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Just another rainy day in Forks. I told Charlie I would be at the Cullens' all day, but I was hoping to hang out with Edward, not Alice! She's torturing me with another one of her makeovers and Edward didn't even mind! I don't even know what half the things she's using are!

"Just hold still Bella! It would be much easier if you weren't…."Alice trailed off.

Her face froze with a steady glance into the mirror, but I knew she wasn't looking at it. Probably just another vision… but of what? It better not be another masochistic stalking vampire. Or worse another trip to Victoria's Secret with Alice…

"Woot woot, I know what were going to do today! Come on Bella we have to get ready!" Alice chirped

She yanked me out of the chair and ran downstairs to meet the rest of the Cullens. I tried to keep up but I tripped on the way down. A cold pair of arms caught me before another salutation with the floor. I looked up to see my angel chuckling.

"What's so funny," I asked

" Love, half your face is drenched in Alice makeup! I think she forgot the other side…" Edward replied.

I blushed and looked down thinking of how stupid I must look right now. As I ran to the bathroom to wash my face, I heard the door bell ring. I wonder who it could be. As the cold water trickled down my face, someone came up behind me.

" Don't worry you always look beautiful to me." Edward's voice crooned.

His arms wrapped around me, as he planted a kiss in my hair. We walked out of the bathroom together when I saw it.

" What did Alice do!?" I whispered

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