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Summary: Street dogs are usually more harm than they are worth and Allen just got to learn this thing from his own mistake... The said dog repackaged his whole life by doing two "simple" things: turning to human and saying he loved him in front of his roommate.

Pairings: KandaAllen, LaviAllen

Warnings: Um... Shounen-ai? Yaoi? Whatever term you use, you see the pairings. Cursing? Whatever...

The chapter is dedicated to Moon-Dash and Flicca.

"How is this even possible?! This only happens in some… Some… Crappy romantic soap operas that Cross once liked to watch who knows why…" Allen muttered to himself as he leaned against his locked door.

It just wasn't possible… To fall in love with two? Ha! And in a fucking week! Who was he trying to trick? Obviously, it was just some kind of mental illness that was caused by too much Disney Karaoke and not drinking enough. Allen nodded to himself.

Yup yup, it was the only possible option.

Tyki would probably say so too!

Yup… Yup…

Allen sighed. Again, who was he trying to kid? First, Tyki would never say so. Second, love wasn't a mental illness… Or if it was, then Kanda had won that argument and Allen would never admit it. And third…

Well, he hadn't drunk enough, but whatever.

The problem was still there.

How did this even happen? the boy wondered. And when did this start? Well, the latter was easier to answer… It had to have started, when Lavi came to their – Allen and Kanda's – lives. So… It was last Friday… Or was it Saturday? On Friday Lavi 'met' Kanda the first time and Allen who knows how many times… and on Saturday, they found him at their door. Alright, so it was Saturday after all…

Allen let out a short laugh. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Five days. Five fucking days… Not even that week he had counted at first. Fuck, fuck, fuck…

"Too messed up…" he muttered and let his mental exhaustion take over and he fell asleep, just by the door…

…And he never heard that fight, which was about to occur between his best friend and the redhead.

"Idiot bean sprout, running away when food's ready…" Kanda muttered as he watched Allen run up the stairs with such a wild look. Hadn't the same boy just a few moments ago rejoiced that he had 'beaten' Kanda in the 'karaoke contest'? He had. Why had his mood then changed from an overly annoying happy pill to a downright bewildered annoying not-so-happy pill.

Kanda would never understand how bean sprouts' minds worked.

But he was still concerned. Kanda didn't have many friends… If Allen could be called a friend… And the Japanese had a knack for hurting people who hurt him or someone close to him. Like Allen… But definitely not that ugly red mutt that still hang around like a blind mole.

Wait… Allen had run away from the living room… Where that idiot mutt was…

It couldn't be…

Grabbing the nearest thing, Kanda stormed out of the kitchen, his eyes flashing dangerously. Something had happened and that mutt was part of it, that was for sure.

Lavi stared into the direction, his eyes filled with confusion and wonder. Allen had kissed him back, so that meant he liked Lavi back. Part one for eternal love was completed. The second part was admitting that they liked each other… Well, that was still in progress. Why had he run away when they could've just continued that pleasurable activity and be happy?

The dog-male didn't understand, but he guessed that that was the reason he had fallen in love with the boy. He was his own person, independent and, well, strange…

But in a good way! Lavi quickly added.

"Allen…" he whined out loud and at that moment, a figure stomped in. For a moment Lavi's heart jumped and he was ready to pounce the person… as it had to be Allen, who had just been too embarrassed to admit his love straight away… But it turned out to be that demon who was annoying, always trying to poison him (Lavi still hadn't forgiven him since that first time he ate Kanda's cooking) and trying to steal Allen's love for himself!

As well as take over the world, but Lavi thought that was until later.

Allen was far more important than the world anyway.

And why the heck had that demon something akin to a frying pan on his right hand?

"You stupid idiot mutt, what did you do to him?!" the demon yelled and glared at Lavi with his narrowed dark eyes. The dog almost winced, as the noise hurt his ears.

"Did what to whom?" the redhead asked, not understanding why the demon was angry at him… Well, angrier than usually. Those ominous narrowed eyes narrowed even more. Lavi didn't think it was even possible.

Well, apparently it was…

"To Moyashi! He just run away, when I said that dinner was ready! He never runs away from food!" To other people, this might seem slightly ridiculous, but to people, who actually knew Allen, it was big.

Even Lavi understood that.

He had seen Allen's eating habits more than once.

"I didn't do anything to my love!" the redhead then wailed as the demon got closer every second with his… 'Weapon'…

"Don't lie to me! You must've done something to upset him that much!"

"I didn't upset him! I just showed him my eternal love…"

"So you did something to him!" Kanda interrupted and there was a strange glow in his eyes. Lavi didn't like it much.

"Well, yeah, I kissed him! What do you care? It isn't any of your business!"

"I make it my business. Moyashi would never want you to touch him!"

"Yeah, he would never want Yuu to touch him!" Lavi snapped back, recalling that the demon's name was stranger than anyone else's he had ever known. It might've been a mistake though, since the frying pan lifted into the air in a flash and was dangerously close to hitting the redhead.

Lavi jumped away.

"What are you trying to accomplish?!" he wailed as he dodged another attack. "Like I said it isn't any of your business!"

"It is my business! I won't let you touch him if he doesn't want it!" This time, Lavi gave Kanda an odd smile and barked a laugh.

"He wouldn't want my touch?!" he laughed as he dodged yet another attack. "He kissed me back, you idiot!" This stopped Kanda, who stared at Lavi in disbelief. This only made the dog-male cackle even more.

"He kissed me and liked it! And you can't do anything about it! He likes me, not you! Definitely not Yuu." Kanda was still staring at him.

"You're lying," he stated as he lowered his 'weapon'. It just… Allen would never…

"Me, lying? I would never lie about my love!" As much as Kanda hated to admit that, Lavi was possibly right for the first time in his life. He wouldn't lie about Allen… But then…

"Why would he…?"

"Why? Because he loves me, of course!" Lavi rejoiced as he thought he had already won the battle. Allen's love was his and not this stupid demon's! But unfortunately, Kanda raised his head and stared with his stormy eyes deeply into Lavi's green orbs.

"I don't believe you." Lavi blinked.


"I said I don't believe you," Kanda repeated, calmer than before. He would gain control of this situation without violence… As much as he hated to do that. Maybe Cloud was right for once. Maybe even he could survive an argument without hurting anyone… "Only when Allen says it himself, that he loves you, I won't believe you. You're blinded with whatever lust you call love and think whatever you please. So, I don't."

Calm Kanda, calm…

"Don't compare it to a weak feeling like lust!" Now Lavi was getting pissed off. Kanda smirked. Now the table was turned around and he actually liked the feeling. Well, anytime he was winning gave him a good sensation. "My love is much more than just lust! I love him with my all being and I won't let you compare it to something like… Lust!"

"But the way you always jump on him…"

"I don't jump, I express my love! Besides, what are you talking about love?! You demons do not love! You just… Jump on people, have you ways with them and go back to hell where you belong!" Lavi threw Kanda's own words back at him and the dark eyes narrowed yet again.

"I understand love more than you have ever understood," he simply stated, trying to control his anger. Lavi laughed mockingly.

"Like I would believe a word a demon says!"

"Then you're also belittling the feeling called love, you hypocrite."

"I can't be belittling something that there isn't!"

"I love him too, you know." This stopped Lavi, who blinked a couple of times owlishly. A demon admitting something like that…? Kanda sighed.

"I have known him for years, you idiot mutt. I moved in with him years ago. He's closer to me than my own grandmother was." He looked into Lavi's eyes. "Don't you dare belittle this feeling when you yourself had to go to that Mikk to find out about his past when Allen could've just told it to you himself."

They stared at each other for a moment, either one saying nothing.

"I never intended to go with that demon number two…" Lavi then said quietly. "I never asked him to tell me anything."

"But that was still the way you learned about it."

"I know!" The dog-male sighed in irritation. "And I'm not that proud of it. Sure I was curious, very curious actually, but I never asked him to do it. It just… Happened."

"Like falling in love."

"Like…" Lavi nodded. "Like falling in love."

Kanda couldn't believe that he was having this conversation with the dog, but here he was, talking calmly with him about love. If someone had even hinted about it before, Kanda would've probably hit them for making a joke like that.

The silence grew on the living room and then Kanda sighed.

"How about we let Allen himself say something on this matter, when he gets down?" he then suggested. "The dinner is ready." It just wasn't right to let soba and tempura wait. Lavi stared him for a second and nodded.


For the first time, they shared a mutual understanding and walked to the kitchen together…

…Before Kanda hit Lavi with the frying pan, just for good measure.

And it started yet another fight.

I guess it was too much to wish for; the peace I mean.

And Allen never heard about this fight either. Poor boy had fallen asleep after all.

Strange times, these were.

Allen woke up groggily and stared with hazy eyes at the wall in front of him. He wondered why he was watching that strange pumpkin when he should be staring at his dark room's window from the soft, soft bed like always… He winced as his back hurt before realizing that he wasn't on his bed, but leaning on his door and, damn it all, a huge headache blossoming in his head.

"…Why the heck I am not sleeping on my lovely, comfy bed…?" he wondered, trying to remember what had happened the day before. Hmm… There had been karaoke… Stress relief… Kanda… Lavi… Oh fuck…

Allen sighed deeply and lifted his eyes to his clock. A quarter to eight… Oh, so he had the glorious fifteen minutes to get to Black Order… Hmm…

…Wait, fifteen minutes?!

Kanda and Lavi sat in the kitchen, calmly waiting for Allen to get down so they could ask him the simple question about…Well… Who did he really love? Or did he love neither one? Someone else? Tyki?

If it was the last one, then there was some fried Portuguese for dinner.

Sipping his tea, Kanda read the morning paper. Apparently, the singer Road's concert had been a success… There were quite many compliments about the show and many pictures too. It wasn't like there were anything else big happenings in a little-big town like theirs. There was also one about how the young musician snuck away from the backstage party with another girl in tow… Who strangely looked like the girl in the Black Order café, Lenalee Lee, only with short hair.

And even shorter skirt, Kanda mused inwardly before changing the page. His eyes widened as he saw the headline: 'Noah Enterprise's owner's adopted son in jail!' and the picture under it was definitely from Tyki Mikk. He let out an amused chuckle and folded the paper. There was no fear of the Portuguese to come back to annoy them even more for the next couple of weeks, since Kanda was sure that even Millennium Earl wasn't idiot enough to let the man get away with just a warning.

Suddenly, a door upstairs hit the wall like it had been opened by force and hurried steps were heard from the staircase. No longer than a second later, a white head was seen running past the kitchen door… And coming back, panic written in the blue eyes.

"You!" Allen exclaimed loudly and sighed in relief. "You haven't left yet!"

"Left? Why would we leave?" Kanda asked, placing the paper on the table.

"The clock's almost eight in the morning!"

"So?" the Japanese shrugged and drank the rest of his tea. Lavi lifted his head to stare the pale beauty. He noted that he looked much better with the flush coloring his pale cheeks. He opened his mouth to greet his angel, but was interrupted before any noise could leave his throat.

"Black Order opens in… Twelve minutes!" Allen left the door way and ran towards his shoes, which he kicked to his feet. Kanda and Lavi, after quickly looking at each other, followed.

"But… Isn't today a day-off?" Lavi inquired and tilted his head. He had thought that demon had said that today was a free day, just like yesterday…

"No, where did you get that?!" Allen exclaimed in surprise. "Sure, yesterday was free, but today's a normal day and we can't be late! Jerry will be gone until midday because of his visit with his niece and I have to get everything done before nine when the bakery opens! And I have only Lenalee helping me and you know what she's like in kitchen when she's all dreamy!" he wailed in despair.

"So get your shoes on and please, drive for your lives!" then Allen promptly ran out of the door and inside Kanda's car, since he knew that he would not be getting on time any other way. The Japanese blinked before following his roommate out, putting his shoes on, of course.

Lavi gaped at the direction the two had disappeared.

"The demon lied to me again?!" he asked in his shock, before his eyes widened comically.

"I believed him?!"

They made it to Black Order, somehow. The clock hit eight sharp when Allen burst into the café and practically ran to the bakery side. He didn't even bother to dress up to his uniform, which Komui started to nag about. 'It's bad luck not to wear the outfits I made for you', he continued to blab again and again, not even noticing that the young man didn't listen at all.

The only thing he didn't complain was that Allen got everything ready before fifteen minutes were gone… With some help from Lenalee, of course, the other one assigned to bakery to substitute Jerry. But only some, since the girl was deeply engrossed within her own dreamland. Allen wondered quietly if the reason for her dreaming was also the reason she had cut her long hair to this… shorter style.

When he finally got time, meaning he got enough of Komui's nagging, Allen made his way to the staff's room and changed, all the while listening to the older Chinese man's chattering. But unlike his usual praise for his lovely little sister, now he was wailing about Lenalee getting gifts from anonymous lovers and haircuts from hell… Not that, he reminded Allen, he didn't think Lenalee wasn't beautiful this way too, she always looked good…

Smile plastered to his face, Allen kindly told the man to go to hell and let him do his work like he was supposed to, and left him to pester the Trouble Duo, like he had dubbed his two housemates.

They never brought anything but trouble.

"Lenalee, can you get those pastries to the café?" Allen called as he perfected the chocolate icing of a cake. It looked damn delicious, the pale boy noted as he heard his stomach growl. Now that he thought of it, he hadn't eaten a thing on breakfast… And last night he had run away from Lavi before dinner…

Allen's stomach growled louder and the boy hugged himself in an effort to keep it down. The Chinese girl gave him a strange look before touching her short hair and giggling. She was looking at a frying pan, trying to use it as a mirror.


"Yeah yeah…" the girl muttered and picked up the tray of pastries. Holding her head high, and glancing one last time her image, she left the bakery, leaving Allen on his own. The male shook his head, wondering how the girl ever had tried to include him into her 'girl-talks' when he clearly couldn't understand what went through her mind.

Looking back at the chocolate cake, his mouth watered at the sight. The dark chocolate icing, dark and rich, was… Dare he say, seducing him! And when he knew that the cake itself was so soft, plump and absolutely alluring by its scent and… Oh, what a taste!

Allen twitched.

His stomach growled.

He heard chatting behind his back.

He swallowed.

Maybe, if he was quick, the world wouldn't miss one little cake…

"…And so, I happened to meet Road and gosh, she's such a darling young girl! I could've sworn she couldn't get any cuter…" Lenalee blabbed as she sipped from her tea. Allen tried to drown himself to his coffee, even though he knew it wouldn't matter. He was sure that the girl could follow him to even death with her nonsense and gossips.

"And I can't believe that, on top of everything, she can sing so well! Oh, Allen! You got to listen to her songs! They are so full of emotions and… Do you remember that dress? It was so gorgeous…" the boy nodded, faking a smile painfully.

He shouldn't have eaten the cake.

Definitely shouldn't.

Lenalee had barged in when he was finishing wolfing down the delicious cake and almost went to Komui… Allen was sure that the Chinese man would've done something nasty to him… Something akin to Komurin… So to save his skin, he begged Lenalee not to tell anything and to do anything she wanted.

She had agreed.

And now, he had to listen to her endless girltalk. Geez, he wasn't a frigging female! He had no breasts and he had a... Essential part of his manliness below his abdomen. And no female hormones, damn Cross for claiming otherwise!

Well, at least she let him have some pastries at the same time…

"…But that's enough of me then." Allen quickly looked up, not being able to hold back the look of relief on his face. The girl smiled sweetly and Allen let his hopes peek up…

"Now, tell me about that love triangle between you, Mr. I-have-a-Mugen-up-my-ass and Mr. I-would-love-to-have-my-stick-up-your-ass."

…Only for them to crash down.

"Lenalee…" he whined pathetically, but the girl silenced him by raising her hand.

"I know that I keep gossiping about things and maybe am 'a pretty stupid blond in Chinese style', but please, I've known you for years and you're like my gay little brother… So spill the beans, love, or I'll stick Komurin after you." The threat was a fraud, but Allen didn't need to know that. As she suspected, the boy paled and quickly plead for anything else but that.

Ah, how she loved her older brother sometimes.

"H- How did you even…?" Allen stuttered, eyes wide like a deer. Lenalee almost pitied the boy, having caught up in such a mess. But only almost.

She hadn't been called the 'Gossip Queen' in high school for nothing.

"Don't underestimate me, darling; I have my ways." She inwardly grinned evilly as the boy paled even more. He was only one year younger than her, but sometimes the difference felt like ten years. He was too innocent to even notice her bluffing.

She wouldn't have known anything, if the two other men hadn't started to bicker like an old married couple cheating each other with the same person. And that person, apparently, was Allen since they both claimed to have kissed the life out of him… And that they could do it again. Overhearing – never eavesdropping – was an art of the Greatest Evil and Lenalee was a Grand Master on the same art.

Besides, she had to warn her cute little brother of the danger. And if she somehow forgot, which happened to her pretty often when getting excited, she could always fetch Komui. The redhead, Lavi, already treated him like a God and Kanda… Well… She might have to resort to dye his hair pink if he dared to touch her Allen in the wrong way.

Allen finally slumped against his chair and tried to look as rueful as he could. If she only…

"You can't make me pity you enough to leave you alone."

Damn it.

The boy sighed.

"Alright, Lena-lady. Whatever you desire." Ah, her nickname from her high school friends. She wondered where he had heard it from… Oh yeah, he went to same school. How forgetful of her.

"Well… Shortened… Lavi came, he claimed to love me, he kissed me, Kanda got…" Allen wondered for a second. "…jealous, he kissed me, then they both kissed me again and…" the boy shook his head.

"Somehow, in five days, I managed to fall in love with my best friend and a stranger and they both seem to want in my pants. I'm so confused, Lenalee! It's not supposed to be like this! Falling in love should be subtle and kind and wonderful and… Not like this, not sudden, not confusing, not… Not this!" he groaned and hid his face behind his hands. He then started to ramble about the whole situation, mentioning many times a red-furred dog (reminding Lenalee of the stray dog that she had fed sometimes on the alley behind the bakery. She wondered what happened to him), demons from hell and other crap like that. Lenalee ignored most of it, only picking up the information she wanted.

She thought she could've made a good spy or information gatherer for the mafia… Or Millennium Earl, the Godfather in the flesh. Maybe he would take her on his list and pay her a fortune for gossiping and perhaps she could even meet Road more often!

If only her brother wasn't her brother.

She could always hope.

"…and now, it's all a big, enormous mess!" the white-haired boy looked like he was on the verge of tears, so she scooted him closer and coddled him.

"Now now, honey, everything's going to be alright in the end."

"How can you say that?! It's not your life that's going to be ruined any moment now! Heck, it's probably already and…!" Lenalee petted Allen's soft hair and took out one of Jerry's blueberry muffins… And one of Allen's favorites.

"Take a muffin Al, and calm down."


"I. Said. That. Take. The. Frigging. Muffin." the girl used one of her scariest expressions, copied from her older brother. Allen snapped his mouth shut by stuffing it full of the delectable muffin. The Chinese girl could be scary sometimes…

"Now, if you excuse me… And stuff yourself full of those muffins. Jerry left them for you to eat. And I will check that you've eaten them all." Lenalee pointed at the tray full of the pastries, actually made for her, but whatever (she had to take care of her curves after all). She knew that eating was the only thing that could calm the boy in his 'deepest despair'. That's how he managed after Cross left, leaving him with the debts.

He ate the house empty.

In a moment, she was out of the door, heading towards Komui's office.

It was time to give those boys a lesson…

Kanda and Lavi didn't know, what was waiting for them in the Pit of Doom, also known as Komui's office, but they still had to go. He was their boss after all. Lenalee had come to them earlier, telling them that her elder brother had something for them to do.

The Japanese lad hoped it wasn't anything related to those doughnut-robots.

The dog-male hoped that Komui the God wouldn't punish him hard for trying to steal an angel.

Both of their hopes were answered.

An even more horrible faith was waiting for them.

"So, you both know what sex contains, right?" The Chinese man grinned as he locked the room behind the two workers, who turned around to look at the older man in shock.

Sex education by Komui Lee…


"And that's where you use lots of lube, because when you stretch, it hurts damn much…" a slide was changed in front of Kanda and Lavi, who stared at the pictures, eyes and ears bleeding. Komui was telling them about the most graphic parts of the most adventurous gay men, the toys and alike included. And bondage. Everything. Everything included.

And the pictures… Everything covered.

Well… Not physically, but information-wisely.

And the two main stars were Komui himself… and Jerry.

"I like to bottom myself, much because my shaft isn't as big as Jerry's and it would be an embarrassment for him to bottom for someone like me… Even though he's much more flamboyant than I am in his eccentric way…"

Yes, the two unfortunate males had listened for about half an hour the details of their bosses' sex lives.

Lavi had even fainted for a short while in the beginning.

It didn't help him get away.

"Oh, and you know, licking makes the game much more enticing. I highly suggest that. Both partners…" a switch of dia.

"But remember not to use lube too much… It could get costly if you do it many times a night…"

"Oh, I recall that one time in Venezuela…" another switch.

"Have you ever tried…?" Many switches between different positions. Even Kanda gagged many times and Lavi had already emptied his breakfast on the wastepaper basket of Komui's office. It smelled badly on the dog's nose.

"Jerry doesn't only make delicious cakes, but he's also very delicious…" the dog-male conjured some more last night's dinner to the basket to mix with the remains of his breakfast.

"Ah, ah, ah, I can't wait until he gets back!"

"Oh, and remember… Threesome's the best of them all." The last switch of dia.

And that was something neither of the two wanted to see.

Kanda took Lavi's basket and used it.

There also went Komui's carpet.

"No! That carpet was bought to me by Jerry! From that one night in Italy… Oh, the hot Italian nights, you can never get enough of them. That reminds me…"

Lavi fainted.


"Did you punish them, brother?" Lenalee asked an hour later, when Komui sent the two exhausted men away from the work. It wouldn't do good for business if the workers looked ready to die.

"Yes, thank you. You know, Lenalee, there's something I would like to tell to you too…"

"No need, Komui. I don't need sex education from you again; you gave it to me already when I was five. All three versions. And besides… I would die before hearing about your love life. It's sick."

"You know that I'm dating…"

"Yes, I've met your woman, thank you very much. It wasn't a pleasant experience. The things she wanted me to do just because she thought I looked good enough to be her model… Ugh!"

"Well, she's a photographer…"

"How do you explain the photos she wanted to take about you and Jerry? Claiming that it was hot?" Lenalee arched a beautiful black eyebrow at that. Komui scratched the back of his head, smiling sheepishly.

"She might've thought that threesome…" the Chinese woman suddenly looked ill.

"Alright, no more information, please." And with that, she stalked away, back to the café side she had worked at after the two men left for Komui's Pit of Doom… She made the name, by the way.

The said man shrugged and answered his phone.

"Oh, Eliade, darling, I was just about to call you…" suddenly, Komui's eyes widened in both shock and amusement.

"Did you just say Cross?"

Allen sighed as he finally burst in from the door to his house. Talking with Lenalee hadn't helped him to sort out his thoughts either. He was still as confused as he had been the past twenty hours or so… Not excluding the time he had spent asleep since his dreams had been plagued by black and red colors.

Like in a funeral.

Allen shivered.

Black and red meant funeral meant wine meant women meant more debts meant… Cross. Gross.

Damn it, why did he think of Cross at a time like this?! The man had disappeared years ago and, hopefully, would stay away as well! It wasn't like Allen missed him anyway… Especially since he had gotten Tyki pay them for him.

Sometimes it was nice to have a rich ex.

And now, he would like nothing more than to just go upstairs to his bedroom and fall asleep. Jerry had come back and given even Allen too much to eat and the boy was stuffed. A pretty lady had appeared on the café too, after the closing hours. Someone called 'Eliade'. She said that she was a very close friend of Jerry and Komui and that she had something to tell them about photographs…

Well, it wasn't like Allen was interested or anything. He left quickly, but not fast enough to not have heard a strange question asked: 'Who tops tonight?'

After that… Allen didn't want to admit that he had thought of some nauseating things.

Sighing, he took of his shoes and looked around… He strengthened his senses to their highest, staring into distance. He was now aware of the danger in the house he had stepped in…

Perhaps he should've asked if he could've gone to Krory's place tonight.

The boy shook his head and stared to space before him. No danger sighted in front of him… Maybe they were hiding somewhere…? As quietly as he could, Allen tiptoed to the couch on their living room and jumped behind it.

Not here.

Narrowing his eyes, suspiciously, he hid behind the comfy and soft furniture and gave a long glance around the room. Nothing out of ordinary. Perhaps.

No! Allen almost gasped. There was something unusual!

There was… Two pairs of legs.

In front of him.

Coming from out of nowhere.

Slowly, lifting his head, he met two sets of eyes, staring at him and a question mark written above their heads. Allen was sure he saw them there.

The boy shook his head again.

This was the last time he would act like Lavi, he swore silently.

"Umm, hello?" he started, plastering his usual smile on his face. Surprisingly, it wasn't hard. Sure, his heart beat like nothing else, and probably skipped a couple beats too, but… He couldn't help but smile, seeing the similar, yet so different, expressions on his… His…

Could he call them his friends anymore?

And if he couldn't… Then what were they?

Frowning in his thoughts, he completely forgot that the two were standing before him. The Japanese changed looks with the redhead. Then, like in a moment of understanding, they grabbed Allen from his arms and pushed him to an armchair. The boy blinked in bemusement as his two… Friends… sat on the couch and started to stare at him in equally ridiculous expression.

He almost burst into laughter when looking at them.

Then Allen realized that he couldn't escape the situation now.

He cursed the two to the lowest of hells.

"Angel…" "Moyashi…" the two started in unison, but after a quick glare from Kanda's side, only one voice continued. "Moyashi, we were wondering about something…"


"We were wondering about…"
"Wondering about…"


"For the sake of God's torture, we want to know which one of us you like more!" Lavi snapped, punching Kanda's arm. This would've started a fight if not for Allen's reaction. The boy started to splutter and his eyes were a bit wide. They kept switching between the two taller men and his breath hitched.

It was too interesting for two sex-driven men to ignore.

"W-What do you mean?" Allen let out a nervous chuckle and scratched the back of his head. "Like? Of course I like you, you're both my friends…" or not, he inwardly added as he saw the look in their eyes.

He gulped.

It was just like a predator was looking at his prey.

"I think you know what we mean, Allen." The boy gulped again. Kanda almost never used his real name. He was serious.

"Yeah, Allen," Lavi nodded. Allen stared at him in disbelief. The god agreed on something with Kanda?! "We would really like to know if you liked my kisses better than the demon's. Of course, mine were filled with love, but…"

"Mutt, we went through this yesterday."

"…Right. Sorry."

This 'talk' was planned?!

Allen was slowly realizing in how deep shit he was.

"So, Moyashi…" the two turned back on him and the boy started to sweat.

"Which one of us you like more?"

Allen looked away from the two, a bit flushed look on his face. What could he say? He liked them both! He couldn't tell if he liked Kanda more than Lavi… They were too different to compare! He knew them in different ways and…

It was too hard.

"I don't know," he then shrugged after a while.

"I don't know?"

"Yeah." He looked straight at the dark and green orbs. "I have no idea if I like either of you more than other." Allen shrugged again. There, it was out now. His heart skipped a beat again, but he still was calm like a… processed sour whole milk jug.

Don't ask.

"How can you say that?! Of course you like me more!" Lavi snorted, doing the hair flip he had seen on te… tele… televisson? Television! That Lulubell woman had done it nicely… Even if she reminded him of a cat.

"No, he likes me more… He has known me longer!" Kanda gave a glare. "And besides, the flip goes like this." Then he did the 'Amazing Hair Flip of Doom'. Lavi glared back.

"You can do it only because you have longer hair! You girl!"

"What did you say?!"

"Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!"

"You mutt!" the Japanese hit the dog-male with his might and Lavi did have a slightly glazed look after it… But, being the Allen-obsessed-minded-headed-something, meaning that nothing else ran in his mind at the moment but naked bean sprouts, he quickly recovered and hit back with equal force.

He pulled Kanda's hair.

"MY HAIR!" the man screeched, a bit like a banshee, ready to gnaw the dog's eyeballs out. Instead, he kicked the mutt above his butt.

"MY COCCYX WHERE SHOULD BE MY TAIL!" Lavi howled and… 'battle'… was on.

Allen was god smacked.

How the hell did Lavi know a word like that?!

He cleared his head, his throat and proceeded to gracefully yell at the two men.

"CAN'T YOU JUST ONCE DO SOMETHING WITHOUT FIGHTING?!" he yelled with all his might and, indeed, got the two to shut up. Lavi and Kanda, both ready to throttle each other, glanced at Allen before back at one another.

The same thought reach them in their, clearly, sexually frustrated minds.

"You wanted us to get along with each other… right?" Allen nodded slowly as he got shivers down his spine. He did not like the look on their faces… Not at all.

It reminded him too much of Cross…

Especially when he was about to say or do something that would have something to do with Allen's demise and doom.

"Not to fight…?" Lavi started deviously, while Kanda continued, equally evil thoughts in mind: "…And to be able to work with another without fighting?"

"Y- yeah?"

"But, you still can't say which one of us you like more… the demon or me…"

"…Even if you have kissed both of us?"

"Would you cut it out, this is starting to give me creeps?" Allen winced as the smirks widened.

"Sure, we can cut it out…"

"…Since we have to test our theory."

"Th- Theory?" the boy squeaked out.

"If you can't decide on us just based on kisses…"

"Then we have to start doing… Something more." When this was said, Allen noticed how strangely close the two men suddenly were.

"W- What do you mean?" he asked unsurely, cold vibes running down his spine again.

"Oh, you'll see…" twin-like smirks later, Allen was thrown up on Kanda's shoulder and quickly dragged to upstairs.

The time of confessions… Had ended.

"By the way, Allen…" Kanda paused for a moment before stepping inside the poor boy's room (it was closer than his anyway). "I love you."


"Allen-angel," Lavi smiled sweetly. "I love you too!"


The door closed.

The confessions have been made.

Decisions are still coming, but tomorrow it's possibly too soon to ask about them from the poor bean sprout boy. He might have some back aches.

Allen really should've gone to Krory's place if he had wished to get up to work tomorrow.

Poor boy.

Two men stood outside the house a white-haired man had just gone in. One was tall, almost two metres tall, and had sunglasses on his head. He was looking a bit like a Mafioso with his outfit, but the shine of his bald was a bit too much. There was some hair on top of his head, tied back in a couple of braids, which made him look a bit ridiculous. That was the reason no one thought that he would belong to a Mafia. No self-respecting Mafioso would look like that.

If Lavi had looked outside, he would've recognized the man. He had, after all, met him and talked to him in his dog form a few days back.

With a hat, of course.

The Mystery Man's company was much shorter. The shorter, and older, man had black bags under his eyes. He had covered them with makeup, or tried to, but now he only looked like a panda-turned-human. He also had hair tuft on his head, but it was on a weird ponytail-like hairstyle… And he was otherwise bald too. His hair excluded, he was up to the taller man's abdomen… Quite short, even on Allen's yardstick. He had a similar outfit to the taller man.

Another Mafioso-wannabe.

No sunglasses, though.

"So, this is where Lavi lives nowadays, huh…" the old man mused out loud as he stared at the house. The taller man, clearly respecting his elder, nodded.

"I tracked him here few days ago after I called you."

"And you said that he had become human already."

"Yes, he had."

"How strange that Allen Walker… Having that much power on him." The old man shook his head, his hair tuft moving with.

"I wouldn't say it was Walker's cause, since one has to be a strong person themselves to resist the curse."

"I guess you're right, Bookman."

"Of course I'm right, Marie. I've lived too long to be wrong." Inwardly, Noise Marie had quite different opinion. Outwards, nothing betrayed his thoughts.

"Don't you think I don't know what you're thinking, Marie. Try to act more like a Bookman's apprentice and not like a common man."

"…Yes, Bookman."

"Now, what's going on with my former apprentice?" the Bookman asked, leaning on the gate before the house. Noise Marie fixed his sunglasses and turned to look at the house, seeing from the window that the white-haired man was pushed into an armchair.

"He has adapted to his life pretty easily. His former knowledge about normal human life is coming back, but the time he spent as your apprentice is forever closed into his subconscious. He might have some lapses sometimes, when he seems to know more than someone else, but otherwise he's bound to his new life."

"So the curse won't break, even if I died?"

"It won't. My magic's bound to yours and will keep it strong."

"Good. Now that his time spent as a human gets longer and longer, he won't soon be turning to dog anymore. It was only necessary for the memories to be locked away more efficiently after all." Bookman shook his head. "It was too bad he fell in love with a human like Walker. He could've become stronger Bookman than even I was. He had potential."

"How did his love hinder his path? You never explained me that, when you took me to replace him." Marie asked mildly curious tone in his voice. Bookman opened his mouth to start explaining, but someone beat him to it.

"A Bookman can never love anything else but this World, since they tend to outlive most human. Crying over only one individual would weaken their magic and they couldn't do their jobs as well as they could've if they'd stayed indifferent. Aren't I right, the Keeper of the World?" a smug voice asked behind them, coming closer and closer. Noise Marie and Bookman both turned to look at the newcomer and the old man nodded.

"Cross Marian, correct as always. What does the Great Traveler do in a place like this?" the oldest of the men asked politely. Cross snorted.

"The Great Traveler indeed. I'm just hopping around doing the shitty jobs that you can't do."

"Killing isn't fit for defenders. That's why we need you attackers."

"Yeah yeah, try to stop global warming when you still have a chance and we might survive yet another day."

"Can't you even try to act polite, Marian?"

"Not when you use my name." Bookman sighed.

"You haven't answered to my question, Cross." The redheaded man lit up a cigarette and shrugged.

"I came to meet my nephew, as did you, Bookman."

"Oh? I didn't know you had relatives."

"Long dead ones only. I adopted him when his father died."

"Allen Walker, am I right?" Noise Marie asked calmly, surprising his superior by his vigilance. Cross quirked one of his eyebrows and nodded.


"Is he supposed to become your successor?" the panda-like man asked slight interest in his eyes. Cross snorted again.

"Like hell. That brat couldn't kill a bee even if it begged him. Just count it as a moment of drunkenness and you'll be close to truth."

"Pity, from a person like you? I could've never hoped to witness such a fine act from you."

"Shut up. I didn't come here to meet you anyway, just my idiotic nephew. I want to see how he handled my last batch of debts."

"…That I can believe of you."

"Cross Marian." Marie politely addressed his another superior. "I believe you should hurry if you want to meet your nephew still intact. Lavi, and Kanda Yu I think his name was, are quite busy undressing him and taking him to a ride of his life."

Cross eyes turned cold.

"Upstairs," the tall man directed helpfully and not a second later the redhead had his priced Judgment in his hand and front door of his nephew's house kicked open. Marie smiled as he could imagine the horrors two soon-to-be dead men were going to go through.

"I would've never believed if someone said that Cross would have a weak point like Walker here. He seems to be taking hold of everyone's heart in a matter of moments. I remember when Lavi saw him the first time… He was a goner after only a few minutes." Bookman told his apprentice in his amused manner. "Never go near that boy and maybe we'll manage to live a while longer."

"Yes, sir." Marie nodded.

"Well, our job here is done. Our secret is safe within us and Lavi… Hopefully he can have the life he wanted. Strange, how the curse he wanted to be brought upon his self turned out to be his blessing."

"Even Bookmen won't know what the World has for us," the taller of the two pointed out. Bookman smiled.

"That we don't. It makes life much more exciting. Now, Marie, let us take our leave. My bingo night's starting in a matter of moments." The Bookman started to walk away from the house, where he could now hear shrieks and gunshots. Not a moment later, in his place was nothing but thin air and up on the sky a large bird that were rarely seen above a town as busy as the one where they now were.

Marie smiled and gave last look at the residence behind him.

"Good bye, Lavi. I wish I had met you even once before your curse, you Bookman's most priced apprentice. I can only hope that you really left because of the love of your life and not because of these tacky outfits… And hairstyles. Really, this bald isn't as nice as it would seem to be. It takes hours to just keep it bald…" Marie turned away from the house, still wondering what could've happened if he had just refused to take up this strange hairstyle and be the hippie he had been before Bookman.

"We'll never know…" he mused and soon another bird met the lovely air of summer evening.

The echoes of gunshots were his lovely company while reaching towards the skies.

Marie really pitied his predecessor, angel and demon he left behind into the hands of Satan.

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