By: Raven612

Chapter 2: Frisbee

A/N: So I wrote this originally before Kiss of Life came out and so all the stuff I wrote about Adam is waaaay off base with what is actually in Kiss of Life. But for the sake of my story I'm just going to stick to my guns and keep Adam the way I have him in my story so that there isn't a whole lot of confusion. I'll try and work some stuff from Kiss of Life into this story like Pete and his community service and The Son's of Romero. I'm also happy to see that you all like this story and I'm so glad they made a Generation Dead section so I could take this story from the Misc. section and put it in its rightful place! So enough of my pointless rambling, here goes!!!


Crickets were chirping outside Phoebe's window and a light breeze ruffled the leaves of the trees in her yard and neighborhood. The chill from outside crept in through her window and swirled around her body. She shivered, but didn't lose her place as she read Tommy's latest blog. A soft tap on the window, however, had her jumping from her chair and made Gar growl in protest from his spot on her bed. She smiled when she realized who it was, Adam. She grabbed her hoodie and pulled it on zipping it up to her chin so the autumn air wouldn't freeze her. She walked over and slid her window all the way open.

"You still up...for our date?" Adam rasped.

Phoebe smiled down at him as she slid from her window onto her roof; she expertly navigated her way to the ground and joined him. She hugged his cold rock hard body and smiled up at him, "I would never forget a date with you," she reassured him. She saw his mouth twitch and guessed he tried to smile.

"Good," he moaned and slowly turned away from her. Adam had started to take lessons from Master Griffin once more, and going on Master Griffin's advice Adam has asked his family if he could come back to live with them. Phoebe had accompanied Adam when he asked a second time, and Phoebe wasn't sure if it was because she was there or they really wanted to accept him, but they allowed him to move back in.

"I'm glad your back home, now I don't have to worry about Takayuki trying to get you to join his gang."

"Smiley tried…said I'd make a good…partner," Adam confessed as he hobbled slowly to the other side of their lawn, for now, since neither could drive, they would have to play Frisbee outside their houses.

Phoebe nodded and she spun the Frisbee around her index finger. "I think Karen might be in on their pranks, but she won't say, she gets guarded whenever I try to ask her about them." She tossed the Frisbee through the cool air towards Adam; it plunked right off his chest and landed in the grass a few feet in front of him. His arms twitched, but didn't respond in time to catch the Frisbee.

"She could be…Tak really seems to…like her and she makes…it a point to…talk to George when…ever she can." Adam wheezed as he bent to pick up the Frisbee, it took him a few tries to get his fingers to respond the way he wanted them to.

Phoebe shivered at the mention of George and the mental picture of him chewing on some road kill, "He's an odd one."

A wheeze comes from Adam and Phoebe guesses he was trying to chuckle, "And you…Margi…and Collette aren't weird?"

Phoebe gave him a look and put her hands on her hips and jutted them out one way, "Adam Layman, how dare you compare such fine creatures as Margi, Collette, and I to someone like George," she said in a mocking tone.

"So…sorry," he seemed to stutter, his arm flexed and bent out from his body in an attempt to throw the Frisbee, but his fingers didn't respond and it stayed in his cold, dead hand. His arm vibrated and jumped around as he attempted to throw the Frisbee back to Phoebe. She watched him; she didn't want to interfere because she wanted him to keep trying. After a few more minutes of his arm uselessly jumping around the Frisbee jumped off his fingers and landed on the lawn right in front of him.

"Maybe we could just sit and talk?" she suggested walking towards him.

"No…I can throw a…damn Frisbee," he said almost forcefully, like he was telling himself he could do it more than he was telling Phoebe.

"Okay," Phoebe said and took a step back and waited for him to retrieve the Frisbee from the ground once more.

It took a few more minutes last time, as the Frisbee had now gotten slippery with the dew from the grass. Adam had it in his grasp and his arm bent at the elbow, and it almost looked like he would be able to throw it this time. Instead of actually throwing it, the Frisbee just toppled from his grasp as he was unbending his elbow. It did manage to bounce a couple feet away from him. He stared down at it then looked back up at Phoebe, "Sorry, I guess I'll have to work on throwing next time I'm with Master Griffin."

Phoebe smiled and on her way over to Adam picked up the Frisbee. "Don't worry, you're doing a lot better, don't over exert yourself." She elbowed him for good nature and smiled as she led them to the porch swing behind her house so they could sit and talk.

"Don't worry…about me…" He wheezed as he slowly, yet heavily fell into the swing next to her.

Phoebe used her feet to gently sway them back and forth; Adam's sneakers scrapped along the concrete and added an eerie noise to the outside symphony. Phoebe looked over at him and found him staring off into her backyard, out into the woods. She cleared her throat before she started talking to get his attention. She didn't wait for his head to fully turn towards her before she started talking, "So uhm…did…did…did it…uh….hurt?" She asked him slowly and painfully.

"What?" he asked her, his face got screwed up and looked to be a more painful expression rather than a confused one.

"When you got…shot." She whispered and was reaching out a hand to touch where the bullet had gone through him, but stopped in mid-air not sure if she should touch him.

Adam turned his gaze to her hand, and before he answered her he slowly raised his hand and covered hers with it and guided her hand to his chest where his wound was. "It hurt…on…only for…a…mo…mom…moment, but…it was…worth it…and I…would…do it…again."

Phoebe looked up into his gray, lifeless eyes, and her own began to water. She knew Adam loved her, and in a way as more than just a friend, but she herself wasn't sure which type of love she felt for him. Sure she would be eternally grateful for what he had sacrificed for her, but her feelings were all mixed up. A few tears slid down her cheeks and she sniffed a few times before drawing her freezing hand back into her own chest to warm it. "Adam…I," she stopped to take a shaky breath before turning her body to face him, "I will never be able to tell you how grateful I am for what you did, and how much it means to me, bu-" she was cut off when she heard a guttural sound emanate from Adam.

"Don't" he wheezed forcefully, "don't say…anymore…Phoebs…I'm happy…being with you…now…don't say…some…thing…to kill…the…mood," his mouth twitched as he tried to smile.

A few more tears fell before Phoebe could find her own smile. She nodded, sniffed, and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She had a feeling that the reason he stopped her was because he didn't want to hear she had to say, but she knew it would be unfair to him; to let him think or to make it seem like right now she had feelings for him as more than a friend, she didn't want to hurt him like that. She just wasn't sure how she felt, and she wouldn't say or do anything to make it seem like she had deeper feeling for either Tommy or Adam. For now she would be there for Adam whenever he needed her and she would supply him with encouragement and all the love she could give as a friend. As her mind raced around all her thoughts she snuggled into Adam, which felt like she was cozying up to a huge block of ice. "Thanks, Adam," she whispered as she looked out across the lawn. She felt his arms awkwardly try to curl around her shoulders, but it didn't quite work out and fell uselessly straight across them.

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