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Chapter 19

"Here she is for her first live performance with her newest single, lyrics by Kouyamika Arisa and musical styling by Rose Parade, Kyoko-Chan!"

Crowds of people had gathered as the sun was setting on the cool fall afternoon. Almost complete silence had covered the area and the lights that covered the top of the tent dimmed, giving the stage full attention. A spotlight, stage left, shimmered through the air. Kyoko walked onto the warm stage with a medium pace, and in a simple sundress. As she made her way to center-stage, the silence was interrupted by the loud screams from fan boys and fan girls, shouting, "We love you Kyoko-sama!" and "My number is 238-2005! Call me, kay?!".

Ren, however, watched quietly in a seat below with a smile on his face. In his mind, he was thinking, "I always told her she looked cute in a sundress. I still can't believe her mother said she didn't." He smiled to himself. Of the entire wardrobe that they had in that building, she would pick something completely normal. Same old Kyoko.

She on the other hand was as nervous as ever. Her palms sweated under the bright and blinding light, and heart was beating so loud that she was afraid that if she held the microphone just a hair too low, that her heartbeat would be heard throughout the outdoor auditorium. "Remember the lyrics Kyoko, you can do this. It's your first live concert but you can do it. Just forget about him." She smiled and waved, anxiously awaiting the band behind her to hurry up and start playing the music.

The crowd eventually became quiet again, and the nervous singer began.

Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just tryin to get by.
Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking towards the sky.
And as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize-
That everyday you find
Just what he's looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines.

He said take my hand,
Live while you can
Don't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand

And as he spoke, he spoke ordinary words
Although they did not feel
For I felt what I had not felt before
You'd swear those words could heal.
And as I looked up into those eyes
His vision borrows mine.
And to know he's no stranger,
For I feel I've held him for all of time.

And he said take my hand,
Live while you can
And if we walk now we will divide and conquer this land.
Don't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand
Right in the palm of your hand

Please come with me,
See what I see.
Touch the stars for time will not flee.
Time will not flee.
Can you be

Just a dream, just an ordinary dream.
As I wake in bed
And the boy, that boy, that ordinary boy.
Or was it all in my head?
Did he asked if I would come along
It all seemed so real.
But as I looked to the door,
I saw that boy standing there with a deal.
And he said he my take my hand,
Live while you can,
Don't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand
Right in the palm of your hand
Right in the palm of your hand

Just a day, just an ordinary day
Just trying to get by.

Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky.

She exited stage right, the slightly annoying spotlight following her all the way off stage. Finally, the people screaming her name had stopped and another band had taken her place. "My first live English. Wow." She walked down the four steps and peeked around the corner to look at the judges, all four of them, including Ren. Right next to him was her seat, but her anxiety was so built up that she was having second thoughts about just walking over and sitting down at the table between center stage and stage right with the rest of them. "I fooled him once, but will I be able to again?" She sweatdropped and turned to face the LME building right behind the stage, and then back to Ren. "I can just go to the LoveMe office, pull myself together and be all peachy again for judging. Yea." Kyoko looked back at him once more to make sure he wasn't looking, and took off towards her temporary sanctuary.

Even though she didn't notice, Ren saw her and was now following close behind. "What was that? She looked like she was about to have a breakdown any second. She was fine earlier. What could have happened?" He kept ten paces behind her and when she turned a corner, he would stay still for at least ten seconds to make sure she didn't look back to check for any unwanted followers.

After closing the door to the LoveMe office, Kyoko sat on the couch and thought quietly to herself as a silent tear rolled down her face. "Why? Why did he choose to love me? Why can't he just accept that nothing is going to ever happen between us again? He lost his chance when he broke my heart. Why can't he just stay out of my damn life! I hate him!" Her tears weren't so silent anymore.

Ren could tell that it was getting worse when he heard something that resembled the sound of a small object smashing into the wall. He turned the knob and walked in, trying to keep quiet as to not scare her.

Kyoko's demons swirling around her picked up on Ren's aura. One whispered in her ear.
"Kyooko-chan. Loverrr Boy's heree." The soft but very serious voice shocked Kyoko greatly, and shattered her thoughts of the perfect getaway. "What! How could he be here? I was positive that he didn't see me when I left. He can see me! My lie is exposed! Crap, crap, crap!"

She turned slowly to the side and looked into Ren's eyes. She noticed a mix of emotions on his face. Sadness, confusion, hurt, the urge to comfort.

"Kyoko, I-What?" he asked in a small voice, one that was quiet but it filled the room at the same time. Her pale, tear-stained face broke his heart, and it hurt even more when he thought that he may have been the cause of it. It was hard for him to know that she left to cry, without letting him know and hiding it all from him.

The voice he used, Kyoko noticed, wasn't like the voice that he used for his career. It was the one that he used when they were by themselves, the one that displayed all emotions and most of all, it was the voice that Kyoko loved.

Ren bent down and sat next to her. He caressed her cheek and they looked into each others eyes. A stray tear leaked from her eyes and trailed down her cheek. When more fell, the thin string holding her sanity snapped and she fell into Ren's waiting arms and cried silently into his chest. He held her tight and gently ran his fingers through her hair. "Kyoko, why didn't you tell me that you weren't alright? I don't understand. I'm so worried about you, and it's breaking me to think that it could be me that's making you feel like this? Why don't you trust me? Can you tell me?" he asked, whispering in her ear.

"G-gomen nasai. It isn't that I don't trust you. It's just that I didn't want you to worry about me," she choked out.

"She was worrying about me? How can she worry about me, when less than six hours ago, she was almost raped by the guy who was pushing her around for most of her life?" Ren felt horrible at the moment. She had set herself aside for him, just so that he wouldn't mess up with any jobs. He had left her in a dangerous emotional state. "Kyoko. I should be the one saying sorry. I left you when you probably needed me the most… for my job. It isn't your fault." He held her head to his chest and rubbed her back.

"I'm so sorry, Ren," she cried, rubbing her eyes a bit. "It's not your fault. I, I just, didn't want you to worry about me. I mean, your work, and I, I just couldn't. I didn't want to cause trouble for you. Please forgive me. I-"

In the middle of her sentence, Ren leaned down and cleared the space between them, linking her lips with his to silence her. He felt her sadness and hurt loosen up a bit, but her salty tears still revealed her feelings. He pulled away and held his arms around her tight in a way that said he would never let go. Their breathing slowed and it was the only thing heard in the intense silence. Kyoko shifted a bit and looked at Ren in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Ren. It's all my fault and you should be out there listening to the shows and all, but instead you're in here with me. It's all my fault. I'm so so-" She was cut off by Ren's index finger placed gently on her lips.

"Kyoko, listen to me. It's not your fault, about anything. I love you so much, and it's impossible for me not to forgive you, for anything. But just promise me something. If there is anything that you go through, anything at all, and you can't make it through, come find me. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, just trust me. You don't have to take it alone. I'm here for you, forever. And that isn't changing anytime soon. I don't like seeing you like this."

She sniffled a bit and nodded. "Thank you. I trust you, and I'm sorry for not thinking that I could tell you about my problems. I just feel like I'm going downhill lately."

"It's okay. Everyone goes through these things. Don't worry. Now let's get over this together so we can go back out. I hear there are some people who want to discuss a possible future in your career with you." He smiled gently and they got off of the floor and sat on the couch, both of them determined to figure this out once and for all.

"I have an idea and I think it might work. What do you think, Sean? I think she's way better than Alyssa ever was," she said, placing her guitar strap in the case and moving to the electric piano, pulling out a cord from the back.

"Yeah, for real. I mean just look at her vocal range. Amazing. And I hear that her acting is amazing too."


Kyoko was awaked by a jab in the side. "Huh?" she asked, rather loudly, and still obviously half asleep. Her dark haired assailant jabbed her again, covered her mouth and motioned her to come with her. "Where the heck are you-," she yawned, "taking me?"

"My house. Hurry up! I already have everything you need so let's go!" she halfway screamed, halfway whispered.

Kyoko took a glance at the clock flashing 3:00 a.m. on it. She muttered what sounded like a soft, "Okay" and followed her kidnapper out the door, concentrating on not falling over something.

Okay, do i say this? well, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who stayed with this fanfic for so long. Now that it is coming to a end, I was looking back, and I realized three things.

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It took me a while to come to this decision, and I have decided that I will be re-writing Unforgettable.

I have talked this over with my beta and I have some different ideas that I most definatly want to use before the sequel. The re-write will follow the basic plotline used for this, but It will show more of Kyoko-Ren love life, instead of just the BAM! and they're in love like I did in this. Also, I have an idea that will ultimately make it longer, and hopefully better.

I am, however, going to finish this fanfic on this story. After I am finished, I will keep it up until I get the new first chapter out. Then I will delete this. the title will be the same and as I said earlier, the stopy will go along the same line.

Now this is what I would like your honest opinion on.

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