This is coming from some random inspiration, I hope you like it.

Warning: Incest and LOTS OF CURSING

Dirty Words

Edmund loved the word fuck. He loved how crisp it sounded coming out of his mouth, harsh and sharp as he bit out the ending sound. It was one of the few things he had actually picked up from the language of his original world. It was the perfect word for him. It was the perfect word to use when Peter slammed into him, brushing his prostate and causing blinding lights to burst in his eyes. It was the perfect word to whisper when he looked at his brother and just couldn't believe how beautiful he was. And, it was the perfect word to request as Peter pushed him down onto their mattress as the satisfying click of the door closing behind their mother echoed into the house. It was the perfect word for every perfect situation Edmund could ever think of.

But, there were times when Edmund was forced to stain and scar his perfect word. It was the perfect word to use in other times as well, in situations that were far from perfect.

Fuck was the perfect word to hiss as their mother came home from the store to find them ridding out their orgasmic high, entangled in Peter's bed. It was the perfect word to scream as the door was slammed in their face as they were kicked out of their home for refusing to stop being together. And it was the perfect word to gasp out in tears as Peter pushed him away, telling him he'd had enough.

Peter hated the word fuck, as it was the last word he heard Edmund whisper into the dark evening night sky, as he left him on the sidewalk with all the hope in the world that his parents will take his beloved little brother back into their hearts.

Edmund loves the word fuck as every night, as he sleeps in Peter's old bed, he remembers gasping it out as they made love.


Wow, this was actually supposed to be humor…that is definitely not what happened. If you would like me to add a follow up chapter where they have a happy ending just tell me and I may do it. I hope you liked it and R & R