Chapter 9

Minerva gave him a piercing look. "And why would that be?" she asked sternly.

Severus sighed. "Because I would like to give my son a Christmas present covering another week here on the beach, seeing how much he likes it here and that his condition has finally improved enough, so that he can enjoy his time here."

"Of course, Severus; that's the best you can do for Harry, and I believe that he really needs the additional time," Minerva replied gently.

"That's a very good idea, Severus," Poppy told him warmly. "Just take care of him and keep an eye on him, so that he doesn't overdo it. His condition is still not the best. I will leave you all the potions here that are left in case you need them."

Severus thanked his colleagues profoundly and headed inside to book a room for another week.

In the morning, Severus packed their luggage with a flick of his wand, causing Harry to sadly look at the sea. Seeing his son's sad face, Severus could hardly keep himself from telling Harry that they wouldn't return to Hogwarts that day, but he really wanted it to be a surprise and didn't want to give himself away too early. However, when Harry didn't eat anything at breakfast and everyone began to throw him concerned glances, Severus pulled an envelope out of his robe pocket and said, "I know that it's only Christmas Eve today, but I'd like to give you my Christmas present a bit earlier."

Harry looked at the hotel confirmation parchment in confusion. "Sorry Dad, but what does this mean?" he asked softly.

"That, my son, means that we're going to stay here for another week," Severus replied, seeing contentedly how Harry's eyes lit happily.

"Really?" he asked excitedly. 'That's too brilliant. I want to learn how to swim properly, and I'd like to play with the other kids too.'

"Do I look as if I would joke with something like that?" Severus asked back, raising an eyebrow.

"Um... no... um... Dad, can we go swimming?"

"No Harry; today we planned to spend the day at Ibiza city for some sightseeing together with the ladies, who will take the Portkey back to Hogwarts in the evening, while we're going to apparate back here."

"Oh, that sounds interesting. There was a lot in the guide book about the old town and the castle..." He interrupted himself to watch Minerva, who was transfiguring their napkins into warm jackets.

"Don't forget; it's the end of December; it will be quite cold outside of here," she said, handing each of them a warm Muggle jacket.

As soon as everyone had put their jackets on, Rolanda produced the crocodile, which once more served as a Portkey. Harry noticed soon that it was fairly cold in the town, even if it was still much warmer than it would be at Hogwarts. Fortunately, it was a bright, sunny day, and the five enjoyed their sightseeing day very much. Late in the evening, the three ladies took their Portkey back to Hogwarts, while Severus pulled Harry close and apparated with him back to their holiday resort.


Overnight, a huge Christmas tree appeared on the beach. "Dad! Look!" Harry shouted excitedly, when he looked out of the window very early in the morning.

"Well, let's get dressed then, so that we can head outside and see if there are any presents for us," Severus replied, knowing from a glance at his eager son that he wouldn't be able to get any more sleep.

"Presents?" Harry asked incredulously. "Dad, we cannot get any presents here, because nobody knows that we're here," he reasoned. "Nevertheless, I'd like to go out. The tree looks beautiful."

Unbeknownst to Harry, Minerva had sent Dobby over to Ibiza during the night, his arms full of presents labelled with the name 'Snape.' When Harry and Severus finally arrived on the beach, many people were already standing around the tree, and Harry watched how they summoned their presents from the piles of hundreds of presents that were waiting under the enormous tree. He raised his wand and cast the summoning spell, which he had never heard before, in combination with his name. However, as soon as a dozen presents hovered over to him, piling themselves neatly in front of him, he realized that with the normal 'Accio' spell, he would have been hurt by the mass of presents. To his great surprise, there were presents from all his friends, from his father, from Minerva and Poppy, and even from Dobby.

"Minerva sent Dobby over with our presents," Severus explained calmly, seeing Harry's expression of a mixture of confusion and delight. "Now let's have breakfast, and then we can go for a swim."

Harry and Severus spent the whole week lying on the beach reading the books, which they had received for Christmas, watching the huge ferries that were arriving at the near port of St. Antonio or leaving from there, swimming and playing in the water, flying and playing Quidditch, and totally enjoying their holidays. Harry also became good friends with the other children staying at the resort.

On the last day of the holidays, Severus once more packed everything and stored the shrunken luggage in his robe pockets before he went to the reception to return with an inflatable yellow sea horse. "Oh, that's too cute," Harry chuckled, musing, 'The green crocodile would have matched Dad so much more though.'

"Well, Rolanda had a crocodile because it has more feet to hold on to; for two people, a sea horse is more than enough," Severus told him dryly. "Well, shall we spend the remaining hours on the beach, Harry?"

"Of course, let's go," Harry replied, already dashing ahead.

When Severus, who followed him slowly, arrived on the beach, Harry was already playing beach ball with the other children in the shallow water, laughing and shouting as much as everyone else.

"Thanks Dad for letting us stay here another week," Harry spoke up while they were sitting on the beach once more observing the ferries. "You were right with what you said a few weeks ago. This was an absolute gorgeous week of a quality family time!"

"You're welcome, son," Severus replied, returning the smile.


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