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Five Times Monty Pippin Could Have Said Something
(And one time when he kind of did)

He could have mentioned it right away, at the swinger's party, could've told Eddie that the term 'swing' applied to him in more ways than one. But he just settled for trying to impress the detective. He thought it'd be easier that way.

He could have made a move while they were in that stalker's hotel room, reading through the opera. He could have shifted on the bed, closed the small distance between them. Instead he just let himself drift off to sleep, so close but still so far away. It seemed easier that way.

He could have brought it up after the Colin Kinney fiasco, could've mentioned that he didn't want Eddie to leave. Instead he painted "Yank Cop Go Home" on the side of a double-decker bus, and pointed it out to Eddie. He worked better that way, hiding it all. It was easier.

He could have asked to move in with Eddie, when Fiona had her sights set on New York. Could have taken that leap, could have gotten closer. Instead he offered Audrey's services to find Eddie the perfect roommate, and watched as she asked his partner questions that had been in his mind. It was better that way. Easier.

He could have taken it further in the car, when he found he'd fallen asleep on Eddie's shoulder. He could have kept sleeping, feigned exhaustion, anything to keep himself that close to Eddie Arlette. But he sat up quickly, letting the awkwardness of what had happened take hold. He didn't say anything. It was easier that way.

He finally said it. He finally let the words slip out. I love you. But it wasn't like it mattered. It wasn't like Eddie understood what he was saying, they were just words. It was just Monty, just the way he was. But he said it, and that was something.