-Sequel to Insanity- They may all be twins but they are all very unique. They all enjoy each other's company…or do they? What's going on that could be so important? How are they surviving high school, or even going home with their families?

Breaking All the Rules; Prologue

December 25, 2024

9:00 p.m.

Nathaniel Cole's point of View

(Nathaniel goes by Cole)

I re-read my mom's letter and laughed. She kinda hit the nail on the head... I looked a little bit like her and a bit like my dad. I had dirty blonde hair that I am going to dye in a couple of hours. And my eyes were green with flecks of green. I had my dad's love for working out and I had his temper. I love sarcasm and it's like my best friend.

My sister Alice Marie is my twin and she is very original in this house. She has bleach cloned hair like my mom and her eyes are like mine but they have a little more green than mine do. My sister and I get along well….or we did until she started dating a couple of months ago. She's really outgoing and she's a cheerleader. Did I mention that I'm on the football team? Well I am.

Then I picked up my dad's letter and re-read it too. I laughed aloud. Me and my dad watched football together from the time that I was six months old and we played catch when I first started to walk!! He had me hooked on sports by the time I was one!!! I laughed and got ready for bed, then went downstairs to get my aunt to dye my hair.

Okay, honestly, I normally would never do this…but, Angel….she's well, an angel and I like her…a lot. And I don't know if this is going to help or not but I hope it makes her notice me. I have never had to impress a girl before but I've liked Angel since I was a freshman and I couldn't get her out of my head…but she never noticed me and I just wanted to get her attention. So I was dying my hair black…wish me luck! I don't know how it's going to turn out but we don't go back to school till January 14, 2025 so I hope that if it looks horrible I can fix it by then.

Alice Marie's Point of View

9:15 p.m.

I read through my mom's letter for the first time and laughed as I got to the part about me being called Nathaniel's sister. More like he was called Ally's brother. I was the captain on the cheerleading squad, I keep my grades up, and I help people. People think my life is perfect but I live with my parents, cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Yeah one big house, with one big happy family in it.

I love living with my family, and I love them but sometimes it takes forever to get something because you're fighting with your cousin or your brother. I remember before Cole and I turned sixteen, we would spend every single Saturday together doing anything. We were really close, but when we turned sixteen I started dating. And I guess that kind of upset him because now, every time I try to set something up…he blows me off; with 'you'll just cancel when you get a date. 'Don't worry about it, sis. I feel like I don't know Cole anymore and it sucks because he used to be my best friend. He'll still beat guys up for trying to mess with me but that's it really.

I sighed and went back to Mom's letter.

I laughed and put it down when I was through. I don't know what has been going on lately but it seemed like every one was kinda fading out of my life and I'm going to make an attempt to make sure that's not true. But the words on my mom's letter kept staring out at me. I love you. Why would they do that if they loved me? They wouldn't. I'm just being paranoid because my brother/ best friend is mad at me and has been for a couple months. I sighed and picked up my dad's letter. When I was done I had to laugh! It was just so funny that he would try to write a letter because, as he said, he really isn't good with words.

I looked out the window and saw the snow falling. I jumped up and threw on a pair of jeans, and a jacket. Then I put on some gloves and walked to Cole's door.

"Hey, Cole, want to go in the snow?" I yelled over the music.

He opened the door. I saw his eyes twinkling for the first time in months, but he shook his head no.

"Why not?" I asked frowning.

He pointed to his hair.

"Aunt Bella just put the dye in my hair." He said. Then he shut the door in my face. I couldn't believe it! Since we were five we went in the snow together. All of us do it and I know that my cousins are already out front. I wiped the stupid traitor tears away and headed out back, knowing everyone else was in the front building our yearly snowman and having fun being kids again. I just sat on the back porch and watched the sky, while my brother pushed himself away more and more each day.

Cynthia Rose's Point of View

December 26, 2024

12:15 p.m.

I shivered. I had just come in from the snow and it was freezing out there. Iz and I had a lot of fun, which is kinda a first for the whole year. My sister is a lot different from me. My hair is jet black and hers is light brown. It get's lighter every year and she wants black hair and I want mine to be blonde. I'm bleaching my hair tomorrow.

I sat down on my bed and picked up my parent's letters. I hadn't opened them yet. I don't know why. I had a feeling that my mom's would make me cry.

I opened it anyways and began to read. I was right. Their promise was so genuine that my mother remembered agreeing to it many, many years later. I wiped away my tears and opened my father's letter. I smiled when I saw his handwriting and began to read.

I laughed when I finished. It isn't hard to believe that my father wrote this. My dad and I are very close. I'm very close to my mom too and I hate to think about college because I don't want to leave this place. I want to stay close to home. I've always lived with my family and although my cousins and sister are looking forward to moving out. I'm not.

I'm more like my aunt rose and my mom, because I like shopping and fashion.

My sister, Iz, is more like my dad and my aunt Bella. She doesn't like to shop and she loves to read, and listen to music. Her taste in clothes and music is so unique though that sometimes we all wonder where she get's it from. I put both letters on my desk and headed to the shower, thankful that no one was in them.

Isabella Marlene's Point of View

December 26, 2024

I'm sitting on the roof, my favorite hiding place. It may be cold, but it's peaceful. My aunt Bella is the only one who knows that I come here. She said she would come up here too but knowing her she would fall. I had my mom's and dad's letter tucked under my jacket. I had read them like three times. My dad was definitely right. I got my mom's 'spunk' but the rest of me was simply me. I have my own style and I have my own group of friends separate from my cousins and sister. Tonight was like the first time all year that we actually had fun together.

My mom's letter was special to me although I doubt I would go to her for clothes. Believe it or not, my whole family thinks that I hate shopping. I just have a unique style and I don't like shopping with any one else. I go shopping when Aunt Bella goes. That way I can get what I want quickly and still have extra time.

Sometimes life just isn't fair though and for that reason….mine sucks.

My dad forbids me from dating this guy that I really like, but that doesn't stop me. Like I said, I have mom's spunk so rules…are no problem for me. All rules are meant to be broken. I laughed aloud and climbed down the roof, yawning.

Arianna Elizabeth's point of view

December 26, 2024

5:15 a.m.

I sat on my bed and opened the letters again. I reread my dad's first and laughed out loud. I'm actually looking forward to scaring little boys….yeah that's why they don't come within five miles of our house. And my dad listening rationally…yeah not gonna happen!! I found it kind of funny, although I do love my dad to death. He seems to think I'm still one and that he can boss me around without me getting mad. Then I reread my moms and laughed again. She would make him stop…that has actually happened before, with my first boyfriend. I brought him home and my dad chased him around the house a few times before my mom made him stop. I was laughing at dad because he couldn't catch him…strangely, afterwards him and the guy got along really well. His name was Alex…he got killed in a gang shooting a few months ago.

Just thinking about him made tears well up in my eyes. I wiped them away and tried to concentrate on something else…

My cousins and I are having a new year's party and it's going to be like a masquerade ball.

We were all looking forward to it but I think I am more because I'm organizing it. The grown ups know about it but they gave us a budget and so long as we stay in that budget they'll pay. If we go over then we have to pay whatever is over the budget so they're having me plan it because I take after mom. I know how to make things elegant without it being too expensive.

I looked at my folder that had the 'to do' list for the party and started going over my plans and costs again.

Anthony Lewis's point of view

December 26, 2024

11:25 a.m.

I sat down on my bed and read through the letters for a first time. I laughed when I was done. I had been told about these letters my whole life and here they were. I was happy. I thought about what mom said about her clumsiness and laughed again. I definitely didn't get that.

Liz did though. She falls every five seconds. Me and my sister are very close and could tell each other basically anything at all. I love her to death and if you hurt her in anyway shape or form, you will be hurt ten times as worse.

I still remember the first guy that picked on her. I gave him a black eye and that was in kindergarten. I laughed at the memory.

Then I remembered Alex and the gang…. I'm just gonna check on her. I thought and I got up to go to her room as I heard a thud. She must have fell again I thought as I knocked and opened the door. She was getting up.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess. I was planning the party and then I got up to get a magazine and I fell." She said, and then she went back to her desk and sat down. I could tell something was on her mind so I stayed silent as she slaved over the numbers once more.

"Do you need any help?" I asked, ten minutes later.

"Sure, look through here and tell me if you see anything cheap that would help the party." She said, handing me a magazine. I sat on the floor beside her and turned her stereo on and then I helped plan the party. Everyone from our entire school, minus maybe one or two people, was invited and it was a huge school! You had to have an invite to get in and we were gonna have security guards. It's kinda like a huge combo sweet sixteen because we get all of our friends to be there and our parent's were giving each of us a car at the end of the party. None of us could wait, and as I looked at Liz I could tell she needed this.

Alex's death had taken its toll on her.
She used to be bubbly and full of excitement and she was on the dance squad…how she pulled that off I had no idea. But the minute she got the news her eyes lost the excitement and I think that all she was concerned for was…well, nothing. She seemed rather…. Depressed and I was hoping that this would help. I've spent more time with her than with any one else in the past six months. Yeah, it has been six months since he died but it's like she can't move on. She even quit the dance squad the day after we got the news and she never looked back at it.

I couldn't help but to worry about her…and to hope that she would move on quicker than this. But I would be here for as long as she needed me and lately she was happier, bubblier and she liked being around people now. Maybe this is the turning point for her. I could hope right?