Thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this whole story! And now, the sequel! Of course, it's not exactly a sequel, considering it's Alice and Jasper's story — kind of a side story. Edward, Bella and Teddy will show up from time to time in the later chapters, but it IS going to focus mainly on the A/J relationship. Here's the prologue! ^_^


When She Smiles — PROLOGUE

June 1st, Saturday 2002 - 2:11 PM — Third Person POV

"I hold?" the tiny boy asked, and his little, pale hands reached forward, clasping and unclasping as he grinned. Tiny blue eyes sparkled from beneath shaggy, blond hair. "I hold baby?"

Carlisle Cullen nodded, moving toward his son's best friend, three-year-old Jasper Hale. The tiny boy had tagged along to the hospital, as he'd been with the Cullen's on an outing when Esme had gone into labor. Now, two hours after the birth of six pound, nine ounce Alice Mary Cullen, both boys wanted desperately to see the little girl who already had everyone wrapped around her tiny, pink fingers.

"Here," Carlsile murmured gently, and he leaned down beside the chair that Jasper was sitting in. The little boy's feet dangled over the edge; he grinned, swinging his legs back and forth. "Hold your arms like this, and support her head."

Jasper nodded, and his face was glowing with pride as he stared down at the tiny creature in his arms. Newborn eyes opened, and Jasper's own eyes grew wide as he stared into the baby's bright, blue gaze.

"Pretty," he announced, resting a hand on baby Alice's tummy. He glanced up at Carlisle and grinned yet another toothy grin. "Pretty baby."

Carlisle nodded, smiling at the gentle little boy.

"Very pretty," he agreed, and he ran a hand through Jasper's shaggy hair, coaxing yet another grin from the little boy that barely ever smiled.

"I love this baby girl," Jasper whispered, and he leaned down to place a soft kiss on Alice's forehead. "I'll love her forever."

Carlisle's smile grew. "You do that," he whispered back, and blue eyes met soft brown. "Forever, all right? I'll hold you to that."

With still yet another happy smile, Jasper nodded, wiggling in his seat as a light flush lit his pale cheeks. "Yes, sir!"

Baby Alice squealed, and reached out to grab Jasper's fingers in her tiny hand. She held on tightly, and blue met blue once more. Jasper kissed her once more on the forehead, and as his rosy lips met Alice's soft, baby skin, the tiny boy knew that he would never break his promise to this angel's father.

How could he ever not love her?

It was an impossibility.