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My much hyped arm wrestle with Emmett never came to fruition in the end. We all hung out just enjoying each other's company. Carlisle helped Edward fix the doorframe while Esme and Rosalie pottered around the garden re-planting the upturned flowers. Emmett watched some football game on the plasma TV with Jasper, hooting and hollering whenever their team scored a touchdown.

I chatted with Alice in the kitchen, discussing my changing; Alice hadn't remembered hers clearly and wanted to know about my experience. The sun had already set by the time they left. The loving warmth of my new family lifted my spirits and thoughts of my clumsiness and temper tantrum had all but disappeared.

I remembered Alice's gift and was upstairs in the guest room, trying to open the box as daintily as I could. It was a solid object with a base that I could hold onto with plastic foam wrapping covering one end. I unwrapped the packaging and set it on the table, a gasp escaping from my lips.

It was a gorgeous, Art Deco, antique glass lamp styled to resemble an opened parasol. The glass was coloured a lush shade of green. I remembered Alice's advice and wondered how much this gift had cost her.

Where would I put it? The only place I had been allowed to decorate – the house had been a surprise for me and was already furnished and decorated when we moved in – had been our bedroom. I had eclectic taste when it came to room décor and I wanted our bedroom to reflect that but I also didn't want it to resemble a cluttered junk shop. I decided to leave the lamp in the guest room. I wrapped it up and put it in the box then went downstairs to search for Edward.

I found him elegantly reclining on the sofa with a book of poetry in his hand. He was reading with a concentrated expression. Only Edward could make reading poetry seem mind-blowingly sexy.

My brain started ticking over with lustful thoughts as I watched him. I wanted Edward more than anything but I still felt a twinge of nerves when I approached him. I was vampire now; would things be different? Better? Worse? I shuddered at the thought. I swallowed my nerves and decided to be brave.

"Hey there, watch ya readin'?" I asked, my voice quavering slightly.

"Christina Rossetti," he replied, glancing up from his book.

"Any good?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah, actually. She's quite insightful," he answered, staring at the open page.

"Oh, well. I'll just be in the bedroom if you need me. Enjoy your reading," I said lightly and walked out the room. I prayed he would take the hint. No sooner had I sped up the stairs, a blurred figure rushed past me and stood in our bedroom doorway, blocking my entrance.

"I think I just found something better to do," he said with a crooked smile and a smouldering look.

In the time it took to think up a reply, Edward was already kissing me passionately. We staggered through the doorway into our large spacious bedroom still locked in our embrace. His lips felt as familiar to me as they always had but at the same time there was something different. I realised that his smooth-as-glass lips weren't ice cold anymore. He felt warm to me. I hugged him closer to me.

My desire began to override the rest of my senses and I pushed him further back into the room and against the wall with a loud thud. The ceiling light swung forcefully back and forth, throwing dancing shadows across the room. He gripped me tightly in his arms as he kissed along my jaw line and throat. There was an urgency to his kisses but I could tell he was holding back slightly, as if he was still afraid of hurting me.

I could remember the first time we made love. Edward was full of tenderness and care every time he touched me. It was like he was holding a butterfly in his hands and had to be mindful not to crush its delicate wings with a careless touch.

But I didn't want to be treated like a fragile creature. I wanted him to love me in the same way I loved him; without restraint or fear. I decided that I would have to take the lead on this.

I began to tug away at the front of his shirt. I carelessly shredded it and dropped the remains to the floor. I ran my hands over the smooth planes of his chest as Edward kissed along my throat.

I leaned my head back, inviting a trail of kisses down to my collarbone. He ran his tongue across my skin, devouring me slowly. My brain had short-circuited completely, my body and mind could only conceive of one thing; Edward.

I felt my way up his neck and threaded my fingers through his hair with both hands. My hands instinctively curled into fists as I waited impatiently for his lips to meet mine.

"Ouch!" was Edward's response muffled against my lips, as one of his hands flew to the back of his head.

He tugged at my hands and I realised that my iron grip was yanking his hair in a way that was rather painful for him.

"Ooh, sorry!" I said, cringing in embarrassment. That was really bad. I'd never made Edward say "ouch" from physical pain before.

"Its okay, Bella, I'm all right," he said, smiling as he placed my hands around his waist.

My head was bowed down as I looked at the floor waiting for it open up and swallow me whole.

"My love, what's the matter?"

"I made you say 'ouch'," I pouted.

He chuckled as he lifted my chin up with his forefinger. I refused to meet his gaze.

"Bella, you can make me say anything you want,"

"But I didn't mean to –"

I was confused. I looked into his eyes and found myself mesmerised by the smouldering expression that was looking back at me. His eyes were darkening with black fire. His words finally began to sink in.

"Oh," was all I could muster as I realised what he was saying. Could I really make him say anything? I wanted to put that theory to the test. My confusion turned to craving.

I greedily reached up for a kiss, to which he responded as he took me in his arms. I couldn't get enough of Edward's kisses and my desire began to cloud over my senses once again. I lurched forward pushing his back into the wall again, causing a faint cloud of dust to crumble from the ceiling. I would have apologised but I was past caring. I guided Edward's hands to my top, imploring him to undress me while we kissed.

He didn't need any more encouragement and ripped my top open with ease. My top and bra flew to the other side of the room in a high arch. I fumbled with his metal belt buckle which had turned to putty in my hands.

"Damn it," I muttered, as his belt was now stuck.

I felt for a belt hole and then wrenched open the leather belt with the sharp edge of my nail, finally loosening the belt around him. He kicked off his trousers while I hastily undid my jeans. I wore just my black panties while Edward stood in his boxer shorts.

I grasped Edward's neck and binded myself to him; wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. Our kisses were becoming more frantic and our hands were flying everywhere at once over each other's bodies.

Edward bent down to my breasts and I could feel his teeth dragging against the sensitive part of my skin as he licked my nipple. That felt good. My hips bucked against him as he sucked on my nipple, sending me further into overdrive.

My hand took on a mind of its own and in a vain attempt to steady myself against him, I drove my fist into the wall behind Edward. I pulled my hand out carefully; I felt like I had pushed it into a cushion of crumbly dust. I blew the dust off my knuckles. Edward paused to look at me; half anxious, half in awe.

"Don't you dare stop," I demanded.

His mouth was still partially on my nipple and I felt his warm breath on me as he spoke.

"Okay, but let's try the bed," he suggested, gesturing towards the middle of the room where our bed stood.

"Okay," I agreed.

He walked us over and laid me down onto the bed. He positioned himself over me and I looked up into his glowing amber eyes.

"As you were," I commanded and he obediently returned to my left breast. I caressed his back and drew one of his arms up to my face, kissing each of his elegantly long fingers.

Edward kissed a line down towards my abdomen and I could feel heat gathering and swirling like storm clouds in my centre. He was tentatively venturing towards a place he had never been before when I was human…

In one fluid motion, he turned my body to lie sideways across the bed, with my legs draped over the edge of the bed. On one side of me was the headboard and the other side was the end of the bed. My heart would have been thumping out its chest if it could still beat. I held my breath in anticipation, becoming as still as a statue, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for his next move.

He slowly peeled off my underwear and delicately parted my thighs with a light touch that I could barely feel. I wanted to make sure this was really happening. I drew my eyes away from the ceiling and I looked down to see a crop of tussled bronze hair moving between my thighs.

I shut my eyes tight, scared of what I had just seen. I was scared because I'd never seen anything so erotic in my life. I was scared because I felt like I was about to lose control in a way that would be absolutely shameless and possibly quite embarrassing for me. I had obviously corrupted a beautiful angel into doing wicked acts of carnal pleasure just for my own sinful delight.

And then I felt him.

Oh my God.

I gripped the bed sheets and squeezed my already-shut eyes. Electric sparks were running the length of my body, twisting my stomach in a way I could only describe as blissful agony. It felt like lapping waves on a beach shore, each successive wave crashing and building, becoming bigger than the next.

My hips were aching to move against Edward's movements and my legs had a restless energy to squirm in delight but I resisted. I had a bad feeling that any sudden movement could result in me throwing Edward across the room in some misguided attempt to show my pleasure.

My brain was on lockdown, focusing entirely on the heat inside of me. I heard my voice stretch and thicken as I moaned loudly, taking deep breaths to refill my still lungs.

Even though I was resisting from moving, my body was slowly but persistently freeing itself of my mental shackles. My arms began to stretch and reach out into the empty space behind my head. My legs were starting to writhe; my feet were drawing circles in the air.

My left arm reached out to my side and I felt the smooth wooden headboard. I latched onto one of the wooden rails, reducing it to kindling as I crushed it to pieces in my hand. As amazing as Edward felt, I needed and wanted more.

My hips thrust forward to meet him. I felt something dart deep inside me, causing my left leg to kick out spontaneously, sending the bedside table crashing to the floor. My foot also connected with something warm and smooth.

"Agh!" he exclaimed.

I had just kicked Edward in the ribs. Oops. Had the room suddenly shrunk three sizes without me noticing? Why did I feel like I was re-enacting a scene from Godzilla destroying Tokyo? I cringed but Edward just smiled, crawling towards me to meet my lips with a kiss.

"You're not hurt are you?" I asked, worried.

"No, my love. I was about to ask you the same question,"

"Oh, me? I'm fine, it's just…" I trailed off, not sure if I was brave enough to say what I really wanted to.

"What is it, my love?" he said anxiously, trying to read my expression.

"I – I like it…when you're a little…um, rough with me," I blurted out the words, full of embarrassment.

The blissful agony that had nearly sent me over the edge still wasn't quite satisfied. I was craving more of Edward and I needed it right now.

"Oh," he responded. There was a long pause. "Was it not good before?" he asked, with a wounded expression.

"Oh, no no no, I love it when you make love to me," I assured him. "But now I just want…"

"Say it," he pleaded.

I took a deep breath and whispered it quietly, almost inaudibly.

"I need you to fuck me,"

I caught his gaze as I let my words sink in, waiting for his reaction. His jaw was clenched so tight, I wondered if I had just robbed him of the ability to speak. His expression finally softened and changed into something else entirely; pure, unadulterated lust.

"Oh Bella, believe me I want to," he said, his voice thickening; no longer smooth velvet, more a deep seductive growl.

"Then, say it," I implored, staring into his eyes.

I had never heard Edward say the f-word before in my life and an expectant thrill ran through my body as I waited to hear him say it. You could have powered a small country off the tension that was crackling in the room. He kept my gaze and I could see the black fire in his eyes blazing with desire.

"I. Need. To. Fuck. You." He emphasized each word, making his intentions clear.

I came undone by his words. Hearing him say that was almost as good as the real thing. Almost. I pressed my fingers into his shoulder blades in an effort to draw him closer to me. He hungrily kissed every part of my face; my forehead, my brow, along my cheekbone, the soft part underneath my jaw.

"Say it again," I urged him.

"I need to fuck you," he repeated each time he kissed a different part of me, his body grinding against me.

"Then, fuck me, Edward," I said in a quavering voice, as the heat inside me began to boil over.

Without further ado, he lifted me off the bed so that we were standing at the foot of the bed. He spun me round to face away from him. I stared at the empty space in front of me and heard his boxer shorts land on the floor in a soft rumple on the other side of the room.

"Bella, I need you to get down on all fours," he commanded me from behind.

My body was weak with desire and I gracelessly bent down putting my hands out in front of me with my legs apart in silent obedience. Edward knelt down and bent over me with his strong arms coming down on both my sides. I could feel his body close to me, his face resting on my shoulder, his hands close to mine as his large frame dominated me.

He cradled me with one arm and gently guided my hips backwards to meet his. I could feel him enter the liquid softness of my own body. I had never felt him inside me from this angle before and I couldn't stop the shivers of excitement from running through me as we started to rock back and forth slowly.

The desire had turned into some kind of delirium. Nothing made sense anymore. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. Such an odd mix of emotions. Edward seemed to be everywhere at once; inside me, on top of me, underneath me. I could feel Edward's jagged breaths tickling my ear. I could feel every curve of his muscle tense and flex as we moved together. His familiar smell was sweet and musky.

He cupped my breasts roughly, feeling them sway to the rhythm of our bodies. I could hear him moan huskily into my ear which turned me on even more. I couldn't control my response as I became louder and more urgent. Our neighbours were bound to hear us. Anyone within a ten mile radius would have heard us.

I cried out loudly as Edward's hand travelled past my breasts towards my thighs that were pressed against his. The bliss and agony were at war with each other. I was satisfied and yet crying out for more. Edward clamped his hand over my mouth to hold in my screams that were violently rattling the windows. I silently screamed into his hand while he bent his face down to mine, gently shushing me, trying to soothe me.

I was grateful that Edward was dominating me because I couldn't seem to master my strength or my reactions to anything. If I was in charge, I would have smashed the house to pieces by now. I was a caged animal thrashing wildly behind the cage bars and Edward had to tame me. He asserted his hold over me by gripping me securely to his chest with one arm, still making soothing noises in my ear.

I looked down to stare at the pattern in the carpet. I needed to focus on breathing regularly. However, I could barely remember my name, so focused was I on the pleasure flooding through my body, like rolling ocean waves. Each thrust became harder and faster, he didn't have to worry about hurting me anymore.

"Uh…uh, tell me Bella, is this how you like it?" he said, pounding into me.

"Uh, huh," I grunted, as he released his hand from my mouth.

"Then come for me, Bella," he ordered.

"Make me!" I cried out defiantly.

He growled deeply in his throat and his movements became rougher, more frenetic. I smiled triumphantly and pushed back my hips harder to meet each thrust.

The floorboards underneath us creaked and groaned with the motion of our bodies. But we didn't stop. We couldn't stop. I grunted with the force of Edward's thrusts, which were rattling my bones. Had I been human; he would have knocked all breath out of me right now. Luckily, I could lose my breath and not worry about the consequences.

My hands were firmly planted on the floor. I reached up with one hand with the intention to stroke Edward's face which rested on my shoulder. However, a powerful thrust from Edward made me lose my grip on the carpet and I slammed forward to hit the floor.


"Are you okay?" He panted.

"Yeah," I groaned.

I stayed flat on the floor with our bodies still connected and Edward continuing to move inside me with inhuman speed.

"Oh, that feels good," I murmured as I felt a sensitive part of my lower body pressing into the floor.

There was an added sensation of the floorboards that I could feel vibrating underneath me from our movements while Edward lay on top of me, thrusting hard.

A lamp on the other side of the room clattered noisily to the floor and the wardrobe doors shook ferociously. The ceiling light began to swing again, bringing back the dancing shadows. The entire room seemed to be resonating with every movement and feeling we had for each other.

In one sudden moment, I felt as if I had been plunged into ice cold water. My whole body convulsed as a curious icy sensation cascaded through me like a beautiful waterfall. I had never felt such a thing before and I let out a long satisfied moan when I finally realised what was happening to me. I was drowning in euphoria while the world was drifting away from me on an endless ocean.

Everything started to turn black until I heard a voice in the distance calling to me. I opened my eyes and heard him saying my name clearly now, like a lighthouse guiding me to safer shores.


He lifted me onto my hands and knees once more, holding me in place, and nuzzling my neck as we rocked together, this time more gently, in a way that felt close and intimate. I could feel him smiling into my shoulder as he said my name. He shuddered as he came forcefully, calling out my name one last time in a strangled moan. In the blink of an eye we were lying in bed together.

I lifted his body on top of me and cradled him in my arms. At last I was able to take his weight and hold him close to me in a way I had never been able to before. His head was nestled in my chest as I stroked his soft copper hair. Edward was the first to break the silence.

"I think we have some tidying up to do," he said.

"And a new lamp to buy," I replied, looking at the broken lamp.

Something clicked into place like a missing jigsaw piece in my brain.

"Alice…a new lamp…oh God," I buried my face in my hands.

"What is it, Bella? What's wrong?"

"Your sister is what's wrong. She knew we needed a new lamp. I don't know who to be more embarrassed for; me or her. Can vampires die of embarrassment?"

Edward laughed.

"Not that I know of. She probably wanted to be helpful and foresee any more breaks like the coffee table only she saw a little more than she wanted to," he started laughing again. "But don't worry, love, she won't be bothered about it,"

"Well, thank goodness for that," I sighed.

"I don't want to bring out an old cliché but how was it for you?" he asked earnestly, turning his head to look at me.

"The earth moved for me. Literally." I laughed. "Not that I want to bring out an old cliché,"

"That's good to hear; I think you almost passed out at one point,"


I absentmindedly twisted a lock of his copper hair between my fingers.

"Hey, there's one good thing about being a vampire," I said.

"What?" he asked.

"No carpet burns," I smirked.

"That's a definite plus point," he responded.

Does it really feel like that when you…?" my voice trailed off but he knew what I was referring to.

"Only when I'm with you," he said, holding me close.

"Oh, Of course, you're Edward Cullen after all,"

"That I am," he said, a brilliant smile lighting up his angelic face.

"So this was better than reading poetry?" I teased.

"My love, that doesn't even need an answer but if you'll oblige me, may I reply in the words of my favourite poet?" he asked.

"Sure," I replied, smiling broadly. Only Edward could have memorised his favourite poetry by heart.

"As the delicate rose

To the sun's sweet strength,

Doth herself unclose,

Breadth and length;

So spreads my heart to thee

Unveiled utterly,

I to thee


"And in plain English?" I asked.

"I love you."

His words linked together around my heart.

"And I love you always."

Always and forever.