Good-byes- Sam witnesses a woman talking to his fathers grave and wonders who she is and if he should tell Dean .

A/N: I know John Winchester was cremated , however in my story he was buried whole so to speak.

Disclaimer: No one but Regan is my character and the puppy

Regan wondered which sound was more annoying, the sound of the windshield wipers on the windshield: or the rain n drops hitting the windshield. She turned the key in the ignition, turning off the engine. She didn't have any problems finding the cemetery in Lawrence Kansas. She was surprised though on how cold it was for a fall day.

She watched, as the few people, who had been gathered around a freshly dug grave, placing flowers on the casket then walking away. She noticed a shorter man lingering around the casket, almost like he shouldn't have been there. The taller man went back to the shorter one, latched onto his arm and led him away. She waited for a few more minutes before getting out of the car. The rain had started to die down and almost came to a stop. She made her way to the new grave and stopped next to it; she took a gloved finger and ran it down the side of the wood. She tugged on her baseball hat to pull it further down over her eyes.

"Hey John, I'm here baby, we have to talk but I'll let you rest for now, let you get use to your new digs so to speak" Regan lifted her head and was glad that there was no one around to hear her almost rude comment. Placing a kiss on her fingers and touching the cold wood with them, she turned around d to go back to the car.

Something had made Sam go back one more time to the casket that was adorned with flowers, after he placed his brother in the Impala. He stopped by a tree and noticed a person standing next to John's casket. He wondered who it was, first he thought it was the demon, but when he advanced towards the person. He saw the person tenderly touch the casket. He suddenly felt like he was intruding , so he decided to get Dean over to Bobby's and let the healing begin. He'd come back tomorrow.


"Really, this is how you are going to spend the afternoon, watching Soaps?" John asked as he limped over to the couch. His wife had been addicted to the same shows that Regan was watching now. He sat 

down next to her and looked over at the screen then decided to ask "isn't there any thing else you could be doing right now, like helping me with research or…."

" John, there is no way you can go back to that house yet and you know it so either relax or call your boys or you can sit here with me and watch my soaps with me I'll make dinner later for you"

John always knew when a woman defeated him and this time was no different. he sat down on the couch next to Regan and tried to follow the story line that had been playing out on the screen. Three hours later his brain hurt trying to figure out the story lines "So wait Carly was married to Sonny , and is in love with Jason, but is married to that Australian guy?"

Regan tried her very best not to burst out laughing , but she couldn't help it " Yes , but that was for GH, for one life to live that girl Jessica and Natalie are twins by spate fathers" she watch John roll his eyes and struggle to get back up off the couch.

"I told you the couch before that the couch would hold you hostage" Regan joked "Where are you going?"

"Well you made breakfast and lunch I'll make dinner , besides if I don't move around a little bit my leg will bother me more later " John told her with a cock eyed smile…

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