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"... And we may never meet again

So shed your skin and let's get started

And you may throw

Your arms around me..."

They had walked there is silence, Hiashi first, Hinata and Neji behind him, holding hands. There was no turning back. There were no adequate excuses for their behaviour. In Hinatas own mind, it was slaughter-time, but she'd put up a fight if it would kill her.

Neji stared at Hiashi in front of him. What was he up to? According to the rules, if a branch-member and a main family member 'got together', he had all the rights to activate the seal. Why hadn't he? Why was he taking it to the Hyuuga-council? Perhaps there was a worse fait. Or perhaps... Neji shook his head at his thoughts. It was all so weird.

After they had walked into Hiashis office, they sat themselves on the chairs in front of his desk and waited for him to speak. But he didn't, just sent a few servants to assemble the council in the main hall. It would be a great show, no doubt. Hiashi shook his head at them, but that was all.

When the servant returned and told them that it was all set up, Hiashi walked before them into the silent room. Hinata looked around the room. Beside the regular members, Nejis mother was there, looking terrified. This made Nejis gut curl itself into a tight knot. He'd forgotten she'd be there. And yet, he was glad she was there. In a strange way, she'd be proud of him, he knew it. Just like his father.

"So, Hiashi, mind explaining the situation?" An elderly woman said, glancing at the two teenagers. Hiashi nodded once and cleared his throat.

"It is a violation against rule thirteen of the fourth scroll. Hinata and Neji." There came a gasping silence as everyone had their breath taken out of them. The elderly woman stared at him.

"Such relations between the main and the branch?! Outrageous! Your children are a disgrace!" Her face was an alarming colour of purple, as she still had not remembered to breathe.

"My son is no disgrace! How dare you?!" Nejis mother screamed into the room, causing yet another stunned silence. Hiashi cleared his throat again.

"We all know the punishment, but as you see, I have chosen not to." The council-members stared quizzically at him.

"We see that." An old man hissed. "Might you tell us what shall be done now?" He glared at the two youngsters. "Pray, you will not break the clans own laws, will you?" He asked with slight mock in his tone. Hiashi glared back at him.

"Watch your tongue." Hiashi whispered threateningly. "I know the laws. Better than you, might I add? That is why I am going to lay out a Teian, (proposition), about a complete rewrite of the fourth scroll."

The room broke out into a terrible ruckus, some people cheering, and some definitely not as positive. Hinata just stared at Neji as she heard her father speak. Had he really said that? Hinata took hold of Nejis hand again. Don't let go...

When everything had calmed down a bit, Hiashi took to order again.

"I take it the council is in disagreement with my proposition. But I tell you this, that I am putting this matter on the Fifth Level of Importance." The noise and cursing returned ten-fold, and Hinata grabbed hold of Neji with both of her hands. Fifth level meant possible death for her father, or whoever decided to stand up against him. It hadn't been used for the last three generations. She looked up at Neji who looked back before he drew her close. Her father was a strange man. She had been sure she'd had to fight him, yet here he was, helping her. Helping Them.

"You two let go of each other! Disgusting! Filthy!" It was the old man from the council again.

"Don't you call him that or I'll kill you myself!" Nejis mother screamed at him and started forming strange hand-seals that Hinata didn't recognize. But Hiashi stopped her before she could complete them all.

"Mika let me handle this." He said calmly to her. She nodded slightly, looking up at him with eyes that made Nejis insides rip.

"Neji, it will be fine." Hinata stated in the same calm way that Hiashi had just stated his mother. He looked at her again, and realized she was right. As long as he was with her, it would be. No matter what happened.

Once again, the commotion settled, and Hiashi sighed before he spoke again.

"I announce the time and place to oppose me for tomorrow. Eight am in the third training-hall. That will be all." And so, he exited the room with Neji, Hinata, and Mika.

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