It's been so long since I posted anything in FF

It's been so long since I posted anything in . This is a poem I made a looooong time ago. Last year, actually. When I was still grade 6 in Hawaii. But I eventually moved and got busy. Now, I'm graduating from my elementary and middle school days. I will miss this : Do I sound any different from my other fics?

I'm canceling my other fic, GOAT!R9TA! Long name, right? I'm sorry, but it's like I don't have enough time to continue the story. But I enjoyed it, writing that. Thank you for the support. It was very much appreciated. BUT. I'm still posting poems, if I can. Read on.

- - - - - - - THOSE GREEN EYES. - - - - - - -

Those green eyes

They tell no lies

As they try

To deny

The hurt, the anguish

That they are feeling

But also the wishes

That the heart is bringing.

The hope

That they might soon run out with.

The happiness

That she starts to believe as a fairytale.

The truth

That she always seeks for.

The love

That one longs for more.

The acknowledgement

Just to prove someone might care.

The eyes

That will tell you it's possible to share.

The fear, they show,

That he might never come back.

For all those precious memories,

They will fade as years pass them by.

The sadness they are experiencing

As tears are being cried.

How scorned

They truly feel inside.

Especially the trust

That had long been betrayed.

She just wishes

They could all return to their childhood days.

The eyes that show

She is wanting for more.

But they are shinobi,

Not one has been blessed that much before.

All these things,

Those green eyes will tell.

If you look even once

It'll show you the yearning it had

Longed for and felt.

- - - - - END. - - - - - - -

I actually loved writing this poem, a year ago or so.