Summary: Harry James Potter, or rather Haleigh Jamie Lynn Potter, is just getting to Hogwarts. And surprise, everybody thinks she's a boy. Well, that will NOT do! A Girl!Harry story where everybody thinking she is a boy is due to isolation from the outside world while in hiding and at the Dursleys. And when she gets to Hogwarts she lets everybody know exactly what she is!

Just a one-shot. I read a couple of Girl!Harry stories where Harry willingly pretended to be a boy and I came up with a different idea. Hope you like it!

The Little Miss

By Salaphina

"Harry James Potter." The Professor called out above the heads of the rather nervous first years.

As no one had yet been introduced to or seen the famous Harry Potter they all looked around questioningly. They were so busy looking that they didn't see the short, thin girl everyone had steered clear of on the train due to her odd red and black streaked hair, her surly yet insightful attitude, and the intense gold-green eyes that seemed as though they could see into your soul or freeze you on the spot depending on the girls mood, step up onto the raised dais and begin to climb the stairs.

Then one of the Weasley twins , third years that sat close to the end hoping to be able to pat their brother on the back should he make it into Gryffindor or throw things at him should he not, noticed the little odd ball they had helped out on the platform. "Hey!" He called out "What do you think you're doing? She called Harry Potter."

The girl swung around, scowl on her face. Her face softened a fraction seeing the slightly familiar faces and understanding the concerned looks on their faces, knowing she was going to get an earful from Mean McGonagall. "I know who she called. That's why I am going up there." She turned back and continued stomping up the stairs in her definitely-against-dress-code boots.

Now, none of them noticed Snape straighten up a little and, his brain working a mile a minute, begin to rise out of his chair. It really couldn't be what he thought it was could it? But then, he was rarely wrong…

"What are you doing? I called the name Harry Potter." Minerva's voice was indignant as it broke through his musings. The girl cocked a hip, her fist coming up to meet it.

"Yes, I know." The girl said, irritation creeping into her voice. "That's why I am here, I am Harry Potter."

To say Professor McGonagall was shocked would have been an understatement. Then she chuckled lightly, mockingly before patting the girl on the back telling her, "You seem to need a visit to the nurse dear. Harry Potter is a boy, humm?" Before turning her back on the girl and saying to the crowd, "Last call for Harry P-"

The girl cut her off here. "I told you, you overgrown twit! I am Harry Potter! I don't know about this ridiculous Boy-Who-Lived title they attached to my name, but I assure you that Harry, which happens to be short for Haleigh, is most certainly a girl."

Minerva sputtered, trying to compose herself but before she could say anything, Severus came up behind the child, asking in that soft voice everyone found so disturbing and menacing, "Haleigh, did you say?"

The girl, not surprisingly considering her handle of Minerva and the twins, was not the least bit frightened of the man, looking him straight in the eye with a scowl of her own. "Yes I said Haleigh. Haleigh Jamie Lynn Potter to be exact."

There were a few gasps in the Hall but most were silent, not sure what to make of this girl and her claim to the most famous name in the Wizard World.

Then Snape smiled, something that made everybody in the Great Hall, even the teachers, pity the girl then. Till he dropped to a knee and asked, "You are a Metamorphmagus, correct?"

Haleigh's eyes narrowed, obviously suspicious as to what this tall, dark man was up to, but nodded her head in affirmative anyways.

His smile deepened, satisfaction showing on his face as he stood. He turned to Minerva and chuckled. "This child is, indeed the Potter child." Minerva's eyes widened, the teachers shifted in their seats, and students whispered between each other briefly before turning their eyes back to Professor Snape.

"Are you sure Severus?" McGonagall asked. "How do you know?"

Severus glanced down at the child before turning his eyes back to Minerva. "Years ago, Lily Evans confided in me that, unlike the beliefs of everyone, her family was not in fact muggles." He began to pace the stage, much like he did in his classroom, while giving a lecture. "They were in fact squibs, both side of her family were. You might ask how two disowned, disinherited squibs happened to find each other? Well, in the muggle world there is an organization called The New Generations Association, they call themselves this because while they didn't have magic that they would need a wand for, the kind of magic their families recognized, they had other gifts. Gifts in such areas as manipulation of the elements, water, fire, light, even sound and such others as Miss Potter has, Metamorphmagus, and if I am not mistaken, empathic abilities?" He looked to Haleigh, the question in his eyes and voice as he looked at her.

She nodded, the corner of her lips tipped up. Maybe there was someone here who wasn't stupid after all.

Severus nodded and continued pacing. "The squibs in this organization kept mostly to themselves and didn't date outside the Organization, feeling they wouldn't be able to share their knowledge of the other worlds they had grown up in with fully non-magic partners. Now, Lily's parents were both among the many in the Organization who married within the Organization, her mother, Oreana Black, being the disowned older sister of Bellatrix, Narcissa, and the later disowned Andromeda." There were many gasps in the Great Hall this time. Not all, as some had no idea of the significance of the names of the infamous Black sisters, but all the teachers, the pure bloods, and those who knew the three's names, or at least the those of the two who had married suitably and not been disowned. "Her father, Michael Evans," he went on. "Was the second cousin of Michelle Parkinson's Father, Alfred Parkinson." Talk went up all over the Hall. Harry Potter, not only a pure blood, but part Slytherin as well? Simply scandalous.

Severus, irritated at being interrupted, shouted, "Silence." Without changing his tone a wit. The silence that fell was more impressive than any Headmaster Dumbledore ever managed to produce. But he took no notice of the impressed looks on the staffs faces and continued to pace. "Her mother was one of those able to control an element. But she was one of few who were able to manipulate multiple elements. Elements that include, but were not limited to, if I am not mistaken, water, wind, light, and metal. Her husband was a metamorphmagus, empathic, as well as in possession of a few other gifts she couldn't put name to at the time. These gifts skipped an entire generation, missing Lily and her sister Petunia. But they obviously all came together in Miss Potter here." He waved a hand toward Haleigh.

Professor McGonagall stirred from her shock to ask, "What does this have to do with her masquerading as a boy, Severus?"

Severus held a finger in her general direction, telling her to be patient without actually taking the time to look at her. She rolled her eyes and aloud him to continue.

"Empathy is probably the most remarkable gift you will ever come across. You see, when a person is empathetic they are aware almost the moment they begin to develop. One of the greatest and most terrible gifts anyone can have. They are aware of the wants and needs of others even in the womb. But, metamorphmagi are immensely proud people, otherwise it is likely Miss Potter would have been born a boy, or at least a hermaphrodite. But because of this pride it wouldn't allow her to change her sex. But even an empath who is a metamorphmagus is not able to ignore the wishes of other people so she changed her features enough so that she could look enough like a boy for her father to treat her like one, or at least nickname her Harry." He turned to Haleigh, small smile still on his face. "Am I right Miss Potter?"

Haleigh laughed and nodded her head. "Of course, Mister Snape. And I must say I am impressed, I didn't imagine anyone would figure it out, let alone so soon."

"Well," came Minerva's weak reply. "Well," her voice got a little stronger as she regained her composure. "Come over here Miss Potter to be sorted." She waved a hand toward the stool and lifted the hat to put on her head.

Haleigh started forward but stopped after a couple of steps and looked back at Severus. "Are you Head of a house Professor?"

Severus was startled for a moment but replied. "Yes, I am Head of House of Slytherin."

Her grin was immediate and slightly scary but she just nodded and continued on her way. She sat on the stool and the moment the hat was place on her head he chuckled in her ear. "Like to make an uproar don't you?"

"Not particularly," she replied. "I just don't like people telling me that I am not who I know I am when they don't know me."

The hat chuckled again. "So, I get the feeling you have a certain house in mind?"

"Yes. I would like to be put in Professor Snape's house, Slytherin."

The hat chuckled, "They are never going to believe it! The consummate Gryffindor, literally, wants to be in Slytherin! Dumbledore's little hero, his Golden Girl, favors Severus Snape." The hat broke out in full laughter in Haleigh's ear. "But it is good you want Slytherin," he said after calming down. "That is where you belong most, you really could go anywhere but that is where you will do best. You may be born of a couple of the biggest Gryffindors I have ever sorted but you are a cross between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, with Slytherin the majority. And with all the changes you have in mind I doubt there is any other place that would give you a better advantage. Slytherins may be a stubborn lot but they respond to power and you certainly have enough of that." He said warily, knowing the girl would visit him, or rather the Headmaster's office many times in the years to come. He sighed, "So it is settled then.


To say everyone was shocked would be such an understatement that it would be insulting to the reaction this garnered. There was such total silence as Haleigh took the hat off his head as Professor McGonagall seemed to stunned to respond that her foot steps as she walked away from the stool echoed through out the room.

Until the Slytherins realized they just got the student every other house wanted and erupted into cheers that threatened to deafen the rest of the hall. Some even went as far as to shout hahaha! over and over again at the despondent Gryffindor table, which groaned as a whole at the thought of losing the savior of the wizarding world to the Slytherins of all people.

But Haleigh, smiling all the way, just walked down to the Slytherin table. But instead of sitting at the end of the table with the rest of the first years she passed them. All the students turned and watched her walk down to the middle of the table.

She stopped at the area at the very center of the table that the entire school knew as the 'Court.' It was a place for the most elite of Hogwarts wealthy purebloods, even the few that weren't in Slytherin like the higher class Ravenclaws though no Ravenclaw had ever been 'King.' It was where they lorded over the rest of the school from.

Well, little Haleigh walked right up behind the current 'King' and waited. When he, stupidly, didn't turn she scowled and waved a discreet hand. The 'King.' who was in fact the elder brother of fellow first year, Blaise Zabini, Thomas Zabini slid over two spots pushing the last two people on the bench off and on to the floor. With space opened up Haleigh sat down.

Right on the proverbial 'Throne.' Thomas stood, indignant that he had been pushed out of his spot, the spot he fought tooth and nail to keep in the treacherous 'Snake Den.' He stood at full height, hoping to intimidate the little brat, forgetting completely that his own Head of House had failed to do just that, and shouted, "Who do you think you are Haleigh Potter?" spitting the name like a curse word.

Haleigh just turned and after a few moments grinned. "I think we have already covered this haven't we?" Thomas scowled fiercely. Haleigh's grin became positively feral, so much so that anyone who had ever come in contact with a wolf or lion would agree that it resembled more a threatening bearing of teeth than any type of smile. "But never mind that, if you like you can call me the Devil incarnate because I can assure you your life will become hell, should continue to make a spectacle of this. Sit down Mr. Zabini, before you piss me off." Her eyes were narrowed as she said this last, the rumor of her being able to freeze you on the spot coming to the forefront of many mind, one Thomas Zabini in particular as he slowly sat down, careful not to make any sudden movements.

Haleigh's grin became no friendlier but did loose the threats it had previously held.

"But I would prefer Harry if you don't mind."

Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in this chapter but my computer won't let me upload the edited verson and I am honestly to tired to fix what ever is wrong with my computer right now.