Miyu's crush chapter three

Their friends, Hisae and Yukari stood outside waiting for Chisato and Miyu. They both got a phone call last night from Chisato in a happy and hyper tone explaining her feelings for Miyu, that Miyu was living with her and that Miyu had a pet named Shiina. They waited in the bright morning sun as the air brushed against their faces gracefully.

"Did Chisato ring you at all last night Hisae?" Yukari, a tall girl with short navy hair asked her intelligent friend Hisae.

"Yeah she did," Hisae replied. "She seemed rather happy that Miyu moved into her house."
"She would be," Yukari cooly replied. "Especially after what she's just told me."

"She told you, she was smitten with Miyu?"

"She didn't need to tell me," Yukari sighed. "It's so obvious she fancies Miyu, she was talking about her non stop and quite hyper she was as well. But yeah, she did tell me she fancied Miyu."

"I wonder if Miyu feels the same way?" Hisae wondered whilst she pushed up her glasses.
"I doubt it," Yukari admitted. "She doesn't seem like the loving type."

"Oh look here they are," Hisae saw Chisato and Miyu walking to the gate, whilst Shiina was on materialized on Miyu's shoulder.

"HIYA!" Chisato said cheerfully whilst she hugged Yukari and Hisae. "I told you about Miyu's pet, Shiina didn't I? She's cute!"
"Let's have a look at it." Yukari requested.
"It's not it, it's her!"

"Let's have a look at her!"

Shiina hoped onto Yukari's shoulder as the short haired bluenette smiled at her. "So this thing is your pet Miyu?" She asked whilst feeling the weight on her shoulder. "I wonder what it is?"
"It looks like a rabbit with large whispers on it's back," Hisae said as she looked closer to the pink creature. "I don't know what kind of pet it is, but it looks really rare!"

"I'm not a pet," Shiina replied. "Miyu and I are close friends."

"See I told you Yukari," Chisato pointed out. "It talks as well. Really cool."

"Has Miyu told you, she has a crush on someone?"
"NO!" Chisato exclaimed. "Who is it? Who is it?" She clasped her hands and turned to Miyu. "Come on Miyu, who is it?"

"You can't force it out Chisato!" Yukari told Chisato.

"She might not want to tell." Hisae stated.

"She's too shy and worried to say anything," Shiina stated. "She likes dodging questions like that!"

Miyu had no idea how to react to the fact that Shiina was communicating with Yukari, Hisae and her crush, Chisato. She had no idea if it made her situation better, or worse. She felt the calm wind on her face and the metal bars against her back. She was completely nervous about the situation and almost had no idea what to say, what to do, or how she should be thinking right now. Miyu wasn't used to this situation at all, fair enough if it was just the girls on their own, but it was Shiina, the pink like rabbit creature; a completely harmless Shimna to say the last. Her yellow shot eye, was a great advantage at times.

Miyu also noticed that Reiha was watching her every move. Everywhere single move, every whisper, every thought, it was crystal clear to her that Reiha was planning something. The brunette didn't know what the purpose of Reiha's stalking, one thing she did know, she was getting uncomfortable with it. The way her cold green eyes stared at her, along with the annoying Matzukaze throwing obscene comments to her heartlessly.

She was desperate to confess her feelings to Chisato, that was no lie. Deep in her heart she just wanted to let it all slip out, and come clean to her. Her job as the Guardian, constantly watched, snd full of secrets delayed it. Miyu was always searching for the right time. The right time would be when her heart felt ready and when it was safe enough to admit them. Miyu was aware that time was precious, so she mustn't waste a second.

There was a time, where Miyu became interested in a guy named Kei, however, a Shinma named Ranka defeated her, on the fight to his heart and she had to seal them both away. Miyu found it very ironic that a girl with long luxurious black hair, was walking towards her. She was very similar to Ranka, in fact, when the quiet girl joined them -Miyu realized that it was Ranka herself. She had not changed one little bit.

"Why hello there Miyu," Ranka smiled as she stared at Miyu. "It has been a long time since we last met."

"You know this girl Miyu?" Chisato asked as Shiina was sliding on her head.
"What brings you here Ranka?" Miyu asked the Shimna.

"I've heard a lot about you," Ranka told the vampire princess, "Especially from Reiha and Matzukaze."
"You have?" Miyu asked, as she felt her heart pumping. "What kind of things are they saying?"
"They mentioned, that you had the hots for a girl," The raven haired girl told her. "The girl was very well with Shiina, she had reddish brown hair and a cheerful attitude."

"I smell trouble," Shiina admitted as she faced down.
All of the other girls looked at Miyu. Miyu froze to the spot, the words were stuck in her throat. She felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated. Things were far too fast. So Reiha knew that Miyu had a crush on Chisato as well. Miyu wouldn't be surprised if the rumors sparked all over school, and also amongst the Shimna.

Perhaps, Shiina was right, it would have been better to have told her yesterday. It would have been a lot better than hearing if off Ranka. On the other hand, it could be just the consequence of being in love. Wait, what was she thinking, she's been through things much worse than this, Chisato was bound to have forgiven her. After all, Larva did warn her, she would get hurt if she got to close to the girls. Now she had grown attached to Chisato like a sweet addiction.

She looked at Chisato, who was completely innocent, blushing; just like she did this morning. She stared into her brown eyes as she looked at her in concern. Chisato quickly took three steps closer to Miyu. "Miyu ..." The honey haired girl murmured, is this true. "Is it true that you have a crush on me?"

Miyu felt like her heart had been pushing into confessing her feelings for Chisato. However, it felt as if there was a sudden opportunity in sight, and she didn't want to lose it. "It is true," Miyu admitted as she held onto both hands of Chisato, Her hands were wrapped sweetly around her wrists. Miyu was at a loss for words, Chisato was finally aware of Miyu's feelings for her. To Miyu, these feelings were more than just a crush, they were desires to share happiness, kindness and commitment. Although Miyu was aware that it sounded cliché, it was how she felt. "I love you Chisato," Miyu said with her whole heart as her eyes were firmly glued to the chocolate eyes of Chisato.

"I guess that makes it even then," Yukari spoke out.
"Chisato called us last night and told us she had a crush on you as well Miyu," Hisae stated with a nice smile across her intelligent face.

"So you might as well go out with each other."

"This is nice," Ranka smiled as she saw Miyu in a romantic position. "Please don't let me disturb you. Anyway, I have to go. Goodbye Miyu, nice seeing you again." Then Ranka skipped away from them.

Miyu and Chisato continued to stare at each other's eyes. Miyu felt the shaking and shyness from Chisato's arms and by looking at the shade of red on her cheek. She tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek with the palm of her hand. Chisato leaned against the stroking hand peacefully as she closed her eyes.

"We'll leave you lovers alone," Yukari told them as she and Hisae departed them and normally went to class. "Though the bell is about to ring, so if you're going to kiss make it quick."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Chisato asked Miyu feeling the tears down her face. "Why? I loved you, we were best friends, you could have told me anything."
"I didn't want to destroy our friendship by telling you I loved you." She admitted as she held Chisato closer to her chest. "I feared our friendship would disappear if I told you."

"It wouldn't have Miyu," Chisato shook her head as she held onto her waist tighter. "I had a crush on you as well. I think you're really beautiful, inside and out!"
"Thank you, Chisato." Miyu said as se leaned her face on Chisato's shoulder.

"You're welcome, and I love you too." Chisato's crying ceased as they both stared at each other again. The honey haired girl quickly wiped her tears away and kissed Miyu on the cheek.

"See!" Shiina announced as she hopped onto Miyu's shoulder. "I told you it wouldn't be so bad. I've seen cases like this that haven't had the results they wanted. Anyway like I said, you two would make a cute couple."

"You just had to open your big mouth didn't you Shiina," Miyu smirked as she tickled Shiina's fur.

"I was only trying to help." Shiina nodded. "So where's my credit?"
"Thanks Shiina," Miyu and Chisato replied in unison, then stared at each other, shocked they said it at the same time.

Shiina sighed and then jumped to the floor. "See what I mean?" She then turned her back on them and walked away. "See you later lovers."