Well I don't know how good this is but I have been told to add a second chapter so here it goes. I hope you like it and enjoy!

Edmund hates the word love when it comes from his parents lips. With every 'I love you' he can't help but hate them that much more. With every card he receives for his birthday, or any other holiday, signed 'With Love," he can't help but fight the urge to scream in their faces. He hates them. He hates how the word is used so freely and he doubts he can take it much longer, these false 'I love you's. It really was only a matter of time before he snapped, and that time came as his mother left, calling out,

"I'll be back soon, I love you Ed."

"I hate you."

His words were dark as every feeling he had ever felt for them comes rushing out in a river of dark disgust.

"You don't even know what love is." He hissed.

"Tell me Ed, tell me what love is." It's his voice, so smooth and kind, so filled with a soft sadness that unwanted tears began to form at the edge of his eyes.

But he really doesn't need to explain what love is to Peter. He doesn't need to say aloud that love is the way Peter looks in the morning, his hair mussed as he rubs the sleep from his eyes. It's the look in their eyes as they simply spot each other across the room, it's the way their fingers feel locked together. And it's the way their heart beats only for each other.

But their mother doesn't get it. But the faux 'I love you's stop, and that's all Edmund can ask for as he leaves, his fingers entangled in Peter's, suitcase in hand.

Peter whispers into his ear, late at night, and it's perfect in its honesty as his breath brushes against his ear and he shudders in simple delight.

I love you.