(Yeah? Kairi, what is it?)

Um, well... Oh I don't know how to say this. Well, we've know each other for a long time and...well, I think it's time you knew how I felt.

(Uh, Kairi... Maybe this isn't the best--)

No, no I need to say this now: before I change my mind about all of this. All of this...you, me, us... Sora don't walk away from me! I need to get this off my chest!

(Kairi, about that... See, I need to talk to you about--)

Riku told me that I shouldn't do this, that it would be akward and difficult, and iboy/i is it! But, I think it'll be worth it once you know that...that...Sora, I love you. I always have. When that Axel, Roxas' friend or whatever, kinapped me, I was worried. Worried that i would never see you again; worried that he find out how I felt and explict it to make something...horrible happen.

(Kairi, Axel's...)

Dead--I know, but I still fear. That memory has been carved into my heart, hasn't it Sora? You would know. You have my heart: physically and emotionally. Heh, I can't believe I'm saying all of this now, at once; it's so unlike me. But oh this hollow feeling in my soul, the aching that keeps me up at night (Kairi...), no Sora, don't interupt. Not now, when I finally am able to grasp, to wrap my mind around, what I have been feeling since I was eight--since I watched you and Riku fight and wrestle; since I watched you glance at me every now and again; since...I...

(Kairi, I really need to tell you that--)

Oh Sora. Silly, silly Sora with a silly, silly key. You are so impatient, but I can manage. After all, that's what love is all about: tolerence, right?

(Well, yeah but...Kairi?)

Oh Sora, I saw what you drew in the Secret Place. I know you love me too. (Kairi?) It'll be great now that we're home. Wathing the sunset together... (Kairi..?) Sitting in the waves... (Kairi!)

Oh, God Sora! What is it!?

(I'm gay.)