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How To Save Her Life

Chapter 1: Promises

(Sunday- 11:34 am) (Miley's house) (April 12)

"And… perfect!" Miley said as she added the finishing touches of her eye shadow. She snapped the makeup shut and turned the lights off in her room before making her way downstairs. She quickly gazed out the window to the driveway. "C'mon! Hannah's already late!" she said, smoothing out her long blonde wig.

The sound of the telephone suddenly cut through the silence. Miley sighed and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Lilly landing in twenty!" an excited Lilly said.

"Lilly! Wait, hold on!" Miley said, but Lilly had already hung up. Miley put the phone down and automatically opened the door for her best friend's grand entrance. Sure enough, twenty seconds later, Lilly leaped through the entryway and stuck a perfect landing by the piano on her prized skateboard.

"Hey, Miley!" she said, hopping off her board and removing her helmet. "Check this out!" She proudly displayed the shiny gold medal that she wore around her neck.

"Whoa, where'd you get that?" Miley asked curiously.

"The competition yesterday. You know, at the skate park." Lilly's smile gradually faded. "The one you promised to go to…"

Miley suddenly remembered. "Oh sweet niblets… Lilly, I'm sorry. It totally slipped my mind."

"It's all right", Lilly said. "Don't worry about it. You're pretty busy being Hannah Montana and all. Speaking of which, why are you Hannah now?"

"Dakota's throwing a 'birthday extravaganza' for one of her friends and asked me to make an appearance." She looked out the window nervously. "It was so last minute that the limo's late. And my dad's flight back from Tennessee was delayed, so he's out of the picture until tomorrow."

"Oh", Lilly said, her eyes downcast. "I was hoping you were free today so we could do something."

At that moment, a limo pulled into the driveway. "Finally!" Miley said. "Look, Lilly, I've gotta go. I'll be back later and I promise we can hang out."

Miley sped out the door and locked it after Lilly followed her. Her long blonde wig danced in the soft sea breeze as she ran toward the limo.

"Bye, Miley!" Lilly said, waving. "Have fun at the…" But Miley had already slammed the door shut and the driver speedily maneuvered the limo out of the driveway.

Lilly lowered her hand. "… party."

She stood there alone, watching the limo take off toward the freeway.


(Later that day)

"I'll be right back, everybody", Miley said as she hopped out of the limo and onto her driveway. "Just gotta get a few things."

The sun was sunk low in the sky, spelling the end of a beautiful day in Malibu. Miley ran up the walkway and jammed her house key into the front door lock. When she got inside, she hastily grabbed her purse and cell phone she had forgotten that morning. Just as she was locking the front door on her way out, a familiar voice called out to her.

"Hey Miley, you're back!" Lilly was jogging up the walkway. "How was the party?"

"Oh, hey Lilly", Miley said impatiently. "It was great."

"So, are you busy?"

"Um, yeah", Miley said. "I just came by for my purse and my phone. Some people from the party are checking out this club downtown and I wanted to tag along."

"Oh… okay", Lilly said, disheartened.

Miley could see the disappointment clouding her eyes. "Oh, Lilly… I'm", she began.

"Maybe some other time", Lilly said, turning to leave.

"Lilly", Miley said. She put her hands on her shoulders, a contrite smile on her face. "Tomorrow at seven", she said, her tone brightening. "After we get back from that concert in LA. We'll have a movie night, just you and me. I promise."

Lilly raised her eyes and a smile shone on her face. "That sounds great!"

"Good", Miley said. "Now, I gotta go, okay?"

Lilly nodded in reply.

"See you tomorrow!" Miley said as she ran back to the limo.

"See ya", Lilly said, waving.

When the limo had departed, Lilly walked home. Nightfall was quickly creeping up on the last hopeful beams of fading sunlight.