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I hate him

That's the only thought which passed the knight's mind every time she stepped Toran's castle floor with disgruntled feeling. It had been a couple weeks she struggled to adapt all her new surroundings right now. Everything was different from her expectations. In the place where she first belonged was so structured, strict and centralized only to her command. But in here, all the people had the right to settle their life in the castle. It was a lively place and crowded place to live. The general had organized it very neatly so no wonder people ran to this place for safety and peaceful living. She passed a group of soldiers who chatting happily with each others. Some of her heart envied them, because she never made her soldiers could talk as happy as them.

And they were talking about 'that man'. He always made his men cheerful, didn't he?

Argh! Him again! She jerked her head irritated and continued to walk to the third floor. She always hated everything about him. His presence, his blockheaded, his dignity, his…everything! He had almost all of it just to mock her.

But, she couldn't deny that she admired his determination which recruited her from his opposite party.

She passed people who started their day which several activities ahead. Most of them were talking food stock, Tir, provisions, Tir, the next war, Tir, today's job, Tir…Argh!! Can't anybody talk something other than 'that man'!? Those voices buzzed her ears which made her mood became worst in a second. The foremost factor which she couldn't bear to live in this place was, Tir. She lived under Tir's command, Tir's army, Tir's whatever you said it. And now, that Tir's employee had found her just to say that she was called by Mathiu, Tir's strategist. Living in the world full about Tir was a paradise for some female who adored him. But, opposite for her, this was like hell for her life.

If not for revenge, she probably took the second suicide just to get out from this nothingness.

At last, she climbed the last stairs. Unfortunate for her, the one she had been cursing about was in front of her. She stopped her step and set her cynical look ready for him.

"I thought I'll meet someone better to live up my day this morning. What a 'great' greetings."

The boy turned his head innocently and found the arrogant face of his knight annoyed by his presence.

"Oh, Sonya," he responded flatly. "Hello."

This was already enough to boil her blood into her brain. "Who do think you are!? Who wants your greeting anyway!?"

"You were greeting me earlier, so I reply you back."

"What is you intention!? I told you that I won't be nice to you!"

"I don't mind. I said it to you earlier, right? Were you not listening to me?"

"Who wants listening to you? I'm not your servant here! I just want to watch you dead!"

"But, you came by my orders. If you not listening me, why you're here?"


She couldn't say anything to retort back. He hit the spot with a meaningless effort. The winner of this dispute could be stated very clearly without any doubt. Although he did upset her, he didn't show that he felt guilty at all. His face looked so calm and relaxed, yet threatening her for another taunt. It was only took a minute for the blond lady to pull her swords and rip his head away before Cleo came to their place at last.

"Huh? Lady Sonya? Young Master?" said Cleo amazed. It was so rare to have those two confronted each other without taking force from either of them. "What are you two doing here? The meeting will be starting soon."

"Cleo," the boy diverted his eyes to his loyal guard. "Is everybody gathered yet?"

"A few people more, including you both. Pahn already starved to death just to wait this assembly over so he could get his meal."

"Oh, my. He almost ate my whole breakfast portion this morning and it didn't stuff him enough," murmured him wondering without thinking his words made the brunette woman glaring at him. When he realized that, he said, "Never mind. Don't worry about me. I'm fine."

Cleo still had her doubtful look at him. "Then, why are both here? Why don't you go straight to the hall together?"

"TOGETHER!? You've got to be kidding me!" shouted Sonya fierce.

"Nah, we've just bumped each other and say 'hi'. It's just a coincidence," said Tir collectedly.

Sonya glared to the bandana boy in front of her dangerously. "I, Sonya Shulen, say 'hi' to such a BRAT like you!? Keep on dreaming!"

"Oh, jeez…"

"That's enough!"

That short of warning had silenced them. Without looking whose voice was that, they already knew who it was. Both Cleo and Sonya turned their head to the Strategist who took his appearance from the Great Hall. Only Tir refused to see him and only jerked his head a little behind his shoulders.

"I've been waiting for you and I already said please don't be late. Was my message unclear for you or do you have something more important to attend?"

No one answered him. Everybody knew that dealing with Mathiu in this kind of situation was suicide. He was a man which strict in time and preparations. He even stern to Tir, although he knew the boy seemed didn't have any interest to hear all of his regulations. But he couldn't deny that Mathiu also saved his butt and the others as well with his miracle strategy. It made him obedient enough and listen everything he said, even he sometimes didn't like the idea though.

"Lord Tir. Please proceeds to the Great Hall. Everyone had been waiting for you," said him flatly then walked first to the place he mentioned.

It didn't take any question to know how he felt towards the order. Mathiu talked like he had the rights to decide everything in this castle and the army. But, the fact was he forced gently by the tactician to do everything he said. Tir couldn't refuse his strategies. He had good coherent reasons behind it thought.

Still he didn't like him after what he had did to him…

And looks like, Sonya knew that bothered face of his.

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