Chapter 9



Deleted scene. Something that was going to be the ninth chapter but never made it.


I was really glad I lived in a house that had a decent sized bathtub.

I wish I could have a great adventure, I thought as I poked my feet up through the bubbles.

I felt like a movie star in the warm bath. I like a movie star whose only pleasure was an occasional bubble bath.

"I would to thank everyone who made this Emmy possible!" I said holding an invisible Emmy award.

" I would especially like to thank Auntie Quinn's Bubble-rific Bubble Bath Brand for giving me the most peaceful baths ever!"

I giggled as I imagined a crowd cheering for me.

"Hey, Emmy winner. Any chance we little people can get a shower before midnight?" I heard Corny call from the hallway.

I screamed and sank under the water. I was surprised the water didn't boil from the heat my cheeks were emitting. I resurfaced to say, "I'm coming!"

I pulled the drain, dried and got dressed in record time. When I opened the door he was smiling.

"Hey big star," he teased, "What picture did you win big for?"