I do NOT under any circumstances own Skip Beat! Or any of the characters in this one-shot. They are all the wonderful creations of Yoshiki Nakamura-sensei.

Whispers in the Dark I'll Be There

A Ren/Kyoko one-shot

Lyrics and music by: Skillet

Song- Whispers in the dark

click link to hear song /watch?vwgiJkrAL9K4 BEFORE READING PLEASE!!

Lyrics: at the bottom of the page

Our story begins, in fact, with Fuwa Sho, as we watch in on a heated discussion about his

PV promotional or music video.

"I want Kyoko to be the lead female part." Sho stated bluntly as he stared the director- -the one from his last PV- -in the eyes.

"Fuwa-kun, if you are going to be the lead male part then I don't think that Mogami-san should act the lead. I think that her acting is too much for you. Director Rokuu forgot her name, sorry stated, watching Sho get angrier with every word she said.

"I don't care, I want you to get her, no matter what it takes! I know a person that can be male lead if it will make you happy! I just want to see her, for Gods sake!" Sho shouted at Rokuu.

"Okay, we'll get Mogami-san, but on one condition," Rokuu stated, "I get to pick the male lead."

Sho pondered what she said for a minute or two, and finally agreed. " Okay. Shoko let's go, we have a photo shoot."

"Hey, Minamani-san," Rokuu shouted at a person passing by, " Get Tsuraga-san's manager on the phone."


A very tired Kyoko walked down the hall toward the LoveMe section door. As she reached for the knob, she heard something callings her. "Onee-chan, Onee-chan!! Guess what!?" Kyoko turned to see Maria-chan running toward her. They exchanged the usual hugs. Kyoko asked, "what?"

"Onee-chan, Mr.Sa- Sa-, that guy with the funny hair and mustache wants you" Maria said, taking Kyoko's hand and dragging her toward Mr. Sawara's office.

"Mr. Sawara-san?" Kyoko thought out loud 'what could he want? Oh shit! I hope I haven't been casted out of Dark Moon!' Kyoko thought, bringing the worst-case scenario she could at that moment to her mind.

"Kyoko! You have a job offer, it's another PV! It's about a young couple!!" Kyoko's eyes got huge and she ran up to Sawara's desk "I WANNA BE IN IT! I WANNA BE IN IT-wait, who's it for?" Kyoko asked

" Well that's just the thing, we don't know. It came from a anonymous director, so do you still want to do it." Sawara said, picking up the phone.

"Well I don't know who it could possibly be that wants me in there PV, but why not? It could boost my rankings in this world, so I accept." Kyoko said with the heroic figure and pose.

" Okay, have a nice day, Mogami-san"

Kyoko walked out of his office; happy to get another job, yet uncertain about who the director was going to be, and who the PV was for.

Ren walked down the hall, Yoshiro at his side. They had just finished an acting job and were heading toward the car when Yoshiro's phone rang. "Yes…really…I'll ask, one minute…Hey Ren, You want to be in a PV, we don't know who the director is but-,"

" No… if I don't know who's directing it why should I bother."

"Kyoko-chan is in it!" Yoshiro said, giving off those puppy dog eyes," you'll be acting opposite her!"

"Okay? And…?"

"He said okay…tomorrow five o clock…okay…thank you." Yoshiro said, hanging up the phone

"Wait, what?" Ren asked, looking at Yoshiro in shock.

"Oh, you are going to be acting counter part to Kyoko-chan tomorrow at five o clock at the Rokorita Studios for a PV."

"You agreed for me? What if it's a crazy producer and director. What if its another PV for Sho Fuwa!" Ren said, getting into his car.

"yeah but think about it," Yoshiro whispered in his ear, " what if it is…you can imply that Kyoko-chan is yours, once and for all."

Ren gave it a little thought. "Fine"

Authors note- yes I know, very short. But I am going to ad more chapters to it. So it's not over yet. When I get to the part where they are shooting the PV, I will pt in the lyrics. But you can still check out the video if you want, it's a pretty awesome song.