Authors Note: Ah! This time im doing a Twilight Fic. How nice, a new style of writing to! Anyway, this is all human and it takes place in the Civil War period. 3 So enjoy and if I made any mistakes, please correct me. R& R and no Flaming!


It was a cool summers night. The cicadas are chirping and the breeze whipped across my face, sending shivers down my spine. I could here the slaves, working still in the plantation. They where lucky it was cool out. Most of the time it was very humid, which led to more energy needed.

I looked up at the moon, a waning gibbous. It made me happy, but not too happy. War was waging in the United States. Our own… Civil war. The north is our enemy, the south is my ally.

Oh, please forgive me. My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. Im the daughter of a Plantation owner, his name is Charlie. My mother divorced my father and lives with her new husband in the north. I don't consider her a traitor.

I live in the southern states of the US. I move around every so often, so I never have one home. I looked up at the moon again once more before hearing a knock on my door. I swiftly come to the door and open it. I spot my sisters Rosalie and Alice.

Alice is so much like a Pixie. The way she moves and the way she talks, its so very much alike that I truly believe she is one, or she was one in a past life. She is currently engaged to a Confederate Major, Major Jasper.

My other sister Rosalie, is very beautiful. She looks like Alice's fiancé, so people sometimes mistake them for twins. It's a wonder they are not twins. She has blonde hair, and a very sour attitude at times, but I still like her. I am her sister after all.

"What is it Rose, Alice?", I ask waltzing over to my queen sized bed. It was getting late and I was getting tired.

"Papa wants us to move again", Rose said like a know it all. I smiled at her. She was in one of those moods again, best not to get her angry. I sigh and Alice comes over to me and sits on my lap.

"Alice, what are you doing", this was something else I didn't like them doing. Always having a sleep over in my room the day before we move.

"Oh Bella! I don't want to move. Jasper is here and I don't want to leave him", she said over dramatically.

Rose looked at me, then surprised me. She started crying to! "R-rose!", I say shaking her.

"Bella, I found a wonderful guy! He's in the army too! And I don't want leave him either!", she wailed. I sighed, hugging them both.

"Oh Rose. I bet he's a wonderful guy, he has to be in order to get along with you!", I said smiling. Rose looked up at me and glared.

"Whats that suppose to mean, Bella?!", she screeched. I laughed nervously.

"Any way, Rose! You must tell me all about him!", I happily said. I loved learning about the men they liked. Me on the other hand, have never been in love. When I find the man Im destined for I'll now it!

"His name is Emmett! He is so nice, and strong! I think you would warm up to him Bells. He could be like your big brother!", he said giggling. I noticed how happy she was just thinking about him. Good for you Rose.

"Anyway, on a serious note", Alice said staring at me. When Alice was serious about something, it meant it was important.

Alice continued ", I think we should run away Bella. Rose thinks so too." I turned to Rose to see her nodding and ducking her head down. I sigh.

"Where would we go? Three ladies walking the dirt roads doesn't exactly look normal.", I retorted softly. Alice looked at me.

"We would be going to the Confederate Camps where Emmett and Major Jasper are of course!", Rose smiled. So now she was in a good mood.

"Well, im not sure…", I said nervously. I didn't want to hang out with smelly soldiers…

"Come on Bella!", Alice and Rose pleaded at the same time. I sigh and look at the ceiling.

"Fine", I say softly. This was going to be the worst decision I have ever made.