"My Three Sons: Batman Style"

Summary: Bruce tackles raising three sons: Dick, Jason, and Tim.

Author's Note(s): For the purpose of this story: 1) Jason Todd did not die. He, like his older brother Dick, outgrew the Robin persona and created his own: Talon. His costume is black, except for three red slashes across his chest. 2) Dick is eighteen, Jason is fifteen, and Tim is twelve. 3) Barbara didn't become Oracle, was never shot, and chose to make herself into a new crime fighter called Kestrel. 4) Cassie Cain lives with Babs and Commisioner Gordon rather than Bruce. She's Batgirl. 5) The two girls are the same age as Dick and Tim.

Warning: This story will contain the corporal punishment of teenagers—even an eighteen year old—and adolescents. If this bothers you, DO NOT READ OR REVIEW THIS STORY. YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY WARNED!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I just wrote this story for the fun of it.

Chapter 10: Epilogue

Batman stood atop a rooftop, gazing down at the city that he had sworn to protect long ago. Many things had changed since he had first put on the cape and cowl…and most of them stood behind him.

Turning he gazed upon the five young people standing there: Kestrel, Talon, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. All five were dressed in different costumes but were united by two common things: their devotion to doing what was right and their unhesitant trust in him.

He was more than a little proud of the first and was unsure whether it was entirely wise of the second. He was human, he made mistakes, and one of these days he might not come home. What worried him more, and what kept him from making sure that didn't happen, was the thought that one of them might not come home one night.

He would die before he allowed something to happen to any of them. Either that, or the criminals would.

"We're ready whenever you are, sir," Nightwing told him, smirking.

"Let's do it, Pops," Talon said, grinning.

"I'm all set, Dad," Robin piped up, eager to begin the patrol.

He nodded at his three boys, glancing at Kestrel. The former Batgirl was dressed in a Kevlar suit dyed blue and black—similar in appearance to Nightwing's, except that she wore a short cape. Her beautiful red hair spilled down her back, blowing gently in the night air.

She smiled at him. "We're with you," she told him.

"Completely," Batgirl said, nodding seriously.

He nodded back, just as serious, and turned once more to gaze at the rooftops.

"All right," he told them. "Let's go."

As he launched himself into the night, he allowed the barest trace of a smile touch his lips.

He had vowed long ago to defend the people of this city from any thing that threatened them. At the time, his vow had been made as a means of ensuring what happened to him didn't happen again.

Now, he had an even bigger reason for being the Dark Knight…his family.

For Batman wasn't alone anymore, and that was the way he intended to keep it.

The End.

A.N. I know this probably seems like I'm cutting things a bit short, but I never intended for this to be a long, drawn out story. I simply wanted to show a glimspe of what Bruce's life would be like if all three of his "Robins" were in the picture. I hope I have one that, at least. On another note, I have been feeling a bit frustrated that I seem to be able to create anything original. As much as I enjoy writing fan fiction, they are still someone else's characters, and I have always dreamed of getting an original work published. So, I probably won't be adding anything new anytime soon. I intend to finish the stories I have going at the moment, and maybe even deleting one or two of them, but after that it will probably be a while before I write anything new--at least fan fiction wise. With me searching for a teaching position, and concentrating on my original writing, I honestly don't think I'll have the time. I hope, when I do return to writing fan fics, that you will remember my stories and want to read any new ones that will come later. Thank you all for being wonderful readers. It's appreciated.