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Summary: Street dogs are usually more harm than they are worth and Allen just got to learn this thing from his own mistake... The said dog repackaged his whole life by doing two "simple" things: turning to human and saying he loved him in front of his roommate.

Pairings: KandaAllen, LaviAllen

Warnings: Um... Shounen-ai? Yaoi? Whatever term you use, you see the pairings. Cursing? Whatever...

Note: Even if this is under Lavi and Allen, it doesn't mean it will be that pairing in the end. I haven't planned this that far. They will only be the "main" characters as this basically revolves around Lavi.

It was a rather normal day for Lavi. The heat of summer that warmed him, sometimes too much, and the scent of the bakery right beside him… He enjoyed the light breeze that flew around the marketplace and the alley he was lounging at. Ah, it was his heaven… Lavi rolled over happily as the back door of the bakery opened and closed, checking if anyone had thrown away something good to eat. He knew that too many sweets didn't do well, but who cared when the day was this gorgeous? He didn't and that was enough… No second options needed here!

It must be my lucky day…Lavi barked as he smelled the sugary scent of a Swiss roll. So what if he had a sweet tooth? A tongue dropping out of his mouth, he got up and jogged to the desert. His eyes closed in euphoria as he smelled the scent deep… And wolfing down the treat before anyone could say their own name. His reddish fur got slightly messy with all the whipped cream they had this time threw in, but Lavi didn't care. It was good, anyway. His intelligent green eyes were closed as his pointy teeth bit the soft dough; the Swiss roll wasn't completely done. Maybe that was why they threw it away. That, and did whipped cream actually belong to a Swiss roll? Lavi didn't know, but it was the first time he had ever eaten a Swiss roll with it.

Lavi had not always been this covetous for this kind of sugary things. It had only started a month or two ago as the bakery got a new employee to help. The owner of the bakery was a kind man to Lavi's standards. Weird, hell yeah, but kind. After all, many others would mind if he stayed in their alleys and dug their trash. But not him. The man was named something like Kom… Um, Kamen, was it? Komion? No, Komui! That was it! He and his sweet little sister, Lenalee, and their cook whose name Lavi didn't know had not chased him away even once after he decided to move there. They even threw away some food and left it in the open so he could get it easier! As he said, kind people. You probably don't understand how hard it was to open a trash bag with only teeth and paws! It was hard to be a dog sometimes.

He stretched and licked the rest of the whipped cream away and turned back to look at the square. Soon, the reason for his hunger of sweet things will come. It was already six in the evening. How Lavi knew, though he didn't understand the meaning of clock, was because the big thing near the west side of the square always chimed when the long things were on opposite direction and every place closed their doors and no one got in anymore and soon other people came out and locked the doors. Everyone expect the owners of the bakery he resided beside. They lived in there. Lavi wouldn't mind living there too; the smell of sweets was spectacular.

The dog yawned as he sat down. His ears perked up as he listened to the evening noises. There were some people walking across the marketplace, closing their stalls and shops. Jingle from here, tinkle from there. People walking in and out, they all had a signature scent on them. Some smelled like coffee… Lavi knew the drink; he had once tried it when someone had thrown it away and it was horrible... and some like old, stinking socks. There were old people, young children, women, men, all kind of people! Even a few dogs that ignored Lavi. The red-furred dog growled.

Purebreds… Lavi muttered angrily. Those kinds of dogs were the worst of them! They all were some kind of minxes and tried to act like they were better than anyone else. Spoiled mongrels! It wasn't Lavi's fault that he was a street dog! He just got lost once and no one bothered to find him after that! If it meant to live in the streets to exist, then Lavi did it! Another dog snorted at him and the green-eyed one was ready to jump and…

"I'll see you on Monday, Lenalee!" a voice carried away from the store. Lavi's eyes widened… It was him

"Alright! Is the date still on?"

"Sure!" a bell rang someone opened the door when someone yelled from behind: 'a date?! What date?! Lenalee, nooooooooo!! You haven't told anything to your brother!! Who is that octopus?!' and sudden crash, as if someone had been thrown into a wall. Lavi would have sweatdropped if he had not been so excited right now.

Ah, there he comes! The reason Lavi had a carving for sweets! The dog immediately forgot everything he had been angry about and turned to look. It was a human boy, he had no idea how old, but he looked so cute! The snow white hair that gave him a sense of a cold winter, but the kind nature of his always brought the spring right behind him. The boy had even patted him a few times when Lavi had got closer to him. He had this weird red thingy on his face, but it only made him look cuter! He had the most beautiful blue eyes Lavi had ever seen on anyone and they reflected the cloudless sky he loved a lot. As a street dog, clouds always brought trouble and rain. He didn't like the rain that much, it made him smell and then no one came close to him, not even the boy.

The smile of the boy's was also very beautiful. It gave him an air of a very gentle spirit, always willing to help and giving love to anyone who wanted it. Every time he looked at Lavi, he had that smile on his face! Nothing could take it away from him, which was something Lavi was sure. He was an angel on the earth, given to them by the God. Yes, Lavi had heard of that supernatural being some people believed in and had buildings built for him. He had actually lived in one of those buildings for a while, but left after a while when the bells hurt too much his ears. He didn't like when his ears hurt. They were sensitive.

Oh, the boy looked at him! Lavi wagged his tail, drooling at the sight as the boy smiled at him. The human got closer to him and Lavi widened his eyes in excitement. He was coming to him! He was almost beside him! Oh my god, oh my god, what was he going to do?!

"Hello, girl." He smiled and talked to him! It's sign! I'm totally in heaven! …Wait, girl? I'm a very manly dog, thank you very much! I mean, I have… Ooooh, who cares! He's scratching behind my ear! Ah… That spot again please… Lavi's eyes dropped half closed as the boy continued petting him.

"You must love being here, near the bakery. Does it smell good to you too?" Sure, but you smell much sweeter…That was actually how Lavi first noticed the human. It had been a very hot day and the dog had been deeply sleeping when something had triggered his nose. It had been a heavenly scent and had lifted him from his dreams of chasing rabbits… And there the boy had been, in front of him, looking at some stupid sign on the window of the bakery. Lavi had escaped to that alley a day earlier and would have continued his travels if the boy had not smelled so good… Lavi had watched the boy, every time he came and every time he went to his home for the past weeks or months. The heavenly sweet scent always followed him. After that, the dog had had cravings for different kind of sweets… Maybe he was trying to replace the sweet scent with other sweet things?

"I wonder why you're always here. Don't your owners worry about you?" Hah! I haven't had owners for a long time! But I wouldn't mind being yours… Lavi dropped his tongue again, some slightly perverted thoughts going around on his head. The boy was still smiling at him.

"You don't have a collar either… Do you have a name?" It's Lavi! L-a-v-i, short and easy to remember! The dog barked slightly and the human giggled. He laughed! He likes me!

"Did you just tell me your name? Sorry, I can't understand you. My name's Allen, if you don't know it." Allen! Such a beautiful name for a human like you! I like you! Strike! Suddenly, something vibrated in Allen's pocket and the boy took it up. He scowled as he read the name of the caller.

Allen's scowling?! How's that possible? My angel doesn't even know how to scowl! Angel's aren't supposed to scowl! They smile, they feed you and they pet you! They do innocent things and help and laugh and… Anything but scowl! Angel's don't scowl!

The white-haired boy sighed and answered the call. "What do you want?" he asked, annoyed tone on his voice. Lavi's eyes widened. My angel's voice is irritated! Angel's aren't supposed to sound irritated! Allen, I love you! Look at me! I'll go bite everyone who angers you! The dog whimpered, poking Allen with his nose. He could hear someone talk with the human, but he couldn't hear the words, only the cold tone of the other one.

"How could I be far from work already? I mean, it's only five minutes over six!" Allen's eyes widened and he gasped slightly. He looked very surprised to Lavi.

"Since when have you been this nice to me? You want to pick me up?! I thought you hated me!" Who could hate you?Lavi yipped and gave Allen a doggish grin. The boy didn't notice him, so Lavi pouted. Apparently, the other person was much more interesting…

"Oh, good, I thought for a moment that you cared about me." Came a sarcastic answer from the angel and he sighed. "Where are you, I'll come. I mean, free ride home? Like I'll miss it, even if it's you who offered it." The boy stood up from where he had been petting Lavi.

"What, you're already here?" he exclaimed and turned around. "Wait, I think I see your car. I'm beside the Black Order café. Yeah, that one." Allen chuckled as the other speaker said something. Lavi noticed a black car driving towards them. He wondered if it was the one Allen was talking with.

"Yeah, it's a bakery also, but I work at the café side, though I sometimes help Jerry with the baking. It's more famous for its pastries than drinks, hence the label of a bakery. The café side is also a rather new." Allen laughed more at something he thought was funny.

"That's right, like you care." He flipped the phone close when the car parked in front of the café. Allen walked next to it, Lavi jogging beside him. The window was rolled and revealed another beautiful boy. He looked older than Lavi's angel, long black hair and charcoal eyes. He couldn't help but wonder how they knew each other as the driver looked too cold to be a friend of Allen's. He practically glared and… Was that a sword next to him?! If Allen was an angel, then that driver should be a demon! Definitely!

"Moyashi." The man greeted rudely. Lavi noticed Allen's eye twitch and the boy got a very fake-like smile on his face. The dog shivered at the look and was happy it wasn't directed to him. Something told him that it was evil!

"It's Allen, BaKanda." Came a 'polite' answer. It didn't sound like an insult, but even Lavi could hear the daggers under that tone. "Is this how you greet your friends?" the man snorted.

"You're not my friend." If you don't want to be, then I want! Allen, I can be your friend!

"You just don't want to admit I'm almost the only person to tolerate you."

"Go and jump from that bridge already." What!? No! He can't! I love him!

"And if I don't?"

"I'll cut you one day for your insolence." If you do that, I'll bite you! Lavi growled and glared at the dark-haired man, who didn't even see him.

"Like I care." Allen threw the man's earlier words back at him. The man snorted again, this time it seemed to be more because of amusement than annoyance.

"Che. Hop in and lets go."

"Tiedoll got you to give me a ride?"

"Shut up."

"Got to thank him. They promised rain for this evening and some clouds have already started gathering. I doubt I would have made it dry back home." Allen turned back to Lavi. "Well, I guess our paths part now, girl." The angel gave Lavi another beautiful smile. This sudden change of mood threw the dog from his right mind and he didn't quite register what the boy had said.

"What's that ugly mutt?" the other man asked abruptly. Allen rolled his eyes.

"It's not an ugly mutt, it's a well-behaving dog, Kanda, and even you should know the difference. You are one as well, aren't you?"

"Che." The man called Kanda ignored the insult. Allen opened the door to the car and got in. He smiled one last time at Lavi before closing the door and Kanda drove away. Lavi turned to look at the leaving car. He had not had even time to say good bye to Allen! So that means…

Oh no! My beautiful angel has been kidnapped! The dog was horrified. I've got to save him! That demon took him! Never ever has someone taken him before me and get away! Actually, this was the first time Allen got a ride and he left with his own free will, but we'll have to ignore the fact because of Lavi. Wait for me, Allen! I'm coming for you! And then, the dog ran after the car that was speeding away. Unfortunately for the dog, it was not as quick as the car and he had not noticed the darkening clouds. Someone was bound to get wet.

Oh shit! Just my luck! Come on, God; give me a fucking bath when you know how much I hate the water! Lavi barked as his irritation grew. As if it had been an order, the rain increased and even a thunder cracked. It came so suddenly that Lavi jumped in the air because he got scared by the noise.

And now what?! Are you trying to get me back down?! I'm going to find Allen and save him from that demon even if it costs me my life! Another lightning light up the sky. Alright! It's evident that you have sided with the demon! I will help the angel you abandoned for that dark one and get him safe and will protect him with my life! And… And… I'll never give him back to you! The sky went completely white by the light and Lavi jumped under a shelter as a tree near got struck.

Holy shit! Do you want to kill me or what?! The drowned dog yipped angrily. Lavi had been searching for Allen for hours! It was probably the midnight if the lack of any light could tell anything. He was completely wet… His red fur was down, it wasn't very furry anymore. It was annoyingly on his eyes so he barely could see anything. You couldn't even tell if he was just some random thing that moved with half-boiled red spaghetti on top of it. Lavi really hated the world now, but he wouldn't give up! No, he just wouldn't! If there was a feature in Lavi, both good and bad, it was that he was determined. When he decided something, he wouldn't back down.

Lavi was also getting hungry. The Swiss roll didn't keep hunger away, especially when he had run around for a while, for hours. He could hear his stomach crumbling, but he ignored it and continued his searching. He had soon lost his sight on the car Allen had been taken away; even the scent of his was gone. Only some exhaust gas had been left, and trust him, it doesn't smell good. Even that had been dissolved into the air and he couldn't trace it. Still, Lavi could detect the car if he saw it… So he would find it and take Allen back and safe!

Suddenly, a car drove right beside him, throwing even more water on the dog. Lavi barked in displeasure and shook his fur, not that it helped much when it still rained.

Be careful! Just because I live on streets doesn't mean I don't have feelings and don't want get wetter than I already am! The driver didn't hear him as even the car had disappeared into the darkness of both night and storm.

The dog glared at the direction the car disappeared one more time before running off. He checked every place he knew… The squares, largest buildings, parks… Everywhere a dog could think a person could go or kidnappers hide with their victim. He wasn't happy when none of the places hold the scent of Allen's.

Allen… You haven't gone to your home, right? You haven't left me on the earth all alone and gone to heaven, right? No, that would mean that his taker would've left him go and no one would voluntarily give up such an angel! No, he's still here somewhere!

Alleeeeeeen! The dog barked loudly, trying to get the human boy to answer him. Only a lonely echo of his voice came back to him.

Two hours more and the dog were sitting under a small shelter in front of some house's door. Desperately the drenched Lavi stared in front of him, exhaust clearly visible on its form. He settled down, head depressingly on his paws. Even his tail was down in depression.

Allen… Why can't I find you? He whimpered. What has the demon done to you? Why doesn't the God help me find you and save you? You couldn't have done anything to him! Wait; is God a male or female? Or both or neither? Where did this even come? Lavi narrowed his eyes.

Now I get it! You're trying to discourage me and get me forget about my angel and love! Damn you, God! I hate you! You can't make me forget Allen, no matter what you try! But the dog was hungry and tired. He couldn't go on anymore.

You haven't won yet, stupid God… I'll find him! Definitely! He yawned and closed his eyes. I'll just get some rest and… Continue tomorrow…Lavi drifted into unconsciousness as the rain still continued to pour around him, lulling him into a deep sleep…

What a surprise it was to one white-haired boy and his dark-haired roommate when they opened their front door the next day and found a completely wet and sick-looking red-furred dog on their stairs.

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