"L... I... I'm not... m'not..." Too weak from starvation and pain to coax anything more from his parched throat, he dropped his head of soiled auburn locks, his thin arms straining fruitlessly against their restraints on the wall. He was preparing for the blows he was to receive as they 'interrogated' him. All they did was ask him if he was Kira, and beat the shit out of him when he denied it.

He had almost just accepted it as the way it would be until about a month ago. L had come in personally, instead of watching his sessions through a camera. And he just stood there. He had begged the man to help him. And he just stood there. It had hurt Light more than what he cared to admit, that they had fallen so... far... so far, from happiness.

And as the interrogator beat down harder he began to weep. Not because of the physical pain, no, but from a striking realisation. Was L as happy as he himself was at the time? Or... had Light been used, through sex and love and heartbreak... just for it all to have been fake? Was he a fool to love someone enough to give them his heart, in a perfect little box?

"L, did... did you... ever love me?" Only a weak, broken whisper intermingled with cries and whimpers of pain. And without hesitation he received his answer,

"No, Yagami-kun, I have never loved you."

Yes, yes, he was a fool, for his love had just thrown that pretty little box out the window and it's contents in the trash.


Poor Light-kun. He lost his little box...