Regan had decided that the rain was the more annoying sound so she pulled into a smaller hotel that she had seen when she came into Kansas. AS she pulled into the lot she saw a puppy ish dog walking across the lot. Regan was a sucker for animals; she smiled as a memory crossed her mind.

" really, John that cat won't hurt you , right Oscar " Regan mused as the large coon cat lay on the bed , in John's spot . The cat looked up at John and hissed as John sat down.

"Come on Regan that cat hates me"

Regan laughed out loud " he doesn't hate you he just likes being in bed with me ,he cuddles up to me when you aren't here "

John, scuffed the cat and dropped him on the ground, the cat looked up at him with its green eyes and hissed, before he walked away. John crawled onto the bed "Yea, well I like being in bed with you too" he kissed her cheek before working his way to her lips. Regan squealed in delight and wrapped her arms around him.

This was one of the rare times he acted like the carefree man that he once was, but Regan knew in the morning he would be gone. He was going too met up with his boys. Regan asked him a few times about his sons, John was secretive about his sons, so after a long talk she never asked him again.

Regan parked her truck and walked to the office to get a room for the night. A woman walked over to her "Can I help you honey?"

"Yes, I'm here to get a room for about 3 days. A friend of mine died and I'm in town for the funeral "

"Oh I'm sorry and what is your name?" the woman asked as she typed on the computer.

"Regan Winchester "

"Really? A John Winchester is being buried tomorrow, are you related to him?"

Regan poured on the tears "No… he, he was my husband for one day "Sorry John she whispered in her head.

The woman looked up at her I'm sorry to hear that, we wondered if John ever remarried. Now let's see I have a room down at the end next to a Sam Winchester. I think that is John's youngest. The oldest was killed in a police shoot out ya know"

Regan did know but she didn't say anything to the woman about knowing " Oh my god really ? "

"Yea "the woman went on "Dean was the good looking womanizing one, Sam the smart one, kind of shy. But Dena went off half cocked and killed his girlfriend, tied her up and killed her. "

"Well then good thing the cops got him" Regan told the woman, knowing that wasn't true "Can I just get the key to my room? Oh and did you know there is a dog running around the parking lot?"

The woman handed her key to the room "Yes that dog showed up yesterday. I did call the pound but then the dog left. Let me know if it causes a problem. Good night"

"Thank you I will and good night to you "the woman smiled as Regan walked out of the office to her room. She stopped at the door and turned around to look down at the dog looking up at her. She bent down at the tag on the collar "Johnny" Only in Kansas would she find a dog whose name was Johnny.

Regan ,opened the door and looked down at the dog " Sorry Johnny , not tonight" she felt bad closing the door in the dog's face ,not a second later did she heard a loud howling barking noise. She closed her eyes and let out a loud sigh.

Ok now what right?