to excuse it as crappily-laid tracks, the train began to slow down. Screeching followed. Tala looked up, swearing to himself and straining to see out the window of the train into the blackness of the tunnel. Yes, the walls outside were passing by at a slower and slower rate. He swore louder. Suddenly, the train screeched to a halt, throwing Tala into the seat next to him, the cloaked man into a poll, and Kevin into the wall at the end of the car. They all let out some form of shocked noise before there was silence, and just as Tala was about to say something, the lights flickered out.

"Aw, fuck me." Tala growled, eyes pitifully adjusting to the light. There was a shuffling noise at the far end of the train before a bluish-white light illuminated Kevin's face. The younger boy was looking worriedly at the face of his cell phone screen, probably finding that he had no reception. The worry that already resided on his face doubled. Beside his face, everything else in the car was black. No one moved, no one made noise. Tala got the feeling that he was suddenly forgotten, too far away from the other two people to even be reached by the light of the cell phone. Several minutes of awkward tension passed before an automated voice filled the car.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience, but there has been a technical malfunction with the train, and we are afraid it will take a while for repair services to reach us. Please remain calm."

Again, Tala swore, this time below his breath. From across the train, a low grunt. The man had made a noise, and Kevin's phone was still lighting up the very corner of the train. Tala gazed toward it, facial features softening at the hypnotizing glow. Time passed. Kevin's eyes eventually drifted closed, and he drew his feet up onto the seat before him so that his knees were level with his chin. He leaned against the wall, hugging the cell phone to his chest, and drew a deep breath. Tala thought for a second that he should move closer, but decided against it. Kevin obviously didn't know Tala was on the train, or he would have said something.

He was cute like that, though…

Tala blinked. Sleep was catching up with him, and he was beginning to hallucinate. But, the longer they sat there in silence, the sleepier he grew. Eventually, Tala closed his own eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, listening. Just listening. For anything, everything, something that might catch his interest.

And it came. After only five minutes of this listening practice, something across the car shuffled. Tala's eyes snapped open. The man with the hat stood awkwardly and lumbered toward Kevin, who jerked from his sleep and looked around groggily, spotted the man, and froze stiff.

In the dim light of the cell phone, something flashed beside the man, and Tala recognized it; a blade of a knife. He froze too, eyes straining to see.

"He sweetie. How about a little kiss, eh?" The man slurred, his voice rough and uneven; he was drunk. Kevin shifted, pulling away only to find that he was just pressing himself into the corner more. He was speechless, completely horrified.

"Come on now, don't be a prude. Old B-" – The man paused to hiccup – "Old Ben just wants a little fun, that's all. Come here, baby…"

Kevin's logic caught up with him then. He pushed up, cell phone clattering to the ground, and tried to dart around the man, but he was too slow. In a twist of sudden motion, the man snatched hold of Kevin's arm and pulled him back around, shoving him onto the benches. In a flash, Tala was on his feet.

"Come on now, babe, let Old Ben show you a good time…"

Tala swept across the car, glare heating up on his face.

"I'll make you scream my name…" Old Ben said lustily, leaning down onto Kevin who was now struggling helplessly beneath him. The second the man's tongue hit Kevin's cheek, however, Tala reached the pair and grabbed hold of the man's jacket with both hands, pulling him up. The man cried out, startled, and before he could regain composer, Tala's fist went smashing into his face, sending the large man to the floor. The second the man hit it, he didn't move. Tala watched him until Kevin's breathing seemed to calm down, and slowly, Tala turned around.

Petrified and shaking, Kevin had once again backed into the corner. His eyes were wide and his face was pale in the faded white light of the cell phone on the floor. Slowly, his eyes narrowed.


"Little green haired kid." Tala replied politely, nodding as if it were Kevin's name. The neko-jin looked from Tala to the man to Tala to his phone.


"What are you doing here alone?"

Kevin looked up, startled. Tala did not repeat the question, only stared at Kevin in patient waiting.

"U-um… Well, L-Lee was being… I mean… H-he and I got into a f-fight and I stormed off…" Suddenly, guilt and embarrassment flushed the younger boys face. Kevin pulled his knees back up and hugged his legs. He sighed. "This is my fault."

"Yes." Tala said simply, sighing and sitting down beside the youth. "It is."

Kevin looked away, remaining silent. He didn't seem to care why Tala was there. After a pause, Tala leaned forward and scooped up Kevin's cell phone before leaning back. He looked at the screen and saw that the background was a picture of Mariah and Kevin laughing and sharing some sort of drink. He rolled his eyes. People who were happy always pissed him off. But, looking at the small figure next to him, Kevin didn't appear happy at all. He was still shaking, and he refused to show his face to Tala.

The red-head raised and eyebrow, lowering the cell phone onto the seat beside him. He turned toward the younger, who continued to ignore him. Silently, and without thinking about it at all, Tala reached over and hooked his index finger around Kevin's chin, lifting the neko-jin's face around to look at him. Kevin blinked, startled, and blushed deeply. Tala smiled.

"You're cute."

A pause. "You're scary."

Tala blinked. "I saved you from being raped."

"But you don't go calling someone they're cute right after that."

"I do."

"Okay, fine." Kevin said, averting his eyes in nervousness. "You're weird."

Tala smirked. "But am I hot?"

Kevin looked back at him suddenly, eyes wide. "What?"

Tala sighed for what must have been the umpteenth time that night. "Am I hot?" He repeated, a bit annoyed. Kevin swallowed, looked down at his feet, then back up at Tala. He blinked, eyes glistening in the dim light.


Tala smiled. "Okay. So I'm hot, and you're cute. What should two attractive people do when they're stuck in a train car together?"

Kevin blinked again, completely shocked and confused. Tala sighed.

"Are you a virgin or something?"

Such a simple question to Tala, and yet, Kevin's face sank into a deep rosy color and his eyes seemed to be unable to look at Tala's face, like they were magnets of the same charge. Tala blinked.


Awkwardly, Kevin nodded. A pause, before a devilish smirk spread Tala's lips.

"Are you attracted to guys?"

Another awkward moment passed. Kevin shrugged half-heartedly. "I don't know…"

The smirk grew. Tala leaned toward the younger. "Well how about we find out?"

Kevin blinked, looking toward Tala only to find himself caught in a kiss. Only lips, but before he could pull away Tala leaned in and pushed his tongue against Kevin's lips, asking for entrance. Kevin squirmed, and not knowing any better, parted his lips. In an instant, Tala was kissing Kevin deeply and passionately, pressing the younger against the wall of the car. Kevin moaned a little, but didn't fight. Tala recognized that he had no idea what to do, and felt his heart flutter.

If Kevin wasn't saying no, then he would go along with it. And since he didn't know what to do, he would follow Tala. That meant one glorious thing; Tala had complete control.


Kevin shifted, moving around so that he was facing tall on the row of seats, his back pressed against the wall. He brought both legs up onto the seat and blinked at Tala slide between them instantly, moving in and scooping Kevin onto his lap facing him. The neko-jin unconsciously wrapped his arms around Tala's shoulder, and the two kissed deeply until they needed to breathe.

"Um… Tal-"

The Russian silenced the concern with a kiss before it could even leave Kevin's mouth. Pushing into the younger, Tala slowly unzipped Kevin's jacket and pushed a hand up under the younger's shirt, finding a nipple and rubbing it with two fingers. Kevin shifted suddenly, eyes closing tightly. His face heated up, and his legs began to feel like water. Tala kissed him deeper, running his second hand up under the shirt and massaging the other nipple, and Kevin found his fingers wrapping around Talas shoulders tightly. He took a deep breath before Tala's tongue engulfed his own, and the two swallowed the mixture of their saliva. Slowly, Tala pulled off Kevin's jacket with a free hand and lifted up the shirt, pulling it off after quickly separating his lips from the younger's. Kevin shivered in the cold, and Tala smiled before kissing him again. With his own hands, Tala shed his coat and unbuttoned his white shirt slowly, letting it slide off his muscular arms as he leaned in to continue the kiss.

Kevin's fingers wandered up to play with Tala's hair. Tala shed the last of his upper clothing and pressed his bare chest against Kevin's, reaching down to unzip Kevin's pants. At this point, the neko-jin was frowning in confusion and embarrassment, and Tala couldn't help but smile devilishly. He broke the kiss and they both leaned their heads forward, resting their foreheads against each other. Both panting, Tala began to talk.

"This is where it get's really good."

Kevin tightened his eyes closed. "I don't know… we're both guys, isn't that…"

"You weren't complaining a minute ago." Tala said, unbuttoning Kevin's pants. He slowly began to unzip the zipper.

"Yeah, but… I don't know what to…"

Tala smiled, heart racing. A virgin, my god, yes! He thought excitedly. He'll be so tight, this will be great!

"Then let me do everything." He breathed, pulling Kevin's pants down and around to his ankles skillfully. He unzipped his own pants and with them gone, they shed the last remaining thing; boxers. Kevin's face was bright red, and he looked like a collage of embarrassment, fear, confusion, and lust. Tala pushed him against the wall and smiled, closing his eyes. They were both already a little hard. Without a single word, Tala reached out, grasped Kevin, and opened his eyes, watching the younger's face go from shocked to embarrassed to longing. He smiled.

"I don't you this is where it gets fun." He mumbled, slowing beginning to rub his fingers along Kevin's member, back and forth. He nipped at Kevin's neck, listening to the younger start to moan louder and louder as Tala worked faster, groping and squeezing. Only a few moments passed before Kevin was erect in his hand, the youth panting and gripping Tala's shoulders.

"My turn." Tala whispered. Kevin shifted.

"N-no… please, d-don't st-stop…" He gasped, digging his nails into Tala's shoulders. The Russian smiled knowingly.

"I'll finish you in you blow me."

Despite the lust, Kevin seemed confused. "W-wha… What?"

"Blow me. Suck my cock."

"… Wha…"

"You'll see." Tala said with a smile, licking Kevin's neck before he began to jerk his hand up and down, Kevin quickly reaching his peak and groaning as he came. Tala's smile sank in, obtaining a seemingly permanent position on his face. Kevin panted, relaxing someone. In his fatigue, Tala wrapped his arms around the younger's waist and turned so that he was leaning against the wall and Kevin was facing it. His eye twitched somewhat as Kevin's eyes opened.

"Now blow me."

A blink. "Huh?"

"Like I said; suck my cock."

Kevin blinked again, nervous once more. "But I-I don't-"

"It's easy; just move down, put your mouth around it, and suck."

Kevin began to shiver again, nervous and scared and unsure of whether or not he wanted to do it. Tala narrowed his eyes slightly, reached up, and placed his hands on Kevin's shoulders. Gently, he began to push him downward, and Kevin didn't fight it.

"Just until I'm hard enough. Don't worry, I'm already half-way there." He mumbled as Kevin reached low enough. The neko-jin closed his eyes tightly and hesitated before Tala stroked his hair.

"Go on."

One more pause, and suddenly, Tala gasped. Kevin took his head in his mouth, careful to watch his fangs, and before Tala was even ready, he was being blown. He took a deep breath, eyes falling closed, and moaned a little. He placed his hands on the back of Kevin's head, pushing it down slowly so that Kevin would take more in, and he did. A little more, a gentle push, deeper, deeper…

Tala gasped suddenly, successful in making the younger deep-throat him. Only a minute more and he was hard, ready for what he had wanted to do since the beginning. Pulling Kevin up suddenly, Tala kissed him full in the mouth and smiled, eyes peering out over Kevin's shoulder for something to use. This was going to be fun, and he wanted it to be perfect.

"Was… W-was that…"

"Perfect. Don't worry, you did great, kid." Tala mumbled, one hand stroking Kevin's thigh. In the dim light, his eyes settled upon one of the straps that hung from a support bar. It was a strap someone might hold onto for support if there was no place to sit. He smiled, sliding Kevin off his lap, and stood.

"Come on." He said, taking Kevin's hand in his. He stepped around the unconscious form of the large man and dragged Kevin behind him, the younger stumbling and shaking. Reaching the strap, he pulled Kevin around, lifted him up under the arms, and told him to take hold of the strap with both hands. Kevin did. Smiling wider, Tala helped Kevin wrap his smooth slender legs his waist, and he held him up. He paused, feeling the younger shake.


Kevin bit his lip, gripping the strap. He knew what was coming. His face was flushed a deep red.


Tala closed his eyes. "Good."

No more pauses. No more waiting. Tala positioned himself and thrust upward into the youth, listening to Kevin's scream fill the car, feeling the younger's tightness, his youth, his warmth, everything. Tala's eyes closed tighter, and before ne knew it, he was thrusting up and down, looking for something, finding it, and hearing Kevin cry out and groan in total pleasure. He clutched Kevin's hips, pushing up and down, moving deeper and deeper inside the younger, pushing hard back and forth. Kevin kept groaning, back arched beautifully in the darkness, and as Tala reached his peak, the neko-jin let loose a howl of pleasure and pain.

"Taaalllaaaaaa!!" He screamed, throwing his head back. Only a moment later, Tala came heavily inside him, and after a few groans and deep exhales, Kevin let go of the strap and fell into Tala's arms. His own arms fell over Tala's shoulder, and together in the darkness, they panted. Finally, Tala grew tired of holding Kevin up and stepped back, falling into one of the seats. Silence ensued for a long time as Kevin curled into Tala's arms, shivering. Finally, Tala allowed himself to look down, and grinned as he spotted Kevin's faint smile.

"You cold?"

A pause, two shaking pants, and then a reply.


"Okay." Tala muttered, smiling tiredly. "I'll dress you."

"O-okay." Kevin replied without thinking, feeling Tala lean far to the left and lean back. He looked up, spotting that Tala had his clothes in his fists, and smiled weakly.

"Pants first." Tala said, shifting with Kevin so that the younger's pants went on easily. "We didn't use lube, so you'll be sore for a few days."

"Uh-huh…" Kevin breathed, eyes closed; he was exhausted. Tala smiled faintly and lifted the shirt over the younger's head, watching as the small boy lifted his arms up, allowing Tala to pull the top down over his head.

"You're cute." Tala mused. Like a kitten, he thought, though he dared not add it. Still shivering, Tala sighed and took up Kevin's jacket, draping it around his shoulder's and helping him get his arms into it. Kevin, at this point, had let his head fall against Tala's shoulder and let his eyes fall closed.

"No way, no sleeping yet. I'm still naked."

"That's okay…" Kevin mumbled sleepily, before Tala smiled and pushed him off onto the seat beside him. Kevin swore softly, sitting upright. He was groggy, and ignored Tala as he stood and moved naked back to where his clothes were on the floor. He dressed silently, scooped up Kevin's cell phone, and smiled when he realized he had forgotten the boxers. Moving back, he dropped Kevin's into the younger's lap and watched his reaction.

"Don't forget those."

"Oh yeah…"

Silence again. Both were too tired to feel awkward. Tala sat back down, and Kevin leaned against his shoulder, eyes falling closed. He was asleep in minutes. Tala looked down at the closed phone and sighed into the darkness.

Then, like someone had planned the whole event to happen, the lights flickered on, and the train creaked into movement. Tala blinked, surprised, and looked around, squinting in the light. He looked down at Kevin, still asleep by his side, and smiled. There was something about that face, something he couldn't place… something he wanted to see more of. As the train roared through the tunnels, he quickly became aware that they had been closer to the next stop then he would have guessed. As they pulled into the station, Tala tried to nudge Kevin awake, but the younger only mumbled something and ignored him.

"We're here." Tala said it was enough to get Kevin to look up, but the youth only smiled faintly. Tala rolled his eyes, scooped him up, and stood. As the doors opened, he cast only a side glance at the still unconscious thug on the floor before he stepped out into the tunnel.

No one was there. He walked along, effortlessly carrying the neko-jin, and rode the escalator patiently. At the top, he moved to a bench, set Kevin down, and flipped open his phone. He selected a number, pressed enter, and listened. A pause. A ring.


"You're still up?" Tala asked, a little surprised. Kevin shifted, snuggling into his jacket. On the other end, Lee sounded annoyed.

"Is this Tala? What do you want?"

"Um. You're little friend, Kevin?"

A sharp inhale. "Where is he? Is he alright? What did you do?!"

Tala laughed. "Wow now, calm down. He's right here, he's fine."

"What did you do?!"


"… W… What?"

Another smile. "He's perfectly fine, Yin. I just thought I'd call to let you know that he's going to stay at our flat for the night. I'll have him call in the morning."

"Wait, but what do you mean, what happ-"

Tala flipped the phone closed. From the bench, Kevin spoke sleepily.

"Thank you…" He mumbled, giving Tala a weak smile. In reply, Tala shrugged and scooped him back up.

"I'll call a cab. You sleep."

Kevin snuggled into him. "Mmkay…"


Like Tala is that nice. Only in this world, right?