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Digimon Continuity

Aftermath of 02 - Part One

The Government

Chapter 1

Gathering of Chosen

Tuesday - 31st December 2002

:. Digital World - Server Continent

06:24 PM JST

"OIKAWA!!" Iori let out one final shout to the heavens as what was left of Oikawa disappeared into the horizon, fusing with the Digital World. Moments passed, silence ensuing with none daring to break it. It was a time of grief for the man that sacrificed the remainder of himself to restore the Digital World. A sacrifice that none of them would forget. The image of the Real World above faded as the white blue sky of the Digital World was restored.

The first to step forward was none other than Daisuke. The latter placed a hand on Iori's shoulder, who was still staring at his hands in shock and disbelief. "Iori..." The said boy's shoulders sagged. "It was... it was his wish... we have to respect it..." The youngest member of the main team looked into the eyes of the goggle bearing boy.

Takeru walked over, hat still off, and helped Iori to his feet. He resisted the urge to wise-crack Daisuke's choice of words that were not usually the latter's style, but now was not the time. "Daisuke is right." Takeru agreed. "Even if we didn't want it to happen, it has... and we have to live with that." Iori nodded, but it was clear that his thoughts were still on his father's former friend. The Digimon approached and joined their respective partners.

"Is Iori going to be alright?" Patamon whispered, perched at the top of his head. Takeru shrugged, unsure.

Gennai walked over as well. "It is rare to find human adults who would be willing to have done such a thing... even if his life had been spent in darkness, I believe his last actions have redeemed him." The others nodded in agreement. Oikawa wasn't even really the one doing it. It was all Myotismon... or MaloMyotismon. He was not to blame for being the scapegoat to cover the vampire Digimon's actions. Mutterings in from the foreign Chosen were heard, but none of them understandable. Takeru frowned. They may have reached a certain level of understanding during the time when they all needed to work together to solve the problem of the Digimon in their world, but that did not mean that the language barrier between the Japanese Chosen and the others had been removed.

Gennai seemed to notice this as well. He gave Takeru and the others a smug grin, before begining to speak in another language altogether, calming a few to listen. This went on for a while, allowing the Japanese Chosen to stand one side where they stood out and could regroup. Takeru, after making sure that Iori would be alright with Armadillomon, walked to where Koushiro stood. "Um... I didn't know Gennai was multi-lingual."

The older boy simply shrugged. "Neither did I, but I'm glad he is." Takeru gave a glance around. A tingling feeling made its way from his gut to his feet, leaving the bottom of them sweaty. Everyone was looking at the main Chosen, the Japanese, in eager anticipation. Gennai was obviously the cause of this. Before Takeru could phrase the question, Koushiro already spoke up. "What did you tell them, Gennai?" The former owner of the Crest of Knowledge asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I simply told them to calm down and listen to what you had to say," the Digital Being said calmly, while Koushiro looked as though he was about to jump into the air.

The red head gulped. "Um... we don't have much to say..." Takeru could practically hear the thoughts going through Koushiro's head. The genius could probably come up with a dozen and one ways to make use of this rare gathering of all the Chosen of the world, but clearly the guy needed time to think them up. Koushiro was not one used to acting purely by his gut... though Taichi was.

The leader of the older team and the former bearer of the goggles that Daisuke so proudly wore stepped forward, automatically taking charge. No one complained, not even his brother, who would usually be the one to object. But as of late, Takeru realised with a start that Taichi had rarely messed up anymore, though the times when he did so on purpose had to be discounted. It was perhaps Daisuke that kept the image of the Taichi of old that was always criticised by his brother for something foolish, one aspect that was previously shared by Daisuke, who had also seemed to grow mature. Takeru found this odd, and blamed it on himself being too used to them to notice any change at first.

"Alright Koushiro, I guess that we should celebrate, right? The Digital World is restored again, and MaloMyotismon is gone."

"But... Oikawa..." The said boy protested.

Taichi sagged his shoulders, indicating the release of his tension. "Oikawa wouldn't have wanted us to grief for him too much. Besides, he is probably looking at us right now, wanting us to celebrate this occasion." Takeru looked up to the sky on impulse, and found that the butterflies that represented Oikawa were flying around over their heads. Though none of them had really gotten close to Oikawa to know him well, Takeru took the butterflies as a sign that Taichi was right.

Iori seemed to agree. "Yeah, I'm sure Oikawa would have wanted us to do that, and probably let the other Chosen see the Digital World. After all, this is the first time most of them have come here." Iori said all of it calmly, though Takeru could detect a few breaks in his DNA partner's voice as the boy attempted calm.

"No guys, we should probably go home first, our parents and theirs are worried. We can schedule the tour of the Digital World some other day," Sora said, looking up into the sky where the Real World had been projected previously.

"Sora is right, Taichi," Yamato agreed. The younger group did not comment as the older ones engaged in conversation, neither did the foreign Chosen, showing great respect for the original Chosen.

"Yeah Taichi. I think we should leave the younger team's Digimon here in the Digital World to recuperate," Koushiro said. When Daisuke and Veemon opened their mouths to object, Koushiro quickly cut them. "Come on guys. You wouldn't have enough strength to hold your data together in the Real World, even in your In-Training forms. You had best stay here a while longer, and we'll come pick you guys up tomorrow," Koushiro finished, before giving it some thought. "Besides, we can have the foreign Chosen leave their Digimon here too, and our Digimon can use the time to get to know one another. That'll make things a lot easier."

Daisuke frowned. "But I thought they didn't speak our language," he said, confused.

Miyako made a move to hit Daisuke on the head, but was held back by Ken. Koushiro sighed. "Daisuke, don't you think that Digimon have their own language too?"

Daisuke's features took an expression of shock. "They did?" Takeru laughed aloud.

"Of course they did, Daisuke."

"Yeah, Daisuke." Veemon agreed.

Koushiro shook his head. "Um... guys, let's not leave them in suspense anymore." He pointed to the foreign Chosen, confused by not being able to understand Japanese, save a few who were very busy translating. Taichi nodded, glancing to Gennai.

The Chosen's old friend turned to the foreign ones, somehow projecting his voice in various languages to allow for them to understand what they were supposed to do. Meanwhile, Mimi came over along with two familiar faces.

"Hi guys, look who I met!"

One of them was inevitably Michael, while the other was surprisingly, a blonde with two bunnys of clashing colours on each shoulder. "Hiya guys." The other American greeted in rather fluent Japanese. "Nice to see you again."

"Hi, Daisuke, Veemon." one of the bunnys waved.

"Wallace!" was Daisuke's rather stunned reply, forgetting to greet the said boy's two Digimon. Takeru thought he detected a faint trace of jealousy from the tone, and remembered with a short chuckle how Wallace turned the goggle bearer green by simply kissing both Hikari and Miyako. Doing both had dramatic effect as, Takeru chuckled again, Daisuke never had the privilege of doing so for either before. Strangely, the thought made him feel a little jealous as well, though Takeru shook it off to meet their friends.

"How are you doing, Wallace?" Hikari asked, Gatomon in her arms.

"Fine." Wallace replied smiling. "Or at least, better after Kokomon came back." The darker variation of the two bunnys waved uneasily.

"That... is Kokomon?" Miyako asked in surprise. Ken looked lost as the conversation continued.

"Yep. I found his egg and now he's back to normal again... though he is shy." Wallace said, while Gummymon laughed at his companion. Kokomon looked even more uncomfortable and tried to edge closer to the other side of Wallace.

"Gummymon, don't make fun of your twin." Wallace scolded before turning to the shyer bunny. "Come on Kokomon, he was just having some fun, he meant no harm." The bunny merely nodded, but pulled himself closer to Wallace. The latter sighed.

"Um... what about us?" Noriko asked out of the blue. Takeru stopped in his tracks, glancing at the assembled former Dark Spored children. But he need not do anything, for Taichi touched his shoulder.

"Takeru, I need you to go to the French Chosen."

An eyebrow rose. "Why?"

"Catherine at the very least will recognise you, and she can tell the other French Chosen what to do. You need to get their emails, and give them ours. Gennai and his other... uh... friends, will come over translate if you need help. I'll take care of the guys here," Taichi said. Takeru nodded in understanding, and began to make his way to the distinct place where the French Chosen were. Wallace decided to tag along.

"Why are you following me?" Takeru asked when the former caught up.

"Oh, Mimi already explained most of what we need to know to the American ones, and I already understand just fine. Besides, Kokomon was getting agitated, so I thought it would be better for him if there were less people around." Wallace absent-mindedly petted Kokomon on the head. "Also, I can help too. I sure they speak English," Wallace said with a grin. Takeru shrugged, and found to his surprise Patamon was asleep.

:. Digital World - Server Continent

06:57 PM JST

"Can someone explain to me who was that guy?!" Ken asked in anger as the guy walked away with Takeru, chatting like old friends. Wormmon tried to calm his partner down, but to no avail.

"Oh... yeah, Ken, I forgot you didn't know," Daisuke said, though the grin he had on was very misleading.

"That's right, Daisuke, I don't know. Who is he?"

"He's Wallace, Ken," Hikari said. "We met him after defeating you as the Kaiser. But then you were not with us yet, that is why the both of you never met."

"Oh..." was what Ken had to say.

Koushiro came over to them, beckoning them together. "Guys, we need you to go to the Chosen you met in during the 'Tour'."

"Eh? What for?"

"Well, Daisuke," Koushiro began to explain. "We need to get their emails, and give them ours so that we can remain connected. Then a lot of things will be a whole lot easier. So, Daisuke, Taichi can use a hand, as Mimi is already done with the American Chosen. Ken, go with Yamato to the Russian Chosen. Iori..." Koushiro hesitated for a moment, frowning. But Iori nodded, and indicated that he was alright. "... Iori, you're with Joe on the Australians. Hikari comes with me, and Miyako go with Sora to the smaller groups." He shifted his gaze to Miyako. "You have the hard job Miyako, you and Sora. There are those who we haven't met and are not part of the few big groups. You and Sora will have to go to them one by one to do the exchange, think you can handle it?"

"Of course I can," Miyako said with a nod, proud to have such a task.

"Alright. I have already told Sora and Gennai. They are waiting for you." With that, the Chosen split up to their respective tasks.

Hikari went with Koushiro, as the latter said. "I didn't think that Mimi could finish so fast."

Koushiro flashed her a smile. "Me neither, but I guess it helps to speak English and have Wallace around. And it has been a while since they have met."

Hikari nodded, agreeing with the older boy's statement before she halted. "Wait a minute," Hikari said as the thought ran through her mind. "They have met before?" No wonder she brought Wallace along with Michael to meet us... but I don't remember either of them having mentioned that they have met the other before.

Her statement was met with a frown. "Yeah, they have," He said rather reluctantly.


"Well... some time before," Koushiro replied, though his answer wasn't much help. Hikari made to continue, but decided to postpone it when they bumped into the Chinese Chosen... and in particular, three love-sick Hong Kong ones. Her face paled. Oh no. I forgot...

:. Digital World - Server Continent

09:43 PM JST

A few hours later, the Japanese Chosen, the two teams, first and second, gathered together once again. All were tired and exhausted, but satisfied. "Well, I think most of them are gone." Koushiro said, refering to the Dark Spored Chosen.

"They are. I sent the other kids back quite a while ago and came back," Taichi said in response, feeling his back ache from the constant movement. "How did everything go?"

"Smoothly. Now all the Chosen know our emails... mine actually," Koushiro muttered the last part, but Taichi heard anyway. "I think that I am most likely going to need a translator for my laptop soon, seeing the number that of emails with languages I don't understand about to hit my mailbox," Koushiro said with a grimace.

"Don't worry, Koushiro," Yamato yawned. "We'll find a way around that in time."

"Hey, isn't it a little late?" Takeru asked, checking his watch. "Our parents..." He began.

"... are not worrying," Taichi finished. "I've told them what we were doing and that we were going back a little late when I went with the others to the Real World," he continued, mentioning his having to teach the Dark Spored children how to use their new D3s.

"Then... I guess it is time to go home?" Mimi asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued. "About time. I'm tired."

"So am I, Mimi," Palmon said, yawning as well.

Mimi picked up her partner, probably deciding that it was rather safe now to bring her Digimon to the Real World in America, and waved goodbye to them as she opened a Digital Gate to where she lived. After waving back in return, Koushiro quickly continued the conversation. "Alright guys, you have to leave your Digimon here now."

His statement was met with groans from Daisuke. "But why?" Veemon asked, enthusiasm damped.

Koushiro was in a bad enough mood to glare. Having to give and take down emails of who knew how many Chosen would do that to a person. "No." Koushiro said firmly. "You have to leave them here to rest."

Only Daisuke opposed. But when confronted by his irritable team-mates, he allowed it. "But I'll be back first thing in the morning to get Veemon!"

"I think the only problem is that you wouldn't be able to wake up, Daisuke." Taichi heard Veemon say. Daisuke's face turned red, but the other Chosen only had the strength to chuckle.

"Don't worry guys, we'll also leave our Digimon here, so that your Digimon at least has company," Taichi told the goggle wearing boy in hopes to lighten his spirit. Taichi swore he heard Gatomon groan about how she had to stay with less-than-mature Digimon for a whole day.

"Good idea, Taichi," Yamato sanctioned. "But it is really time we get back."

The said teenager nodded, making his way to the DigiPort first. He had to make sure none of them, especially Daisuke, try to sneak their Digimon out. As much as he wanted to allow it, he knew for a fact that a good day's rest without fighting to hold together their data will do good for the Digimon.

Fortunately, none of them were in the right mind to even attempt such a plot. Daisuke included. Soon, they were through the portal and on their way home.

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