"Mom!" Brooke yells. I roll my eyes.

"What now, Brooke?" She'd had herself locked in her bathroom for the past hour.

"I can't find my curling iron anywhere." Honestly I don't know how she can lose something like that. But somehow she till manages to do so.

"Are you sure its not in your bathroom?" It probably was.

"Yes, I'm sure. That's the first place I looked!" She said in an extremely irritated tone of voice.

"Oh! It's in mine. I forgot that I used it. Sorry." I replied apologetically. I needed it for my interview for the teaching job at the local high school. Apparently the previous teacher had a near fatal heart attack and decided it was time for retirement. Everyone else at the school was probably thinking the same thing as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't get it. The Principal said it was something about me looking too young, so the students wouldn't respect me. Ridiculous. Physically I was at least five years older then any of them anyway.

Oh well. It's not as if we need the money or anything. I mean after seventy some years of working at various high schools around the country the money kind of begins to pile up.

"Where is Darrin anyway?" Brooke asks, stirring me from my thoughts.

"He said he'd be here by 7 o'clock, he still has five minutes, and knowing your brother he will most likely show up as the last minute." We had a family hunting trip planned for tonight and Darrin had decided to go out anyway.

I look up and see Brooke's hair is completely styled and looking fabulous. Something I'd never be able to achieve, know matter how long I worked at it.

"Brooke, honey, why do you insist on doing your hair like that? We're only going hunting you know?" She just rolls her eyes at me and turns around back toward the bathroom. She reminds me so much of Alice at times like there. She's someone I rarely think about. I try not to.

"Here come Darrin now." I say just as he opens the front door. "Just in time. Let's go."

"Alright!" He says. He's always excited when we go hunting as a family. He sees it as competition. "I'll race you Sis!" He yells, running toward his huge white Dodge Ram 2500. There's absolutely no way he's winning this race. Brooke's Corvette will totally blow his truck away.

As they speed away, I walk to my car at a human's pace. I have a Ford Escape. Not showy at all. Unlike Brooke and Darrin's brand-new vehicles. But of course I've never been one to want to draw attention to myself.

As I pull up to next to Brooke's navy blue Corvette, at our usual hunting spot, I see them waiting for me near the edge of the woods.

I quickly sprint over to them and say "Well, So who won the race?"

Darrin quickly replies "Brooke did, but I let her win." Yea, of course he did. Brooke just laughs at this and then looks at me.

"Well alright then, Let's go!" She says.