"My Three Sons: Batman Style"

Summary: Bruce tackles raising three sons: Dick, Jason, and Tim.

Author's Note(s): For the purpose of this story: 1) Jason Todd did not die. He, like his older brother Dick, outgrew the Robin persona and created his own: Talon. His costume is black, except for three red slashes across his chest. 2) Dick is eighteen, Jason is fifteen, and Tim is twelve. 3) Barbara didn't become Oracle, was never shot, and chose to make herself into a new crime fighter called Kestrel. 4) Cassie Cain lives with Babs and Commisioner Gordon rather than Bruce. She's Batgirl. 5) The two girls are the same age as Dick and Tim.

Warning: This story will contain the corporal punishment of teenagers—even an eighteen year old—and adolescents. If this bothers you, DO NOT READ OR REVIEW THIS STORY. YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY WARNED!!

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I just wrote this story for the fun of it.

Chapter 1: Boys will be Boys

The dark streets of Gotham City teemed with people, but high above them on the rooftops above, a battle was being waged for their very lives without them ever knowing it.

Batman, the Dark Knight, had protected the city he had called home for nearly two decades now. For many years, he had stood alone—a lone blockade against the tide of villainy and criminal mischief that plagued the city at its core—but no longer. He had gathered around him three very special young men…

"Nightwing," Batman spoke into his comm. link, "do you read me?"

He was currently on one of four rooftops that gazed down at a lone warehouse in Gotham's east side district. There had been reports of drug trafficking coming from this area and all the clues had led them here. Tonight, there would be a few less drug traffickers on the streets. He and his boys would see to it.

"Reading you loud and clear," Nightwing's voice spoke back to him. "Perimeter is clear on this side so far. No sign of anything…yet."

"Keep watching," he instructed his oldest, "something's bound to happen sooner than later."

"Will do," Nightwing said. "Nighwing out." The comm. link disconnected.

Batman nodded. Everything was all right on the right side, but how about the back?

"Talon," he said, connecting to his middle protégé's comm. link. "Do you read me?"

"Yo," his middle boy's voice popped into his year loudly. "What's up, Pops? I hear ya!"

Batman sighed. Talon had a wild streak in him that was proving hard to tame. "Just checking in," he told him, "anything back there?"

"Nope?" Talon replied. "Boring as hell back here! Can we go yet?"

Batman sighed. "Watch your language," he reprimanded, "and no. Not yet. Keep your eyes open."

A loud sigh was his only reply at first. "Sure thing, Pops," Talon said. "Later." There was a definite click as his comm. link disconnected.

Batman shook his head. What was he going to do with that kid? So, the right and back were taken care of. Now for the left?

"Robin?" He called his youngest "bird". "Do you read me?"

"Yes, sir," Robin's young voice squeaked a bit over the line, "I hear you. Nothing to report, though." He sounded tired, which wasn't surprising as it was nearly eleven o'clock at night.

At twelve, he was the youngest of his boys and would normally have been in bed sleeping by now. But this sting was just too important and he needed all of them to help round up the scum.

"Try and stay awake a little bit longer," Batman told him. "It shouldn't be too much longer."

"Yes, sir," Robin replied, and then his comm. link also clicked.

Batman nodded. The entire perimeter was secure and that meant if something did go down he and his boys would be able to spot it.

Just then, two cars pulled up and several men got out and headed into the warehouse.

Batman connected to all three comm. links at once. "All right," he spoke to his three partners, "this is it. Everyone ready?"

"Ready," Nightwing responded.

"You bet," Talon said, "let's go kick some ass!"

"Ready whenever you are," Robin replied.

"All right then," Batman said, "let's go, but move carefully. We don't know yet what kind of weapons they got." Taking out a grappling line, he prepared to repel down to the warehouses roof. From the other three rooftops, he saw three lines shoot out at the same time and connect to the roof. Three dark shapes then repelled down below.

Smiling, a surge of paternal pride welling up in him, he released his own in and leapt into the night sky with his cape flying out behind him to join his boys down below.

It was time to go to work.