Forever In Love

Forever In Love


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Fear and sorrow swept through me as I approached the unsuspecting man. He was walking down the cold streets of Seattle, Washington, probably on his way home from work, unaware of the fact that he would not make it.

His scent hit my senses and a new pool of venom collected in my thirsty throat. I wanted nothing more than to drain him of his life's blood. The sweet smell was taunting as I waited for the perfect moment to attack.

He was whistling some commercial jingle, trying to shake off the foreboding feeling of dread. I continued to follow him in the shadows, keeping my footsteps light and graceful. He turned every so often and looked over his shoulder. His eyes would scan the shadows, but he would never be able to see me.

He continued to walk, but ever so faster. It was his attempt to get away from me. I smiled at his weak effort.

"Sir?" I asked, my velvet voice sweet.

He turned sharply. He hadn't expected a woman.

His eyes looked me up and down, taking in my newfound beauty. His eyes widened when they found my jet black eyes. It had been a long while since I last went hunting.

"Yes?" His voice cracked.

I walked slowly up to him, trying to suppress the urge to lunge at him. I said nothing as I stood there smiling at my victim.

Everything went black and the only sound was a man's cry and his dying heartbeat.

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