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"I'm here, so don't worry, Tir."

It was a very clear sunny day tomorrow morning. The sun was shining brightly in the morning as the night passed by, giving a warm greetings for people to do their chores. In the lone chair in Tir's room, sat a blond woman covered by blanket and slept so peacefully. It seemed she had the most tired day ever yesterday and refreshing his exhausted in her rest. Nothing could disturb her in this serenity, until her biological alarm waked her up.


Sonya stared blankly to the door in front of her. A very different door from her room, which drawn her conscious that she was not in her room last night. She tried to determine where she was lazily and yawned as she could feel how stiff she was because of exhaustion. Sure, yesterday is a 'Great' day, eh? she thought. Then, she straight herself in the chair, made the blanket fell from her and diverted her eyes to another place.

"Hm?" Her head turned around when she knew that the bed beside her was empty. "Where is he?"

It took not a long time to get her nerves and made her ran instantly outside the room. As she tried to find him, she could feel her blood rushing in her veins and her heart beat rose crazily. He passed the corridors, the people in the rooms, tried to find him and neglected the stares from other people that saw her awkward. Yeah, she was looked very stern and concerned.

As if she lost her baby in the midst of the night.

"Lord Tir, the preparations are ready. Would you please gather for a short briefing?"

The name made her took a sudden brake from the corridor to the main hall and changed it to walk in a fast manner to reach the source of the voice. From looking at the door, she could see that the one she searched for was talking with the Generals and Mathiu about something. She was a blunt person to barge in whatever the situation is, but this time, her hunch made her stayed in her place.

"We need to be more careful. Yuber's soldiers are ready to attack in front of us."

"I agree, Sir Kwanda. But, it seemed we don't have any choice, but to face him right now."

"Sanchez has a point. Mathiu, do you have any idea to deal this? Our plan is to attack them in the gate and not in the defense side, isn't it?"

"We need to gather our troops and deployed according to plan. We must not delay. Flik, could you send this information to the platoons?"

"C'mon, don't be ridiculous. Losing the troops for that kind of trap? I don't buy it. We are prepared to attack like Warren said. If we did this and lost, it will just drop their morale when they face the bigger thing in Gregminster!"

And again, they were disputing on the briefing, made Sonya could only sighed out. She really didn't understand what's on their mind and what they were afraid of. But, she could know how difficult it was when they must face something that needed a sacrifice. Knew what she just needed to do, she leisurely walked and intended to offer herself on the front line.

"Alright, that's enough for the information." Now, Tir's voice arose to calm the other people around him. "What we need now is just to banish the obstacle so we can go to the gate, right?"

Exactly. Sonya smiled widely and full of satisfied as she got near to the men in front of him. Time to get some action!

"Then, give me five hundred soldiers and I'll open the way for us."


Sonya's step halted. The next statement from Tir made everyone almost got a heart attack in a second. But, the young commander only looked at them calmly, and then stared his strategist to ask his opinion. No one talked during this critical timing and exchanged their look confusedly.

"Well, if you worried, then you can follow us after it passed." Tir gave the details of his plan after saw his comrade troubled faces. He looked to Mathiu once again for his final decision. "Is there any problem? I shall go after this one is clear enough."

"No, Tir. This is—" Flik panicked. "Hey, wait!"

The young commander didn't take a second to wait them giving their response and walked leaving them as if the problems were all cleared. It gave them a sudden moment to stop him, but when they realized, he already disappeared from the chamber.

The red general could only stand on her place, stared blankly to the empty space where Tir was. And he passed her, acted if there was nothing in her place. From everything that happens yesterday, she never knew that he could have done something so reckless.

What is inside of his mind? Oh really…


"Don't stop me," cut Tir stern, refused to turn back or stop his pace.

"I won't and I won't ask you why either."

"Suit yourself."

"Of course," said Sonya in a mocked tone, while inside her, she knew that she almost waver that he didn't stop at all. "So, you plan to sacrifice hundreds of soldiers for greater achievements. How noble you are…"

Hearing those words, Tir suddenly halted his steps. It startled Sonya as seeing how he reacted toward her insults. He wasn't as usual as he was used to be.

"This none of your concern. You don't have any responsible upon their bloods."

He continued his walk. But, the General couldn't shake off the feeling when the sharp black eyes were thrust into her, suddenly as he turned his head to say those words. The tide was turned. She realized who she was facing right now.

He was no longer an ordinary boy that loved to play some prank. But a young leader who gathered thousands lives on his tiny shoulders.

And she didn't like it though…

In a blink of minutes, the soldiers already gathered in front of Kaku, the small town beside the Toran Lake. From the castle, Sonya could see the young leader passed the town's road thoroughly as determining that everyone already evacuated safely. She was impatient when observing the boy's moves as she was assigned with several members to stay at the defense side, made her growled almost each times she look on her binocular.

"Milady, you're forcing yourself too much recently," said Cleo suddenly came and stood beside her. "Is there something happened between you and young master?"

"What are you talking about?" Sonya snapped the question almost easily as she busied to see the town over and over again. "There's nothing happened at all."

Cleo chuckled. "Then, why are you looking at him desperately? It almost an hour you stood here and make yourself the watchman."

Sonya threw a dangerous glare at her and then came back into her binocular. "Don't take me wrong. This is just the best place I can have to see him death."

"You sure have a high hopes." Cleo sighed. A worried frown suddenly covered her face. "But, I couldn't help to agree with you. Every time he went for war, I always worried that I might not see him again."

Now, the general looked at her. It was almost certain that she was shocked with those words and felt the blood rushing on her veins anxiously. While it clearly shown her last words were only light words, what she really meant in her heart was came into the surface as she looked at the brunette worried face.

And the next was what determined it, that it wasn't just her feeling, but also her intuition that something might happened today.

"Lady Sonya, Lady Cleo!"

Both of the ladies turned their head. "Oh, Kasumi. Why's the rush?"

"Lady Cleo… huff…huff…," The young ninja took her breath as if she was took a great effort to run to their places. "Is that you who will take the plan?"

"Plan?" Cleo seemed at lost. "What plan?"

"Lord Tir said that you will carry some plan for today attack, so he was sending me to you."

But the brunette lady didn't have any clue of what she said, while the other lady lost in her thought. As she looked at the last boat which went to Kaku, Kasumi and then her binocular, suddenly something struck her mind. "Kasumi, are you coming here alone?"

"No, I'm coming here with the other members and the refugees."

"And Tir?"

"He was with the soldiers. I was reluctant to leave at first, but he said that this message was essential…"

Sonya didn't have to hear her till the end. She reached her binocular and looked at the lakeside. It seemed that the war would start in no time. Kasumi and Cleo exchanged their looked when seeing how panicked she was to see the lakeside now, so, the young ninja carefully asked, "Is there something wrong, Lady Sonya."

The general didn't answer directly. She still looked at the crowd of soldiers, trying to find someone inside it. "I hate to say this. But, it seemed, you are tricked."


"In the name of Emperor Barbarosa!"

"Lord Tir for our Liberation!"

Both of parties engaged. It didn't wait for any sign or any more time to wait. From the numbers, they almost equal. They didn't have any hesitate to slash and crush their enemies. The swords kept falling, destroying everything in front of them. No matter the young and the old. Friends or foes. Live or death.

War, is a place to clashing the swords and keep destroying each other until the last one left.

The ladies were tensed as they saw the condition out there and it was the same as everyone in the castle. Usually they were standing there, and it was a very different feeling as they saw it from a different angle. The feeling of sin and empathy was more developed as they became the watcher than a doer. From all of the people who looked from the castle, only one person who still stood in his room, didn't join to see what's out there as if he already knew what happened.


And the door was opened, much to he had expected. The young blue warrior came, followed by the same bear fighter with the same unsatisfied face as his partner has.

"I want an explanation, NOW!" Flik slammed the shiny table in front of him. "Why do you ordered to take us out from his members?"

"Can I ask what do you mean?"

"Mathiu, this is no joke." Victor tried to take over the conversation as Flik was still lost into his anger, which made him couldn't speak properly. "We heard that you called us back in the last minute before the battle start."

"I don't understand what you are talking about," said Mathiu explained to them. "I never gave that order. Who tells you?"

Now the one who overwhelmed were both of the warriors. They realized now that something had gone wrong. But, when they saw Mathiu's face, it seemed the strategist could read what's on their mind.

"If you would like to help him now, I prefer you to see at the window and reconsider."

It took no time for the war to be chaotic. In a moment, the Liberation army's were pushed back as the aid from the Gregminster. The imperial's army seemed very ambitious to make the Liberation down. And what made it more difficult, there were too many flags from Imperial's army who focused only on one Liberation flag.

"This is bad," said Sonya as she put down her binocular, tired to see the killing closely. "We upper handed."

Hearing the news only made the other women restless. "Can you see young master right there?"

"Not a chance. It is too chaotic to see."

"Lord Tir…"

Heard his name uttered made Sonya once again looked at the girl behind her. It seemed Kasumi almost lost her half life only to be worried and regretting what had happened. While Cleo took over her binocular without asking, the general started to see what below her which was the gate of Toran's castle.

"Is there any boat left to be board?"

"Unfortunately, no, Sir!" A soldier mistakenly replied Sonya and took her as a man's voice. "The last boat was already taken by Sir Pahn."

"Geez, seriously that idiot!" Cleo barked loudly, made the soldier scared. "How could he go without telling me!— Oh! I see his boat."

"Kasumi!" Sonya called her suddenly, made the ninja girl snapped. "Could you please send a message to that boat, so they can—"


A sudden blast ate up the remaining words that Sonya had. Everyone attentions were now driven to the great smokes ahead of Kaku. They didn't have any idea of what happened.

But, the one in the battlefield had.

As the blast shocked most of the soldiers in that place, the smoke were joining them as they stopped for a while because of that dangerous attack. No one knew what happened, both the Liberation and the Imperial's army as the blast was very sudden occurred in the midst of the fighting.

And as the smoke was getting thinner, a man was standing between them while held the flag tightly in his right hand.

"This is enough," said Tir low, but dangerous. "Or, is there anyone who still want to fight me?"

To have the leader of the army stood in the front line of the army and held the flag with himself was the first time happened in the history. It looked like a great advantage for the Imperial's army since the rest of Liberation's army weren't fit enough to continue the battle. But, although he was alone, he seemed didn't waver about it.

"Kill the one with the flag! Overthrown the rebels!"

The second war cry started. Now, everyone could see clearly how their leader was standing alone in front of them, faced the numerous cavalry readied to strike him down. Their fears were overwhelmed them as they only stayed on their place and didn't charge to stand beside him.

But, it was everything that he needed. At least for what he had decided now…


And it was looked so easy. As the soldiers swarmed around him, he gave only a little effort of his Bo to put them down. He never let those soldiers to pass his line…safely. That was the words which could describe of everything he done. Until it reached too many, he stomped his flag and–


Another blast occurred. It was the same destructive from before and now everyone knew who lies behind it. As the blast killed tons of people, the rest of the Imperials seemed didn't have any brake to stop their attack. Tir, who splashed by the victim's bloods that he killed, only smirked and suddenly rushed into their place.


"What the hell…" Cleo could only shock and didn't dare to remove her eyes from the destroyed battlefield she saw now. "One, two…now five flags were down?!"

"Those imperial's soldiers… What had happened?" Asked Kasumi tried to find some clue of the occurrence in that place.

No one could answer her. Not because no one knew, but they were too busy to see how the battle kept going. Sonya was one of them too and felt so anxiously as her eyes tried to trail where the Liberation's flag went.

But, that flag's motion was too fast. The same thing affected on the battlefield. The Imperial army didn't know that struck them. In a moment, everything was different.

And that leader didn't hesitate for once to kill. He just…did it…

"Final Bell."


The greatest blast was come. It was the greatest disaster they could ever saw. Almost half of the land in front of Kaku was engulfed by a silhouette of a monster. The monster wasn't roaring, but only with its presence, everyone could feel that their lives were sucked in. The Liberation's army could only look at it in shaking even until it was disappeared.

If there was a people in the sky could see everything in that land, they might not be able to hear a single voice at that time.

Everyone in the castle was still shocked in the figure they saw in that blast. Flik and Victor gulped as they saw the vicious thing in front of their eyes, couldn't imagine what they would be if they were still there. But, Mathiu only sighed as if understood everything that happened outside.

As he was expected, but no other could predict, Tir was standing in the midst of the broken land, bathed with the bloods of thousands army. One hand held the Liberation's flag and the other strangled the lifeless body of the Captain of the Imperial's army. As he threw the body down, the Soul Eater was glittering on his right hand, full of satisfied.

They won. But, his heart was empty.

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